Most Popular Packages of Laravel


For every web developer, Laravel is an amazing PHP framework to use without any doubt nowadays. It lets us develop powerful application without struggling a lot with the code. If you look at its history then it was mainly came into existence in the year of 2011 by famous web developer Mr. Taylor Otwell.

Laravel makes it easy to perform tasks such as authentication, routing, session, caching in web development. Thus it is now very important to add into the skill-set. And you can master it by joining a Laravel course in Delhi. But remember to learn PHP first as Laravel is based on it. ManyPHP courses are available for front-end developers like you to join.

Now, let’s come up on the main point.

Laravel Packages

Packages are a very important part of Laravel. This makes Laravel development very easy and here we don’t require to worry about writing too much of code. Laravel packages enhance the speed and performance of our web application.

Most Popular Laravel Packages


Roles and permissions are a very important part of many types of web applications for us. This task is provided by Spatie quite easily. By using Spatie, we can manage the roles and permissions as per our own. Spatie gives us many advantages, due to which its use is very high in Laravel package. In this, we have the freedom to manage roles and permissions. It also provides us direct permission. Using this, we can also include middleware in our roles. Spatie gives us access to multiple blade directives as well as Artisan commands.

Install Spatie - Composer require spatie/Laravel-permission


The Laravel Socialite package allows us to implement oAuth authentication for any form with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc. It provides a stronger and better interface. This saves us a lot of time as we do not need to authenticate manually from any social platform. It provides all the auth simultaneously so that we can login from any platform in one click.

Install Socialite - Composer require Laravel/socialite


The breeze package has been officially launched by Taylor Otwal. This is a new authentication package just like Laravel UI. Laravel Breeze was introduced to create compatibility with tailwind CSS. So that we can use tailwind CSS in a simple package of Laravel and we don’t have to do much effort to configure it. This is a minimal and simple starting point to setup Laravel authentication perfectly and easily. In Breeze, all controllers, views, routes and its configuration will be found in the app's folder when we install Breeze.

Install breeze - composer require Laravel/breeze –dev

We can also select in Breeze whether we want to install it with React or with Vue. php artisan breeze:install react OR php artisan breeze:install vue

Laravel UI

Laravel ui is an authentication package of Laravel it is very simple and easy as compared to other packages. If we want to go with Bootstrap or Vue in our Laravel then we can use this package. This package gives us ready-made presets and we also don’t need to validation, all these features are already present in it. This gives us a quick and easy way to scaffold all the routes and views we need for authentication without having to make any changes ourselves. If we want to avoid more complexity authentication or if we do not know Tailwind CSS then we can use Laravel UI package.

Install Laravel UI – composer require laravel/ui


Sanctum is a popular package of Laravel which is used for authentication of API. Compared to other packages, it is simple and also provides many extra features. Rapid prototyping and development are really easy with this package. The best part of this package is SPA(Single Page Application) authentication. This Sanctum package is also provide the API authentication feature. Install Sanctum – composer require laravel/sanctum


Laravel Passport provides end-to-end OAuth2 server implementation for our Laravel applications in no time. Laravel Passport gives us a simple and secure way to implement tokens over oAuth2 server. We use Laravel Passport when we absolutely need our application to support oAuth2. Apart from this, if we are trying to validate Single Page Application or Mobile Application then in that case we can also use Sanctum.

Install Passport – composer require laravel/passport


Laravel is an important part of web development and have come up with endless opportunities for developers in the recent years because of its growing demand. Those who have the necessary skills and knowledge of Laravel are doing wonderful job and earning a good pay for the same. If you're interested in pursuing a career in it then it's essential to start by learning the basics.

Joining a reputable web development institute in Delhi can provide you with the foundation you need to become proficient in the core programming languages and frameworks.

These web design courses in Delhi often cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular front-end and back-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Node.js.

Once you've gained a solid understanding of web development concepts, you can begin building your portfolio and applying for entry-level web development jobs. With dedication and a willingness to learn, you can start your journey towards a fulfilling career in web development.

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Most Popular Packages of Laravel

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Published on March 16, 2023

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