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Scene 1

Rani peeks inside. She tries to see who’s inside. Pavitra comes and says Rani ji you were coming to the temple? Come in. Rani says what are you all doing here? Pavitra says we were looking for Himani’s phone. Rani says but she didn’t come to the temple. Pavitra says our handsets are the same so I picked it by mistake. They go downstairs. Rani wonders what was Dada Ji doing upstairs. She says I have to send this Pavitra from here.

Rocky thinks about Pavitra. He plays guitar. Rani comes. She says you look lost. SHe holds his hand and says I feel so happy looking into your eyes. She says you don’t need to hide anything from me. Tell me what were you thinking? Rocky thinks about Pavitra. Rani comes close to him. She said what do you want? I can fulfill any wish. I can make you a rockstar. Sanchit and Vidya come there. Rani goes out. She hears Sudha saying she’s leaving. Sapna says Sudha is saying they’re leaving. Her dad says we will keep coming for rituals but we can’t stay here. It’s not right to stay under one roof. Himani made this plan with her parents as per dada ji’s instruction. They say let’s go.

Scene 2

Rocky says you both could tell me before coming here. Sanchit says we know you love Pavitra. Rocky says no, I am fine. Vidya says you lied Shikh and said you’re happy with Rani. He says I never spoke to Rocky. Sanchit and Vidya wonder why did Shikha lie. Babli says you don’t have to go anywhere. Rani says let’s stay some more days please. Shikha says please stay. Himani says yes if Rani is saying let’s stay. Pavitra says yes this is the right time for families to understand each other. Babu ji told Himani to make Rani believe she won. Pavitra asks Rani I couldn’t find you on social media. Himani was all there. There were photos of everyone on her profile but not a single one with you. Don’t you like each other? Let’s see your family album. There is no photo of Rani in it either. She asks Sudha don’t you take her photos? Sapna says why Rani?

Rani says these photos are from the time when I was studying abroad. Pavitra says what was the name of the college? Rani tells a name. Pavitra says there was no college of such name in Switzerland. Rani says what are you trying to say? Pavitra says I was joking. It’s just weird, no college name, no profile. Nothing. What if you’re not what you pretend, you might be someone else. Himani says are you saying she’s not my sister? Rocky says stop this rubbish. Himani says it’s not what you think. We have photos in another albums. Pavitra says it’s fine. Sanchit says her questions are valid. Rani says are you all doubting my character? Himani says we should satisfy their family. Rocky says I have no doubts about her. Sudha says we should go, when we come next time we will bring her photos and a certificate. Let’s go, Rani. She will bring them next time. Rani agrees. She has to go. Rocky stops Pavitra.

Scene 3

Rani says to Himani what did you do. She says I did it to save you. You can create fake ids and photos now. They were all suspicious. Rani says don’t fool me. Did Pavitra plan this? She can never get Rocky. Himani recalls dada Ji asked her to stay silent and just keep driving her family to a safe place. Rani shouldn’t know where you are taking her.

Rocky says you did all this intentionally. Pavitra says you will know the truth soon. He says is it a game? She says I play no games with people who are like family to me. She leaves. Rani says tell me the truth or I will kill you. Himani says I did all this for my brother who you killed. Rani says oh so you remember everything. Sudha says you killed my son? We won’t leave you. She hits them in the head. Rani asks Himani to return back to the house. Himani says I will tell everyone who you are. Dada ji asked her to drive to the temple. Rani’s magic won’t work there. Pishachini says stop the car or I will kill you. Where are you going? Himani says to the temple.

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Pishachini Watch Online Colors Tv Serial Latest Full Episodes

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Published on September 10, 2022

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