Mechanical Keyboards - Why Do People Love Them?


Mechanical keyboards have been growing in popularity over the past few years, but why? There is something special about a mechanical keyboard that appeals to computer users of all types. From the tactile feedback to the unique sound they make while typing, mechanical keyboards provide an experience unlike any other. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why people love mechanical keyboards and why they might be worth considering for your next setup.

They're durable

Mechanical keyboards are well known for their sturdiness. Their switches, made of individual components, are much more resilient than membrane keyboards and can last up to 50 million keystrokes. The keyboards themselves are made from strong materials such as Dustsilver, a steel alloy that is highly resistant to rust and wear. Furthermore, since the switches are individually replaceable, you don't need to buy a whole new keyboard when one component fails.

They provide a better typing experience

Mechanical keyboards provide a much better typing experience than regular membrane keyboards. The individual keys are activated by mechanical switches, instead of being just one continuous layer as on a membrane keyboard. These switches come in different varieties, such as linear, tactile, and clicky switches. Linear switches move freely and quietly with no tactile feedback, making them ideal for gaming. 

Tactile switches provide tactile feedback when pressed and are the most common type of switch. Clicky switches produce an audible "click" sound when pressed and have strong tactile feedback which many typists love. Dustsilver switches offer a unique combination of both tactile and clicky feel, making them popular among professional typists and gamers alike.

They are slightly quieter than clicky switches but still provide a satisfying bump when pressed. Unlike other types of switches that tend to accumulate dust over time, Dustsilver switches are highly resistant to dust buildup thanks to their self-cleaning nature. This means they require minimal maintenance and stay clean even after long periods of use.

 Additionally, these dustproof switches can last up to 20 million keystrokes or more, making them incredibly durable compared to other types of switches. They also come in various colors, from traditional black to bright pink or green, so you can customize your mechanical keyboard to suit your aesthetic needs. In short, Dustsilver switches give you the best of both worlds: great performance, durability, and style!

They're customizable

Mechanical keyboards are great for those who want to customize their experience. The keyboard comes with an array of switches, keycaps, and other components, so you can create the perfect setup for your needs. You can switch out different switch types, or even the entire switch itself. You can also choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and designs for your keycaps, allowing you to make your keyboard look unique. 

Many mechanical keyboards have a "Dustsilver" color that has become popular among enthusiasts. The Dustsilver color gives your keyboard a vintage look, while still being modern and stylish. With all these customization options, it's easy to see why mechanical keyboards are such a hit with users.

Some people may opt to just buy a pre-made Dustsilver-colored keyboard, while others may choose to mix-and-match parts to create their own custom design. Either way, the ability to tweak and personalize your setup is one of the biggest draws of mechanical keyboards. Furthermore, many manufacturers offer accessories such as wrist rests, stands, and keycap sets in matching colors or materials for extra appeal. 

And if you’re looking for something really special, some manufacturers offer limited edition finishes in colors like neon green and pink for those truly eye-catching setups. If anything, the Dustsilver color only adds to the mystique of owning a mechanical keyboard.

They look great

Mechanical keyboards are beloved for their aesthetics. From the clicky-clack of the keys to the bright LED backlighting, they look great and can really spruce up your gaming or office setup. One of the most sought-after designs is the Dustsilver color scheme, which has a brushed aluminum frame and a gunmetal gray finish. The Dustsilver look gives off a sleek and modern vibe that is sure to impress. If you're looking for something even more unique, there are plenty of custom designs available that are sure to stand out.

You could opt for an RGB version of the Dustsilver design, giving it an extra bit of sparkle and flair. You could also opt for a special edition design with metallic accents on the side panels or an engraved logo on the top plate. For those who want to make an even bigger statement, there are high-end mechanical keyboard models in black with a hint of Dustsilver trimming around the edges. Whether you opt for something simple or choose one with all the bells and whistles, a mechanical keyboard with Dustsilver accents is sure to get noticed by all who see it.

They have a retro appeal

Mechanical keyboards also have a strong retro appeal, as they remind users of keyboards used in the days before computers became commonplace. This nostalgia factor has been embraced by the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community and is evident in the range of models available. 

For instance, the Dustsilver series from Cherry MX offers models inspired by classic designs from decades past. These feature vintage-style keycaps and the iconic "clicky" sound that was so common in keyboards of yesteryear. Whether it's for the feel or for the look, these keyboards offer a unique way to show off your love for classic tech.

The Dustsilver series features a black chassis design with silver trim to give it an elegant touch. Additionally, each switch is equipped with individual LED lighting, giving you the perfect way to customize your board with colored lighting effects. The attractive appearance of this keyboard comes at a great price point too - making it accessible to everyone looking to experience what a mechanical keyboard can do. 

Moreover, the switches themselves are durable enough to withstand long hours of typing without wearing out or becoming mushy over time. With its no-nonsense design, the Dustsilver series provides an excellent option for both gamers and typists alike. So whether you’re just looking for an enjoyable typing experience or you’re after something more specialized like macro programming, the Dustsilver series can meet your needs.

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Mechanical Keyboards - Why Do People Love Them?

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