Neaj Morshed: The Passionate Force Behind Newness


Starting a business seems to be on every businessmen's mind right now. Making your own rules, hiring people of your choice, and doing what you love doing whenever you want while holding the potential to make money out of it are just some of the perks of owning a business. Naturally, these advantages are hard to resist and have caused a surge of people who are in the pursuit of walking down the entrepreneurship path. However, all these benefits come at a price- one that not many individuals cannot fulfill.

Starting a business can often be a frustrating process, and even when you successfully manage to kick start your company, you need to continue working to ensure that your business is being provided with sufficient revenue to survive and prosper. This process requires a lot of determination, strength, and patience throughout the process.

Most business people end up giving up on their first year, but some people are relentless and make it through with skyrocketing business progress.

One of the most common reasons we have found from successful entrepreneurs is that they are well versed in the art of tackling difficult situation and coming up with constructive strategies to solve these problems.

To give further insight, let us take a closer look at Neaj Morshed's entrepreneurship journey- the man behind the highly acclaimed online fashion platform Newness.

Morsheds' struggles began at the young age of ten. He had just lost his father, and despite having several siblings, no one was capable enough to handle his father's company. Consequently, this caused his mother to sell the business, and the expenses they received in return lasted only two years. Being on their own, his mother decided to take some drastic steps to ensure her children's survival. Morshed's older brother was sent abroad to Bahrain via a work visa to live with his uncle. Things started to look up when his brother was eventually able to provide him with a work visa for Bahrain.

In 2016, Morshed came to Bahrain in hopes of finding a promising career to secure his future. However, things didn't go as planned. He was employed as a cleaner at a restaurant, but few days of work proved that he was having trouble with work, so he asked for a transfer and became a waiter. But the hours he worked were too much, and having no holiday eventually led him to fall into a devastating depressed state.

After working a year, he had finally had enough and decided to start his own business. After successfully managing to detach himself from his current job, he started a company with an Indian man- feeling glad that things were starting to take a turn for the better. However, little did he know that he would get cheated by the man and was eventually forced to work back at his old company?

Now, most people would give up at this point, thinking they tried, but it never worked. But there was a fire in Morsheds heart that he simply could not ignore. He was determined to make things work his way, so he once again tested his destiny and created a Facebook page of his company, Newness- which eventually needed up being the fruit of his years of constant efforts and struggles.

Once his business started growing in Bahrain, he asked for his uncle's assistance, who supported him in spreading his business influence within Bangladesh. And in just a matter of years, Newness is now one of the most renowned online fashion store based in UAE, where every fashion enthusiastic is found purchasing multiple items a day.

Neaj Morsheds journey was a series of ups and downs, and he made sure to make use of those experiences to reach the point in life where he is today. He hopes that with his story, he can tell aspiring young people in business that they have what it takes to make it far in life. All they need to do is believe in themselves and always march forward because just ahead, a better future is patiently waiting for their arrival.

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Neaj Morshed: The Passionate Force Behind Newness

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Published on April 20, 2021

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