How to Make your Skin Glow - 15 Powerful Methods


The best workable methods based on my experience, on how to make your skin glow (the youthful shiny and radiant skin), as a man or woman — the following methods are my personal tried and tested methods that helped my skin, and I wanted to share this with the world. They may work for some people and help to have glowing skin, but they are worth a try as it took me years to figure out what works best for me. 

We usually have great skin when we were teenagers (even with the spots and pimples) — but the art of maintaining and getting and glowing skin throughout your life is better understood now than ever before.

The caveat is, that you should always patch test (topical products) any product you never used before, even if it states its organic, paraben free, scent free and ideal for sensitive skin, let alone anything else — this is just because every person’s skin is different, and reacts differently to the external environment — and their health is constantly changing.

Currently the best method for helping on the topic of making your skin glow and radiate with youth, is as shown in the graph below.

The chart below shows the top method I used — in short, the best method below is a combination of methods in one (Taoist soap skin Regime), but can be customized to your own requirements and preferences - as everyone's skin and body is different. 

The main idea of glowing skin is that the body is supported from different angles including nutrition, circulation, hormones and more — if the body doesn't get enough nutrition for example, the first processes in the body that suffer is hair and skin — you must learn, and fulfill this need of the body — the scope of this article is limited to guidance, and not complete enough to explain everything — so please take responsibility when making decisions about your well being — even beauty is a kind of well being, if that makes you happy. 

1. Taoist Soap Bar for Naturally glowing skin

The idea of this soap bar (found here: is to clean the skin enough from dead skin cells and debris, but not to the extent that you damage it, by over drying, or leaving oil residue (some companies do this, as it makes one skin temporarily smooth — but it is really putting oil on your face, which then becomes rancid, allowing bacteria to grow, and rapid skin aging).

This soap is designed to do just that — clean enough, but not to rip off your skin like typical soap bars are known to do — some people have used this to help on the scalp, to help with scalp inflammation — but this is another topic to be discussed later in another article.

The reason this soap works well — remove the dirt in the right amount, and don’t try to over-do — thus allowing skin cells to take care without any mutations as we age.

Bonus tip: This soap is often made fresh — which is good, but if you buy extra bars, and allow some bars to cure for a few months more (3 months seems the sweet spot), the soap works even better.

Remember — always patch test if you try any topical product — everyone’s skin PH, hormone levels, digestive system, nervous system is different in different ratios — it is impossible for any pharmaceutical or natural products company to predict how it will react to every skin — that’s why some benefit by applying more of this soap, and some just need a tiny dab, hardly any frothing.

Water quality in your sink is also affected — use soft water to get the best results — water that is more mineral rich. Hard water can work, but takes longer, and lathering and mixing of soap and water is different.

2. Vitamin Combo to support healthy glowing skin

Most people still don’t seem to understand the importance of vitamins — partly due to being dampened down from pharmaceutical companies as it can be sometimes as easy as taking your vitamins to resolve upcoming health conditions.

Let’s get one thing clear — 150 years ago — vitamins were not understood — let alone much was known about — plus, stress factors and lifestyle was different during that time — so people could do without them and never realize — but today, with lifestyle changes, environment changes of the earth, to the point where the soil doesn’t have all the nutrients it once did due to commercial scale farming practices (anywhere in the world)— we need to take supplements (consult a doctor first of course, especially if you have underlying medical conditions) — but there is a right way and a wrong way.

Basic rule is to cover your multi-vitamin requirements — but not just buy any cheap vitamin from Costco and think you are doing your part — it's not enough to buy cheap vitamins, as they can be chemically the same but they won’t be bioavailable or being absorbed.

There is a reason why vitamins are sometimes more expensive — and this is why — so it is worth buying the more expensive ones — and combine this with organic foods (never take a vitamin on an empty stomach, it will override organs as you would with driving a car on only 1st gear). Combing vitamin supplements with food brings about the best bioavailability, especially if that food also contains that specific vitamin - check with your nutritionist to make sure it is suitable for you. 

B-complex vitamins are the number one on the list — and then comes vitamin K for helping support glowing skin and to retain the youthful appearance, these are a must — not only do they help keep emotions stable, which is key in helping aging youthfully — but also to keep that bright eye and glow of the face, it is vital to have a balance in emotion and therefore hormones.

