9 Most Useful Tips to Help You in Shifting from Pune to Indore


As you are considering shifting from Pune to Indore, you have to know two facts about intercity moves. First, it is going to be a tedious and stressful phase of your life. Second, you have to be very active, and cannot waste a single day throughout the house shifting phase. But I assure you that with proper guidance, you will be able to conduct your intercity move perfectly. So, read along to know the 9 most useful tips to help you in shifting from Pune to Indore:

1. Make a blueprint of your move

When you decide to move from Pune to Indore, at that very moment you need to decide on two more factors; the date of the move and the budget for the move. If you have the liberty to choose the day of your move, choose a weekday in the middle of the month. Make sure that the moving day is no less than 45 days away from the current date. Next, you need to fix a moving budget. If you have enough bandwidth to expend on the move, you should book professional packers and movers Pune to Indore.

2. Create a checklist

After deciding on the major aspects of the house shifting, you should switch to the preparation mode. As you prepare for your house shifting, you have to first create a checklist. Schedule all the preparatory tasks on particular days before the moving day. Stick to the schedule strictly, and you will be surprised to see that all the tasks are complete before the moving day. You will have ample time to cross-check if you missed out on anything important.

3. Book of the moving company

If you are considering shifting your house through a moving company, you have to book them in advance. If you are moving during the summers, you will have to book them at least 3 months in advance. But otherwise, you can book them a month before the moving day. Check the moving rates by comparing the prices of 3-4 moving companies. Before fixing the moving company, make sure that you verify their credentials. Don’t make any advance payment in cash and keep all the hard copy of the invoices.

4. De-clutter your present house

This is an important and useful means of reducing your moving cost. Don’t carry anything from your house in Pune that you think is not going to be useful later on. Carry only the essentials and make sure that you steer clear of the inessentials responsibly. Don’t dump the inessentials outside your house, or don’t keep them piled inside your house in Pune as you leave with your family. You should sell, donate or discard your inessentials.

You can sell old furniture and equipment in second-hand shops or on websites. You can donate your old shoes, clothes, books, toys, etc. to an NGO. But when you discard the damaged useless items, don’t toss them out, you can sell them to a junk dealer or give them to a recycle centre. As you reduce the size of your move, the cost of your move will also decrease.

5. Pack the essentials

During the preparation phase, pack the essentials in a packing box or a large tote bag. You will need these essentials on the first day after you move to your new house in Indore. Don’t forget to pack the essentials like bedspreads, towels, toiletries, fresh clothes, undergarments, toothbrushes, etc.

6. Prepare a layout for the new house

Before you move into your house in Indore, you should plan the layout. Otherwise, after the move, the packers and movers in Pune will be confused about which box to unload in which room of your new house. Decide which room will be the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, or the space for placing the sofas and other bigger pieces of furniture in the living area.

7. Set up utility services

In case of intercity moves, you have to be tactful about setting up the utility services like electricity connection, water connection, LPG connection, internet connection, cable connection, etc. You have to discontinue the utilities in Pune and contact new utility providers in Indore and ask them to connect you to new utilities as you move in. If you forget to set up the utilities, you will have to live without these basic facilities for the first few days in Indore.

8. Get in-transit insurance

Pune is located in Maharashtra and Indore is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The distance between the two places is 609 kilometres. While you transport your belongings from Pune to Indore, anything wrong can happen on the way, and you should be prepared for the worst. Since the safety of your belongings is your chief concern, you should avail of in-transit insurance. In this way, your moving company will be responsible for the security of your goods. If there is any loss or damage to the goods, the moving company will compensate for the loss or damage to your products.

9. Update your address

As you move from Pune to Indore, don’t forget to update the address in required places such as the bank and post office. Also, update your address on the e-commerce sites so that they do not deliver your goods to your old address after you shift from there.


When you consider executing long-distance moves, the risk involved is more, and so are the intricacies of the entire moving process. If you have to carry out an intercity move with perfection, you have to be an apt planner, manager, and a swift decision-maker. Contact the best packers and movers in Pune for your house shifting from Pune to Indore. Follow the above-mentioned 9 most useful tips to help you in shifting from Pune to Indore with pace and precision.

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9 Most Useful Tips to Help You in Shifting from Pune to Indore

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