The Best Natural Skin Products


Oftentimes, the most accessible and inexpensive ingredients are an extraordinarily effective alternative to hydrate, nourish or decongest the skin. We propose some natural products with which you can make your own home remedies for hydration and daily care

Vegetable oils and essential oils

Vegetable and essential oil blends are the true natural substitutes for industrial creams. If you have not tried them yet, we highly recommend that you do so since their effects on the skin are extraordinary ... I wish everyone knew. The vegetable oils are an excellent choice to moisturize and nourish the skin naturally, while essential oils are much more complex substances with certain therapeutic applications. Our advice is to replace any industrial cream you use for the body and face with a mixture of vegetable and essential oils completely customized to your skin type. Making these mixes is very easy, fast, and simple. To find out how to make them, visit our article How to make cosmetic blends with vegetable and essential oils.


The therapeutic properties of clay on the skin have many cosmetic applications. One of the most striking characteristics of clay is its impressive ability to absorb toxic substances. In addition, clay disinfects, deeply nourishes with many minerals, favors the decongestion of inflamed areas, and is a great pain reliever. When you have dirty or comedo skin, there is no better mask than green clay. For dry or aged skin, white clay. For muscle aches, red clay. If you want to know how to use them and apply them to the skin with other natural elements, visit our reports: uses of green clay, uses of white clay, and uses of red clay. For more information visit 抗皺修護霜.

Himalayan salt

We will refer to Himalayan salt because it contains some additional mineral properties over other salts, but in fact, you could use sea salt or common salt. Himalayan salt contains numerous trace elements with the ability to nourish and regenerate the skin. One of the most useful and practical applications is found when performing peels.

Salt is one of the ingredients that should not be missing in the natural cosmetics pantry, and exfoliation is one of its most beneficial applications. If you want to know how to do an exfoliation or peeling with Natural Salts, visit our article home remedies to exfoliate the skin.

We can also incorporate it into the baths in-home spa treatments, especially if we suffer some type of alteration in the skin (as in the case of dermatitis, for example) since seawater and salt relieve symptoms considerably.


The properties of honey include its numerous vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and organic acids that make it an excellent hydration/nutrition treatment for all skin types.

Thanks to its antibiotic and antiseptic properties, honey - applied as a mask on a regular basis - is a magnificent treatment for oily or acne skin. But at the same time, its extraordinary ability to regenerate by providing essential nutrients also makes it ideal for dry or aged skin.

The only drawback in the use of honey is the sticky texture that it has, therefore, one of the most effective and practical ways to benefit from its properties is by mixing it with other ingredients that facilitate its application. As an example, you can try it in this homemade honey mask.

Bee wax

Beeswax is an essential element when making natural creams. It is very resistant to the passage of time, it is an antioxidant and in addition to hydrating the skin, it helps us to achieve a creamy texture in our natural beauty products. Making a natural cream with beeswax is the easiest thing in the world, it will hardly take a few minutes and you can definitely replace industrial creams full of chemical substances with a natural moisturizing product full of beneficial properties for the skin. If you want to know how to make it, visit our article on how to make natural cream with beeswax and olive oil.


The egg is a food rich in fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals and is an effective treatment to stimulate skin cell growth and nourish it in depth. For this reason, it is also one of the natural elements that we can use to make restorative masks.

As with honey, the egg is very impractical when applying it, especially when removing it, since as soon as it dries it is very difficult to separate it from the skin and usually there are abundant remains. But at the same time, a beaten egg mask is an excellent option to nourish the skin. If you decide to try it, remember to moisten the skin abundantly before removing it, and then provide yourself with a good dose of patience to gradually remove it without damaging the skin.

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The Best Natural Skin Products

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