To Have It Or Not: Here’s To All The Sushi Myths That Have Been Spoiling Your Taste!


With a multitude of shapes, flavors, and texture, the authentic Japanese cuisine ‘Sushi’ is considered to be the best discovery in the food world. With its complex flavors, perfectly sliced fish, and exotic ingredients, sushi spreads magic on every plate. Top-notch chefs usually serve sushi in an austere or modern style – where the cuisine is beautifully presented on geometric wooden plates with small bowls of sauces. This art of sushi plating is not just etiquette but a step to enhance the overall dining experience of the customer.

However, despite its global popularity, sushi is unfortunately shrouded with a host of myths and misconceptions. So this article tries to debunk all these myths for a great sushi experience:

•Myth 1: Sushi means just a raw fish: Theoretically, the word ‘sushi’ means raw fish, but in practice ‘sushi’ refers to a method of preparing and serving cooked rice combined with other ingredients. While rice is the common ingredient in all sushi variations, other elements like fillings, seasonings, and toppings vary considerably. Apart from cooked fish, sushi can also be topped with crabmeat, beef, pork, meat, as well as, vegetables. FYI, finely sliced fish or meat that is served raw with soy sauce is called sashimi, not sushi!

•Myth 2: Don’t have sushi on Sunday and Monday: Many sushi enthusiasts believe that Sundays and Mondays are the worst time to enjoy sushi because the fish is not fresh. Contrary to this myth, fresh fish (except prawns and crabs) is not always the best. When a fish is served fresh directly from the sea, its muscles are tight and may not penetrate flavors. Therefore, sushi masters don’t serve fresh fish and allow them to age for at least 2-7 days. Nowadays, chefs are also using sushi making kits to produce sushi rolls in different shapes to kick-in the exotic flavors into the fish. So you can have sushi any day without compromising on its taste and flavors.

•Myth 3: Sushi is everyday-meal for Japanese patrons: Widely associated with Japan, sushi is wrongly assumed as the daily staple in their diet. While the fact is that the Japanese are very health-conscious and therefore, consume only a balanced diet. Also, coastal proximity allows them to enjoy a wide variety of fresh and healthy dietary staples. This means, the Japanese eat sushi occasionally, and not on a regular basis!

•Myth 4: Sushi and sake always work together: While the classic Japanese sake is an excellent pair for sushi, but it’s NOT a thumb rule. In reality, many traditionalists avoid this combination because both sushi and sake are rice-based and thus, produce repetitive flavors. With the constant evolution of Sushi, one can have it in a number of ways like you can club it with Japanese beer, grape-based wine, cocktails, or even green tea.

•Myth 5: Sushi is a very unhealthy meal: Perhaps this is the most prevalent myth among sushi lovers around the world! In reality, experts say that sushi is a nutrient-packed meal consisting of fresh fish or meat, crunchy vegetables, and fibrous rice. In addition to its flavorsome taste and authentic ingredients, sushi boasts a number of health and psychological benefits:

-Rich in omega3: The toppings of the sushi include fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, and yellowtail that are highly rich in omega3 fatty acids. Omega3 offers numerous health benefits such as reducing high cholesterol levels, improving the cardiovascular situation, and lowering the overall inflammation of the body. Some studies also suggest that omega3 is also effective in lowering down the blood pressure, triglycerides, and maintains the heart rhythm.

-Immunity booster: Packed with essential co-factor minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron, sushi can boost your energy as well as immunity. The vegetables such as spinach, cucumber, carrot, and shiitake mushrooms provide carotene, retinol, Vitamin A, and C, which nourishes and repair the brain cells and helps you with increased concentration.

-Mood Stabilizer: The sushi fish consists of essential oils that may treat mental conditions like psychosis and bipolar disorders. Rich in Vitamin B12, the fish enhances emotional well-being and thus reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and brain fog. Moreover, the nutrients present in fish, rice, and other vegetables boost your memory and improve cognitive function.

-Good in Osteoporosis: Being an exceptional source of calcium, fish provides the essential minerals for bone health. Apart from keeping the joints healthy, sushi can stave off serious conditions like osteoporosis and anaemia. Rich in iodine and iron, it can lower the chances of estrogen-induced illnesses like ovarian and breast cancer.

-Anti-aging benefits: Being an excellent source of antioxidants, sushi tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. The nutrients also reduce cell damage, halt permanent oxidative damage, and enhance your overall appearance. Moreover, the antioxidants preserve the cell structure of the skin that keeps the cells younger from the inside-out.

Now, that we’ve clarified all your misconceptions and Q&A about sushi, it’s time to treat yourself with this amazing Japanese cuisine! Keeping all these myths aside, order one for yourself today.

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To Have It Or Not: Here’s To All The Sushi Myths That Have Been Spoiling Your Taste!

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Published on May 29, 2020

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