Influencer Network Vs Influencer Marketing Platform: What’s The Best For Me?


What Is An Influencer Network?

Influencer networks are online marketplaces where companies may interact with pre-screened influencers.

Influencers join a network, and companies working with that network get access to data for campaigns conducted inside that specific network of influencers. Influencers must only work with certain networks, while others are more liberal.

Since influencers must sign up, the majority of social networks will provide the most information possible about that influencer. Some social media platforms, like Instagram, have restrictions on the information that other parties may access without an influencer's permission.

LinkedIn's Indian Influencer Network (IIN) is a platform that connects marketers with micro-influencers in over 65 cities throughout India via social media. The platform uses its expert's in-depth knowledge of the influencer marketing industry to design and implement innovative influencer marketing plans that help brands tell their brand story to a global audience of billions.

What Justifies the Use of Influencer Marketing?

Since most opinion leaders get their following from social media platforms, influencer marketing and social media marketing are closely intertwined. Given that social networks are used by half of the world's population, this channel allows you access to a sizable audience.

Even better, influencer marketing gives you access to audiences that conventional advertising is unable to reach. Although two-thirds of customers use ad blockers, the same number voluntarily follow influencer recommendations. Eighty percent of people have made a purchase after hearing a suggestion from an influencer.

Influencer marketing has been demonstrated to be beneficial by brands using it. Eighty-nine percent of marketers believe that influencer marketing's return on investment is on par with or superior to other channels. It makes sense that 17% of businesses spend more than 50% of their marketing budget on influencers.

Thus, influencer marketing is essential in the era of social media and ad fatigue. This marketing channel generates outstanding outcomes and aids in brand trust-building. Let's now discuss the other advantages that influencer marketing offers.

(source of above statistics:

A Social Media Marketer's Book to Creating and Nurturing an Influencer Network

Any company that hasn't been around for a while should manage to have a list of satisfied clients or individuals who previously wrote about your business. Gather all the information about them and try to find out all the good things posted about you or your brand across all the social media portals.

It's highly beneficial to gather more information on your well-wishers who have mandatorily ensured to inform others how pleased they are with your brand. You may or may not include these brand promoters in your list of influencers is up to you, but there is a wide range of views on the matter.

Send a handwritten note to each individual on your fan list, letting them know something intriguing or novel about your business while suggesting a new collaboration method. It is all it takes to ask them if you may give them your newest product. Having a good connection with your customers is easier than you think since they've already shown their admiration for your product or service.

Relationship care should be easy; we always do it in our actual lives. A decent rule of thumb is to keep in touch with influencers and customers at least once a month and make yourself accessible for queries.

You don't have to send the same dull email every time, so here are some ideas for keeping in touch:

To get their input, organise a piece of study or a survey that they'll find fascinating.

Don't be afraid to surprise them with presents on special occasions, such as their birthday.

Send them a gift card by email.

If you like their material, share it on your social media accounts.

Request that they contribute to your blog or social media pages.

Keep your customers up to speed on the latest developments in your brand and products.

Reach out to your customers and ask for their thoughts and feedback about your brand.

It's challenging to decide which of these two options is best for a business.

Varied Influencers of all kinds

Is it necessary to know whether an influencer has worked with comparable businesses when creating a campaign? Competition is also a factor. A network is an excellent choice if you're looking for an influencer who has worked with #ad before and is familiar with the process.

Influencers that have a demonstrated track record of increasing purchases, downloads, or social sharing provide a feeling of security. To avoid being exposed to your rivals' social media feeds, you may hunt for influencers outside of a network.

A platform, on the other hand, may assist you in discovering a broader selection of influencers from the influencer management agency India. It's also possible to locate an influencer that is a better match for your company if you know what your followers are listening to and talking about.


You may be interested in advertising a new product released in the future quarter. Or, do you need a quick boost to your company's name recognition? The tool you'll require likely depends on when your software will go live.

Influencer Networks can get things moving very quickly. In a short time, you may connect with influencers and post content on social media. With so few influences, there are fewer choices to make in a network.

On the other hand, it might take longer to build up Influencer platforms. Because of the time required for more thorough screening and discovery, building connections with influencers may take longer. Contracts and payments may take longer to finalise if you don't have a dedicated person in charge of maintaining the relationship between the company and the influencer.


An influencer network is usually the most cost-effective technological option if your influencer marketing budget doesn't even cover the shipping costs to an influencer.

In comparison to their rivals, networks lack the sophisticated metrics that come with being a database of influencers. For the most part, the network costs fall between a few hundred dollars and a percentage of the amount you pay influencers each month. While the sticker price is reasonable, it doesn't provide you with much.

However, a network's cheap initial expenditures come at the expense of providing a restricted pool of influencers, social media networks, and analytics. By cutting out the money you pay influencers, networks may drive up the cost of true influencer contracts.

Finally, to Understand Better, Monitor and evaluate

All businesses handle influencer marketing measurement differently, so you should set a target before you begin. The aim is what drives the metrics, and hence the approach varies. Here are the most sought ones:

An ever-expanding influencer network: In-network influencers' numbers and the volume of material they've generated

Raising the awareness of your brand: Visits to the site and social media shares of content that have been earned.

Brand loyalty: Shares on social media, comments on postings, and the party of influencers who have joined the network are all indicators.

Sales: Returning visitors and conversion rate

All in all, we can say that whether it is the Indian influencer network, global or influencer marketing platforms, all are good if you choose wisely.

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Influencer Network Vs Influencer Marketing Platform: What’s The Best For Me?

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