Review: Best Hair Growth Oils in Pakistan


The following list of top hair oils (with prices) are rated based on customer reviews and their feedback on results they got after using the oils - although these oils are available in Pakistan, the reviews are from Pakistan, UK and the United States combined.

The reason you can see for the top oil in the list below, is not just results, but also how the company stores the oils in Pakistan, as storage is a problem. Incorrect storage causes the oil to go rancid and ineffective in

                                    Best Oils for Hair Growth List

That said, there is no hair oil that will make you go from bald to thick hair overnight - this article is more for people needing support for their hair growth regime based on reviews and what others have said - so here is the list:

Before we go into detail on what is the best oil for hair stimulation in Pakistan, please note that a regime is required to get the best results - this often includes scalp massage after applying the oil, as well as monitoring your nutrition intake as these are vital to getting the best out of it for purposes of hair care and maintenance.

1. Immortal's Path Oil - Faster and Thicker

The Immortal's Path Oil for hair is currently the top rated, most effective oil for hair growth, as well as reducing, and controlling, hair fall in men and women.

This organic hair growth oil was not previously available in Pakistan (currently online only).

How this Oil Works: Anti-inflammatory, encourages circulation when combined with scalp massage. 

Price: 1 bottle costs 1,999 PKR or $11.00 USD. This sometimes is more expensive due to production and demand, as the ingredients of this oil are not always available and always have to be imported from different countries.

This is a higher end price, but its there for a reason - because of the quality - you get what you pay for.

2. Coconut Oil - A Team Member for your Hair Follicles

Coconut oil has been used for a long time for supporting hair growth. Although reviews have shown that this helps some people in hair growth, if you use it too often, it actually can cause drying of the skin and scalp - even if its an oil, people think "how can it cause drying??" but this is what happens.

So if you have a dry scalp already, you can worsen your condition. But if you have an oily scalp, you can use this as a supplementary oil in combination with the above, Immortal's Path Oil, for best results and consistent use.

Prices for coconut oil varies as the quality is different - but it is available in Pakistan as well as worldwide. Costs about 500 PKR, or $5 for a bottle.

3. Olive Oil - Italian Beauty for Hair?

This is one of the hard to find oils that can be used for hair growth, but since it is hard to find, we don't really recommend trying, unless you live near an olive tree farm.

Olive oil, for the longest time, has been sold mixed with other oils - it is never in its pure form, which is when it has many benefits. Neither is it fresh enough - as olive oil starts deteriorating very quickly after it is manufactured.

Italian women swear by this oil, applying it not only on their hair, but also their bodies, and even taking 1 teaspoon of it daily - but these women live around olive farms, and the culture of Italy is to harvest this oil during December for their families.

So either buy an olive farm, or just stick with the top rated oil above. Or Both!

4. Argan Oil - Moroccan Oil for Hair Support

Argan oil has been coming more and more in the market for hair, and shampoos for hair - it has some benefit to helping support hair stimulation and can be used as a combination of coconut oil, for helping stimulate hair growth and stopping hair fall. It is not however, the most effective one as you can see - but is still a good oil to use.

Price: It can be found in Pakistan for up to 2,000 PKR. But the problem is, this oil gets mixed with many other oils, and like olive oil, it is very hard to find pure oils even in the US or UK, let alone Pakistan.

5. Onion Oil - A folk medicine or what?

Onion oil has been used often for hair growth, but with less results than its counterparts in this list. It contains sulfur and apparently helps hair growth this way, but sulfur is not an easily bio-available compound for the body - whilst we need it, it is hard for the body to get the required dosage of sulfur (which is very small - high doses will kill you).

If you want to use it for sulfur purposes - it is better to use it for consumption rather than oil.

6. Castor Oil - The Old Remedy for Hair

Castor oil has been used all over India and Pakistan for supporting hair growth - but it must be combined with a lesser thick oil to actually make it more usable.

Castor oil is very beneficial in supporting hair growth, and one should have a bottle of castor oil as an extra oil to help support quality hair growth.

The reason this is not the top oil in this article, is because castor oil is not suitable for all hair types, and scalp types - this gets tricky to figure out. On top of that, the dosage, and ratio on which you use the oil with another, will affect its efficacy for supporting hair growth.

7. Tea Tree Oil - The Fragrant One

Using tea tree oil is therapeutic for hair growth. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and some anti-inflammatory properties. These are useful for hair growth support. Using tea tree oil makes hair follicles more receptive to nutrition and this promotes overall hair growth, however it also is an essential oil, which means it has a harsh fragrance which can actually damage hair follicles.

Whilst this oil can be used in a regime for hair, it should not be used regularly due to its properties mentioned.

8. Vatika Hair Oil - Blended

This oil is essentially, just coconut oil, blended with herbs to make it smell different. This oil (or even shampoo) is not effective for actual hair growth in men or women - but it is useful when you have no alternative to buy, and use it instead to make your scalp oily enough, to do regular scalp massages (which is very beneficial to hair growth).

This is available in many stores in Pakistan - although in the UK or US, you may need to go to the Indian market, or order online.

9. Peppermint Oil

This oil, like Tea tree oil, is a fragrant essential oil kind of oil - which means you cannot use it often enough to get the best results - but if you alternate with other oils - such as using peppermint for 1 time a week, for 3 months, then use another oil, such as the ones listed here, 4-5 times a week.

10. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil has been used effectively for supporting hair growth on the scalp - it is also very useful for helping skin repair, which indirectly helps repairing hair follicles - it is a very useful oil to apply regularly for hair growth as well as applying on skin for supporting repair of skin function.

Ideally it is best for taking this type of oil internally in a pill form, with other oils like omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 - as well as fish oils like shark liver oil for total body support internally.

Vitamin E oil is a good support oil to add to any regime for hair growth. Make sure you buy the most expensive one, as the quality of cheaper oils can be very poor.

11. Trichup Oil

The Trichup Oil for hair is a combination of sesame oil and coconut oil. Whilst these ingredients may sound great, it does not mean the oil quality itself would be good, or effective for hair growth.

From what we have seen, Trichup oil is not more effective than using the standard coconut oils or sesame oils on their own. Combining oils randomly like this, does not always mean doubling of the effect of hair growth or stopping of hair falling from the scalp.

Conclusion on Hair Oils

There are many types of oils that you can pick from - and it is hard to find the right one as everyone's skin and scalp type is different - so trying the oils for various periods of times helps see what works for you, and what works even better.

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Review: Best Hair Growth Oils in Pakistan

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