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National Guy’s Valentine’s Day Coming Soon!


Ladies: Have You Bought Your Man A Gift Yet For March 14?

Love is complete when you receive love also. Have you ever thought of having a special day for the special guy in your life? If you didn’t then think of it for a second. If you enjoyed Valentine’s Day and received different gifts, then you must know how nostalgic it can be. Men should also be treated in the same way. Hence, March 14 (Guy’s Valentine’s Day) is here. Now, women have a specific day to take their special ones on a beautiful Journey. Thanks to the LoveWorks® for an outstanding name.

The Guy’s Valentine’s Day - March 14

This day has a long history. In 1978, it was named the “White Day” in a few Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and others. In the USA, women are the greatest beneficiary on valentine’s day. However, men in many Asian countries are the target of gifts on this Day.

Therefore “White Day” came into existence as a reverse holiday because of love, gifts that men got from women on Valentine’s Day. Actually, it was the men’s opportunity to pay back the women. This day was celebrated on March 14. White Day has Asian culture sense as well. This day also backs the Asian etiquette of giving gifts to someone who gifted you to reciprocate the love.

In a few Asian countries like the Philippines, women who didn’t gift their guy on Valentine’s Day, will be treated in the same way as they did by the men. A rule on White Day, that men will not give any gifts to women if they will not gift also.

The Difference In The US

In the USA and other different countries, women continued to get the benefits as Valentine’s Day was for them to show the love they deserved.

As per USA Today’s report, the cost of valentine’s expenses have doubled. Women also purchase Valentine gifts for their special person, however, in 2019, Yahoo’s survey showed that men spend more than 5 times than women on gifts and other things.

Because of this reason, it was believed that February 14 is the day for ladies. Hence, some men protest against it. This thing gave birth to Guy’s Valentine’s Day. And as for now, there is a Valentine’s Day for both men and women.

Who Is Behind Guy’s Valentine’s Day

In 2002, a DJ at WFNX radio station Tom Birdsey declared the day as a satirical backlash against Valentine’s Day that was a day perceived to be more of female-centered holiday.

Birdsey proposed a new holiday for men in a funny way. Since men also deserve to have a special day for love and appreciation, this idea sounded appropriate. However, its selected name was really a problem as well as this name was also a non-family acceptable name. It was actually offensive to most.

The inappropriate language that was the selected name for this holiday resulted in various hilarious memes, instead of getting support as a legitimate holiday. Many funny videos were made and people got more phobic to its name than anything else.

The opposition was worse from the religious groups and different formal organizations. It was actually a big mistake giving this day an inappropriate name.

Changing the name for this day could only improve acceptance and celebration.This mistake was corrected by LoveWorks® when it decided to change the name for the March 14th holiday and called it “National Guy’s Valentine’s Day”, in 2016. This time, it sounded more family-friendly.

Why “Valentine’s Day For Men”?

Same as women, men also deserve a specific day to get appreciated and loved. And due to this reason, LoveWorks® appeared on the scene and gave this day a new name, and now it has been recognized all over.

However, it has not been taken as a special holiday yet. But Valentine’s Day that is well-known and very popular but is not a public holiday either. Hence, this day is business day as usual unless the workday is completed. Then it will be the women who will make their special men feel appreciated and loved.

Although March 14 is not an official holiday, it is on the internet and everywhere now. And as soon as more people will learn about it, restaurants, merchants and other businesses will get more involved since it will increase their sales.

Renaming 14th March as Guys Valentine’s Day gave a day for appreciating all the special men in women's lives without any serious or romantic relationship required.

This new name made it possible to enjoy with a close friend, in-laws, and co-workers to make some special guy feel appreciated and loved.

Guy’s Valentine’s Day gives a great opportunity for men to be appreciated as well as loved. Similarly, women feel special on February 14. The same thing should be given to men on March 14 for balance. Men usually are not looking forward to a gift of chocolates, or other things that women love – makes it more interesting for women to supply the gifts they really want.

Valentine’s Day for Men is coming soon. He read about here and he is going to be expecting his gifts! Imagine how you would feel if HE forgot YOUR Valentine’s presents!!

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National Guy’s Valentine’s Day Coming Soon!

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Published on March 02, 2020

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