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Polarized knowledge popularization & how to bulk wholesale polarized sunglasses? - M&I EYEWEAR


Buy wholesale polarized sunglasses - Polarized sunglasses are alternatively known as anti-glare sunglasses. They are called anti-glare because they tend to reduce light glare. This eventually gets rid of the strain on the eyes. Eyes mostly strain due to strong sunlight. Polarized Sunglasses are mainly built of a frame and polarized lenses. These lenses have the sole responsibility of reducing light glare. Sunlight comprises many types of harmful radiation. There is radiation called Ultra-Violet Radiation.

UltraViolet rays cause strain to the eye. This eventually causes long-term damage to the eye. Some people also get temporarily blinded when coming in contact with Ultra Violet Rays. This is the act of temporarily losing vision.

Some people also experience mood swings. This is because there is a built structure of ENT. In this structure ENT means Ear-Nose-Throat. This means that the ear, nose, and throat are inter-connected. Afterward, nerve signals are going from these organs to the brain. All of these organs are very vital in the human body as well as in day-to-day use. Hence, when people work or stay outdoors they become frustrated. This is mainly because your eyes send unknown signals to the brain. Upon receiving these signals, the brain tends to get fussed up. This eventually results in people having a frustrated mood.

Hence, this is where polarized sunglasses come into play. They can reduce the sunlight entering the eye. They not only protect the eye but also protect your cheekbone from becoming tanned. This is because the Ultra Violet rays tend to tan the human skin. Tan is a brown shade that develops on the skin after coming in contact with direct sunlight. Excessive tan is also harmful to the skin. This is because the skin tends to die.

Then people experience their skin breaking or peeling off. This dead skin has a lot of poisonous chemicals in them. Hence, it is strictly advised not to swallow dead skin. Especially for children, as they are mostly playing outdoors. When this dead skin peels off, it doesn’t stop peeling and continues to peel until cured. However, thanks to medical advancements there is a solution called sunscreen. These polarized sunglasses have lenses installed in them. These lenses come in shades of different colors. Almost all discovered colors are available in these lenses.

Normal reading glasses can also be converted into sunglasses. This is mainly done by installing polarized lenses in them. Polarized Sunglasses are like normal sunglasses but have a special liquid coating on them. This coating helps polarize light entering the lenses.

What do polarized sunglasses do?

The basic functioning of polarized glasses is very simple. Polarized sunglasses only allow vertical light to pass through and block any horizontal light. This mainly eliminates any light glare that the eyes may experience. Polarized lenses work in a specific manner. Their focal point is tilted to such an angle through which all of the horizontal light gets cut out.

This horizontal light combined with the vertical light produces glare. Light glare contains the potential to blind the eye. Light glare can blind out the user while skiing, driving, or even when just standing outdoors. A special liquid chemical is used to coat the lenses. This special liquid easily blocks some specific light from passing through.

Polarized sunglasses are easily available to purchase on M&I Eyewear. Polarized sunglasses are also tinted with different colors. It is mostly preferred to use tints of darker colors like red, black, brown, etc. Darker color is preferred since it can easily absorb harsh light. However, if lighter colors are used they may allow some of the light to pass through. This tint on the lenses also helps to dim the view during daylight. However, only some specific colored lenses can be polarized. Colors like gray, brown, blue, green, and yellow can be easily polarized.

Polarized sunglasses also help reduce any Ultra Violet radiations given out by the sun. UltraViolet radiation is invisible light which has a harmful wavelength. This radiation can cause severe damage to the eye if not neutralized. Polarized sunglasses play a significant role in neutralizing these Ultra Violet radiations. Polarized sunglasses have built in Ultra Violet Protection hence never leaving the exposed to UltraViolet radiations.

Polarized sunglasses also provide clarity in vision in daytime as well as nighttime both. Polarized lenses can easily filter out bright. These lenses also increase the contrast of the view, eventually producing a highly defined view.

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Polarized knowledge popularization & how to bulk wholesale polarized sunglasses? - M&I EYEWEAR

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