Bonus: In addition to vitamins — taking antioxidants like Zeaxanthin and Asthaxanthin, as well as omega 3–6–9, COQ10 enzyme help a lot when taking long term — these are anti-oxidants proven beyond doubt on how they support the body — the trick is to take it consistently.

Super-Bonus: Take supplements with the foods that contain that have the same vitamins in it. So if you take a B-complex supplement, take it with steak or other meats which have B vitamins.

3. Amino Acid Ratio for shining and youthful Radiant skin

The right ratio of amino acids in the body, from the right source, can do wonders to support skin health.

There are amino acids in vegetables, plants and animals. But they are not equal — amino acids taken from a mammal, will be many times more bioavailable and actually used by the body then amino acids taken from non-mammals, let alone plants or anything else.

Maths of Ratio and Beauty

So the closest thing to human in mammal is a cow — hence the reason bone broth from beef has always been superior compared to bone broth from other animals like chicken or lamb.

You can take supplements in this case too — but a good bone broth everyday does provide the perfect amount of amino acid supply in the best way possible. And people looking to help with glowing skin, when trying this combination of the taoist soap skin regime — they find this trio so powerful, people don’t even want to share it because results are dangerously fast.

The above regime is one of the top regimes ever created for helping on how to make your skin glow, at the fastest time possible, for any age group. This regime has been time tested for years — even someone in their 80s can see a difference, let alone someone in their 30s or 40s wanting to have the youthful glowing skin and sparkly eyes they had when they were younger (it is possible to maintain this, believe it or not).

Bonus Tips for Getting and Keeping Glowing Skin

1. Wash your face regularly with cold water — it will do wonders. Just washing face 3 times a day with cold water, constantly cleans the dead cells from the skin, and keeps you looking fresh.

2. Scrap your face with the biggest metal spoon (tablespoon) you have and go from the center to the side — do it for 15 mins and rub the spoon to clean it on a dark cloth to see how much dead skin cells come off — once a day. You already know too much if you have read up to this point of the article on how to get glowing skin!

3. Go on a protein(lean beef and lamb) diet for 100 days combined with spinach (cooked not raw) — no other food or juices or fruits or vegetables — this will help reset hormones on a deeper level.

4. Deep Sleep — everyone has different requirements for sleep, some need 6 hours, some need 7, and some need 9 hours. It depends on your lifestyle, and how much your exercise. If you don’t exercise enough, good quality sleep will be hard to come — sleep is vital when you want hormones to keep releasing in the best way possible. Hormone balance is one of another key axis for youthful appearances (no, don’t try to inject them, it will mess up everything unless you need it due to a health condition).

Things to Stay Away to get Glowing Skin

There are a bunch of things that you have to understand when it comes to staying away to get healthy glowing skin — or at least that youthful complexion that we can get in all ages.

Sexual Activity: This is one of the things you need to manage, especially as a man, but it also applies to women to a lesser extent. This is because vital body fluid is often lost (sperm) and the body does a lot of effort to make sperm — especially for those involved in excess sexual activity- this includes masturbation obviously.

Face washes: There are many types of face washes that cause a lot of problems for the skin. The skin doesn’t need face washes to keep healthy — it needs the right nutrients and hormone balance internally to give the best radiance.

Normal Bathroom Soaps: These are common soaps for hand washing, but these are generally too strong to use as a face washing soap.

Creams: The skin doesn’t need creams unless it is for a specific purpose. This is just a business industry now being overly sold to people making them think they need it — it's almost like a must now — but this was not the case 80 years ago — its a relatively new thing. So be aware, and if you need to moisten your skin — buy the ones without any added fragrances, natural or otherwise — fragrances damage skin and hair cells over a period of time — this is not good for getting glowing skin.

Conclusion: The bottom line of taking care of your skin and keeping it glowing at even an older age, is to follow a regime — getting glowing skin requires work not only at a base level — it needs nutrition, blood flow, hormone balance and some good tools to support you on that.

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good artilce, it takes effort when trying to maintain skin and hair, and this is pretty reasonable advice

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How to Make your Skin Glow - 15 Powerful Methods

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