Large Variety of Himalayan Chef Natural and Clean Pulses in Pakistan


 Consuming a healthy diet is top of the challenges for humanity to survive a long time. For this, a significant number of vitamins and minerals are required to provide nourishment to the body. Apart from having good food choices for your meal. It is also equally important to have accessible food within an affordable range. For this, Himalayan Chef is here to promote its 100% Natural and Pure food products in Pakistan with a wide range of customer satisfaction experiences. Introducing the first quality Himalayan Chef Natural Pulses with a wide range of choices of lentils. These pulses or lentils are a great choice of meal with balanced nutrition. Moreover, fiber and protein are important sources to enhance the quality of life. Here we are going to highlight the most important properties of pulses.

Mineral Rich Best Quality White Chana

The nutty white chana with a grainy texture can be paired with many other foods. These mineral-rich best qualities of Chana offer multiple health benefits. For instance, it may aid in weight management, healthy digestion, and promoting health issues. Moreover, the perfect freshness inside the craft packaging of Himalayan Chef delivers a wonderful eating experience with a real taste of joy. Some of the most known health benefits of this Himalayan Chef White Chana are mentioned here.

 It contains a moderate amount of vitamins and minerals

 A good source of protein and dietary fiber

 A rich source of choline that promotes brain function

 An adequate amount of iron is present in White Chana Nutritional Profile.

 It can be a substitute for protein

 Cooked White Chana has a natural aroma and delicious taste

Diabetic-Friendly Nutrient-Rich Red Beans (Lobia)

Surviving diabetes is a life-challenging matter but it is also a good condition as it can lead to many healthy habits adaptation. Diabetic patients are advised to take red beans in their meal choice. Health experts due to their unique and amazing health advantages recommend these red beans to the diabetic person. Since these red beans are ethically sourced from mineral soil in Pakistan. These beans (Lobia) contain powerful nutrients, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and many more.

Himalayan Chef Red Beans are best known for diabetes due to their complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index. It does not cause to increase in glycemic index instantly.

In addition, nutrients are well absorbed and digested due to the fiber-rich profile. Hence, control your hunger pangs for a long time.

Protein-Packed Black Chana in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another happy meal choice is Black Chana. This Black Chana proves numerous properties that promote both taste and health. Antioxidants in this Black Chana provide immunity to fight against free radicles. These free compounds may be able to spread dreadful diseases if stay inside the body. Furthermore, building your body with vital growth elements is an important phase in which protein play an important role. This protein in Black Chana comes from a plant source. It is an organic and pure source of essential protein that the body needs to perform many healthy functions.

The Craft Packaging of Himalayan Chef Black Chana is an amazing feature of this product. It keeps the product not only safe and nutritious and also makes it eco-friendly.

Highly Nutritious Preservative-Free Sabut Masoor Daal

Food products that are not only original, pure and safe to use but also free from artificial preservatives are a blessing at the present age. Himalayan Chef Sabut Masoor is a highly nutritious food with 100% free from flavors and stones. This Sabut Masoor Daal has many important functions in our body due to its health benefits.

 This Sabut Masoor is a rich source of B vitamins, Iron, and Folate.

 Easy to digest

 Good source of cholesterol-lowering food

100% Natural Fiber-Rich Daal Chana

Daal Chana is another traditional pulse in Pakistan. It is consumed in many variant forms with a delicious recipe. You can not only add this meal to your major meals but also make a good number of snacks like Chana kabab. It is one of the only Brands in Pakistan that deliver 100% Natural and Pure Food with a complete money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Also because of its high fiber content, this daal chana may be used in many weight loss recipes.

Daal Chana is a great option for a vegetarian to fulfill their protein requirement.

In addition, many components like vitamin E and phytosterols, carotenes, and flavonoids are also present in their natural composition. These may help to prevent many harmful diseases.

GMO-Free Flavorful Organic Clean Daal Moong (Washed)

Moong daal has a beautiful green color with a soft texture. This deal is already clean and ready to cook. One of the main characteristics of this Himalayan Chef Daal moong is that it is a Non-GMO product. This means there are no genetically modified ingredients added. Some other health benefits are:

 This daal moong enhances the function of the Cholecystokinin hormone, which give you a feeling of fullness.

 Rich in potassium and magnesium that can help to control blood pressure issues.

 Iron in moong daal boosts blood circulation in the body. As a result, ideal red blood cells produce in the body.

Highly Certified Complete Nutrition Daal Moong (Shelled)

Himalayan Chef Offers the best quality daal moong shelled with a perfect nutrition profile. This daal moong gives essential nutrients in a balanced proportion that maintains your overall health. This food item had been certified by well-recognized food authorities.

Himalayan Chef holds the maximum international food certifications that give a sense of reliability and trust to the customer.

Ideal Packaged Organic White Beans for Healthy Diet

White beans are a good choice to prepare either breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. This wholesome food has multiple recipes. Sourced from fertile land with 100% organic food certifications. These white beans come in ideal craft packaging that looks presentable. It also preserves the food's nutritional content until you did not seal it out. Some of the most well-known recipes are:

 It is widely used in weight loss recipes.

 It can be used in many salad dressing

 As a snack, you can prepare Red beans chaat with different veggies.

Chemical Free Mineral Rich Daal Mash (Washed)

Everyone is looking for the well clean and hygienic food. This Himalayan Chef Daal Mash is free from preservatives and chemicals. It provides you with a complete nutrition pack of essential nutrients. Moreover, you can use daal mash to make pakora or Dahi belly. It has a nutritious taste with easy to cook recipe.

Ready to Cook Daal Maash Shelled In Consumer Friendly Packaging

It is more convenient to have ready-to-cook food in this busy routine. However, this Daal Mash Shelled is not only easy to prepare but also gives a healthy mineral to the body. In addition, it also has Eco-friendly packaging that provides a green signal for the environment and customers as well. Since this packaging retains the original food composition in real form. In addition, it gives presentable look to craft packaging. 

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Large Variety of Himalayan Chef Natural and Clean Pulses in Pakistan

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