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Food Delivery Near Me

Sometimes our hunger is at its peak, and we immediately start looking for something to eat, but to our dismay, we find nothing in our fridge. We think about cooking, but cooking takes time. Then, we think about ordering food online, but we realize that this is also going to take some time. We then regret not finding out earlier which restaurant or food place will do a meal delivery quickly. Going crazy over what to eat and not being able to decide where to order from can be frustrating at this rather critical stage.

Your dilemma will come to an end with this article, because we are going to guide you regarding how to find a restaurant near you that will deliver food to you quickly.

Look for the restaurant closest to you in distance

Do a simple Google Maps search and find a list of restaurants willing to deliver to your place. It will be even better if you also jot down their menu so that, in times of crisis like this, you can simply go by the menu and order what you like. We will also advise you to arrange the menu and restaurants according to their pricing and distance, along with their contact numbers on the side.

So next time, when you are in an emergency or ‘urgently hungry’, you will not have to worry much.

Look for restaurants that deliver efficiently

Sometimes there are some restaurants that deliver rather quickly, despite the distance. These restaurants usually have an efficient online ordering and delivery system. They have dedicated delivery partners who deliver to you in a short period of time. We suggest you also make a separate list of such restaurants for emergencies.

More often than not, it is usually the big restaurants or big food chains that have an efficient online ordering and delivery system.

Find apps that deliver quickly.

You have to find food delivery apps that will deliver quickly to you from your favorite restaurants. Some of these restaurants are:


The HathMe food delivery app makes quick deliveries of food so that you can enjoy fresh and warm meals at home. Being Hangry (angry + hungry) is a legitimate thing, and we all have been victims of it. Place an order for food from your favorite restaurant through HathMe and get it at a very cost-effective rate. Do not let your brain marinate itself in hunger and anger, and do yourself a favor by ordering through the HathMe Food Delivery App. You can easily find the app on the Google Play Store.


Zomato needs no introduction, as it is the pioneer of food delivery services in India. You can rely on Zomato for a quick delivery of food. Find your nearby restaurant on Zomato and place an order quickly for quick delivery. Zomato has a huge delivery fleet, delivering to all over Delhi NCR, within a given timeframe. It has a great list of restaurants with great menus, which we are sure you will love.


Swiggy is also one of the fastest food delivery apps in India. Swiggy claims to make lightning-fast deliveries of food orders. Bookmark your favorite restaurants in advance so that you don’t start panicking when you get hungry. Swiggy has a good amount of restaurants and eateries, and most of them have reviews, be they positive or negative. This will help you decide which restaurant to pick.


EatSure is another app that is popular among Delhi NCR people. EatSure can be one of your options for quick food delivery of food items. This one will come in particularly handy when you have several food items in mind, but all of them are from different restaurants. On EatSure, you can order from several restaurants in a single order.

Ordering food during non-rush hours

If the time when you are feeling the hunger pangs happens to coincide with the non-rush hours, then you are lucky; you can place an order for food even from a slightly farther restaurant and you will still receive it quickly. Considering there will be little to no traffic, it will be easy for you to get your food on time. Big cities are notorious for heavy traffic, which is also the reason for most of the delays. If it is during the non-rush hours, you will not have to worry about it. However, if it is during rush hour, we suggest you stick to the restaurants closest to your place.


We hope we can help you out with a few tips on how to find a restaurant for quick food delivery. If you keep all of these points in mind and prepare an emergency list of restaurants for your hunger pangs, then you will not be in so much agony anymore.


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How To Find A Restaurant For Quick Food Delivery Near Me

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