How to Determine the Best Time to Schedule a Product Launch


It is not just enough to have a million-dollar product idea, and the way it is presented to the audience matters. The product launch requires meticulous planning, and several factors go into it. The most important one is timing. Your product needs to be launched at the time of peak demand and not a moment too soon.

Other external factors affect a product launch related to the market condition and customer mindset; however, if not timed right, a startup can fail to clinch the niche it is targeting. The best thing to do is leverage the power of digital marketing and gauge the public's reaction using social media. You can put out the word about your upcoming product and see who is talking about it and what they are saying.

Media planning also involves talking about the product's unique features and how it solves a common problem. It can be coupled with promotional strategies and exclusive offers by London's digital marketing agency to get customers in the door. However, all that is meaningless if your timing is not right and you still need to determine the best time for your product launch.

Are You Ready?

The right time for a product launch may differ for every industry, and there is no scientific formula to determine it. There are a few factors that affect the launch timing, and we have listed them here.

Product Readiness

Businesses should only launch a product if it is ready to be rolled out. You can release the idea if it works and performs the intended functions. You can perfect the model and add improvements once it is out there. There is no reason to delay the launch to tweak the product because you will be missing out on potential profit. If the digital marketing agency in London thinks customers are excited about it, you should accelerate the launch. However, do not use this as an excuse to launch a lousy product. Although development is an ongoing process, you should verify that the product is viable and can add value to the customers' lives. The market hype will take care of the rest.

Sales Cycles

Sometimes the timing can come down to the same week or day of the launch. It is more critical in situations where the product is seasonal or addresses a particular trend. If your product is hopping on the latest trend, you need to act fast and come up with alternate options when the movement dies down. It would help if you determined when the customer is most likely to derive value from the product. Generally, Tuesdays are said to be the best days for launching a new product. Mondays are the beginning of the week, and customers are focused on making it through the day, while Fridays are too close to the weekend, which distracts people.

Tuesday gives the customer enough time to use the product, and then they can talk about their 3-day experience over the weekend. They can provide feedback and follow up on questions about their purchase. It also depends on the time of the year because, during the holiday season, people are likely to avoid shopping and be more focused on spending time with their loved ones.

Company Schedule

The best time to launch a product depends on your corporate schedule a well. It would be best to plan it during the end of the fiscal year or when most of the company is busy with another project. A new offer requires all hands on deck, and you need everyone to focus their energy on it. The launch is your only shot at getting things right, and you should be prepared to address complaints, glitches, and surges in demand. You can make it through the launch with poise and set yourself up for success with everyone on board.

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Communication Plan

Your product launch will likely go well if you have an innovative solution, but success also relies on the marketing plan. The digital marketing agency London is in constant communication with the audience and reveals enough information to keep their excitement levels high. They are the ones answering questions and collecting feedback to improve the product launch. The development team should be working together with marketing to incorporate any required changes immediately. Feedback will continue to come in even after they have launched the product, and there need to be arrangements to act on it.  

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How to Determine the Best Time to Schedule a Product Launch

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