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Trials of Bloodstone is one of those "special" books. You know one of those books that you read and really begin to care about the characters and what happens to them during the course of the story.

Trials spin an intriguing and compelling   the myst pricing story in which someone of importance to the Bavarian clan has been captured and held against her will in the dreaded castle of Draycov. Knowing the dangers and horrors that he could face Davarian manages to break into the castle and finds the red-headed woman with whom he was searching for. Finding her bound and chained in one of the castle's bed chambers he confronts her only to realize that her memory has been suppressed and she does not even remember who Davarian is or even who she is herself.

Somehow being discovered the sound of a number of guards trying to break down the bed chamber door forced Davarian to retreat but he made a sworn promise he would return for her. Fascinated and drawn to his dark eyes she cannot help but yearn and long for his return even though she does not know why she feels that way for it is as if a fog has been placed over her mind.

Realizing there was an intruder the captain of the castle guard Karn, orders the woman to be tortured but insists that she is not "damaged" too severely or else their Lord Draycov would be extremely upset with them for he has "plans" with her though what those plans could be are known only to the lord of the castle himself.

Davarian goes back to his clan to inform his mistress that the rescue attempt had failed. Displeased with the news the mistress of his clan orders for the clan's best warriors to be brought together for they would need to go off on a deadly mission to find and retrieve an artifact of legendary power called the Blood Stone to help them have more of an advantage to make an assault on the castle and save the member of their clan being held, prisoner. The only problem is the stone is in the possession of a mighty red dragon.

In order to help "persuade" the dragon to give up the Bloodstone the mistress insists that a relic from the clan called the Scepter of the Dead be brought with the group in the hopes that they can make an equal exchange with the dragon the scepter for the stone.

This group consists of Davarian, a woman called Myst, a mountain of a man named Vorg, an elf named Therian, a plain-looking human male called Nevik, and two dire wolves that Davarian becomes companions with named Mikhail and Raven. Davarian however does not trust Nevik as soon as he lays eyes on him and realizes he will have to pay extra attention to him throughout the mission.

The assembled group from Davarian's clan begins their journey to find the Bloodstone but they have to go through the dangerous Khoris Mountains. Not only is the journey treacherous enough through the mountains but they will be forced to travel during the day which will extremely hamper their progress for Davarian and Sebastion are affected by sunlight making them weak and sluggish. Fortunately, the group has brought special cloaks with them that will not only protect Davarian and Sebastion from the sun's rays but will also give them an edge over the red dragon's fiery breath if a battle with it were to ensue.

On their way to the mountains, the group encounters several mysterious creatures made of pure arcane magic that are actually constructs or servants to a race called the Thyians. The Thyians were said to bring arcane magic to the world of Arator though others believe the alien-like race actually feed off of arcane magic and infiltrated the world in order to gorge off the arcane energies that Arator was rich with.

The ensuing battle between the constructs and the group made them realize that the area was heavily dominated by arcane energies left by the Thyians. Sebastion of the group is able to sense arcane energies and he warns the entire group to be on their guard for around any corner of their journey could be more of the Thyian constructs or the Thyians themselves.

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The Myst Pricing

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