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Playing cards are cards, set of rectangular pieces of cardboard or any other material with an indistinguishable pattern at one side and distinctive number and symbols on the other. These are utilized to play different games, also includes gambling. These cards are the soul of casinos all over the world and therefore deserve a proper packaging solution.

History of custom playing card printing

With a rich and mysterious history of playing cards, these cards are still an interesting subject to debate. Most of the historians believe that these cards were originated in Persia while many of the experts agree that these were originated in China. This has also been proved by the similarities that exist between playing card printing published today and those produced 800 years ago. As far as protection was concerned, nothing such as custom playing cards boxes were introduced.

Playing cards mostly contain very common objects which were traced on the paper invented by Chinese. The trend of custom playing card printing has changed entirely with the introduction of latest printing machinery. Off-set, on- screen and art digital are common printing methods utilized.

What games they are used in?

Custom Playing cards were played by the Germans in an early sixteenth century, the game named “Pochen” that was later called “Poque” (French version) and was finally known as Poker in 1830. For playing the game, one needs to understand 52- custom playing cards. These can be played among more than 5 members. Poker is played in countless forms makes it easier for beginners to understand. The game also includes betting where a perfect player minimizes losses and maximizes winning. The interval ends when bet equalizes.

A need of Playing card boxes

The protection of the material and quality of custom playing cards is a big responsibility, lies on the shoulder of the regular gamer. If you are a regular player then this custom playing card printing might cost you a lot. Protection of these cards can help you save the huge amount of money and make these cards last longer. Hence, playing cards boxes are an ideal solution. These boxes are designed to assist a gamer to organize and protects cards from damages.

Besides protection, these boxes are customized in eloquent and fascinating colors, pictures and provide a great deal of information. The only thing custom cards printing manufacturers have to discover is the right vendor who can meet the requirement in terms of both quality and price. Packaging has transformed itself from need to necessity. From households to gifts, every product looks good in an attractive packaging. John Robinson, the CEO of KEE, explained and elaborated in his interview to Pro Paintball Gear that, “Competition is a great thing and critically important in any industry. I respect the companies that build their brand through innovation/great product, packaging, sharp marketing and clever ideas.”

Concerning to different games including, poker, bridge, etc. these playing card printing boxes can be personalized with graceful designs. Having a window pane added to them makes the cards appear more attractive to the onlookers. Boxes printed using quality ink with a company logo can make people get one for either personal or professional use.

Uniqueness advertises

The element of uniqueness added to the custom playing cards boxes helps card manufacturers in advertising their brands in the niche, targeted. Most of the manufacturers make use of signature packaging solution to preserve the quality of playing cards, thereby attracting the major targeted audience. These highly customized boxes are not only cheap but attractive and effective promotional strategy. The life of playing cards increases when packaged in a customized cardboard playing card boxes.

Material secures

Most of the packaging vendors utilize Kraft and cardboard material for the production of packaging. These are environment- friendly material, contributes in reducing packaging land waste. These offer enhanced security to quality playing cards produced. Protection of cards is a guarantee when packaged in customized playing card boxes.

Playing card boxes as a gift

Beautifully designed and decorated playing card boxes can also be offered as a gift to dearest ones (especially to those who are playing card game lovers) on various occasions that include; Christmas, birthday parties, bachelor nights, etc. Ribbon placed on top of the box makes it ideal and eye- catchy for the gifts. Having a name, message and photo printed on the box makes it further elegant and attractive. Therefore considered more versatile then one would think. The most popular recreational game, when packaged in alluring packaging solution raises the interest of card lovers.

Christmas Gift Ideas

With the start of shopping season, everyone has started looking for shopping and with the arrival of Christmas, the gift purchasing is becoming the most favorite activity of savvy shoppers. The trends of modern gifts are personalization, and a good way to have fun with the gift is personalized playing cards. By sharing a gift with your loved ones, they’ll surely enjoy using for many years to come with exclusive and beautiful personalized playing cards. These cards are the perfect Christmas gift, and not only on Christmas but you can use them as a gift for the bachelor party, as wedding favors, or milestone birthday or on many other occasions for your loved ones.Get an improved appearance with special customization on the playing card boxes!

Lorrie Moore, an American writer well-known for her fiction, comical and heartrending boos and stories. She also loves playing cards, and while in winter season, the best way to enjoy holidays at home is playing cards.

"Living did not mean one joy piled upon another. It was merely the hope for less pain, hope played like a playing card upon another hope, a wish for kindnesses and mercies to emerge like kings and queens in an unexpected change of the game. One could hold the cards oneself or not: they would land the same regardless."

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