Drapery Styles: Bloom up Your Space with Varied Types of Drapes!


The element of home décor simply can’t be ignored at any terms! Either you plan to renovate your home or shifting to a new home, drapes & curtains become a prime reason for eliciting every visitor’s attention. It sets a perfect tone to space by its type, texture, style & multiple color themes.

However, with a different type of window treatments available out there, it becomes essential to gauge out all alternatives and even knows their specialties in particular. Many important aspects of decoration with draperies can make a significant difference and add elegance to your space. Most often, people confuse draperies with curtains and even get overwhelmed with the number of drapes’ types available out there. For which room should you choose drapes and for which curtains would be the best choice. Many alsike decisions need precision and expert’s guidance.

Here we will help to decode the best ways to satiate your desires of blooming up the house with the best Hawaiian curtain drapes. Know about their types and other aspects!

Guide to Different Drapery Types!

Very first, get acquainted with varied types of drapes available in the market and pick the right one that matches the theme of your home. Here we are sharing some most common and best types of draperies that can enhance the grace of your room or space. Know all here!

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Ripple Fold Drapery

The most popular range of drapes is ripple fold drapes. These modern styled drapes are very functional as if you are going to open & close the drapes all time, and then it’s a perfect choice as it glides so effortlessly.

It’s layering trend is also quite famous. These layers are made by pairing the whole material or even blend with a heavier drape. It bestows the room with enough dimension & depth and enhances the overall visual appeal to it.

Pencil Pleated Drapery

The thinnest pleats in the drapes when collectively placed give an astonished look on the top of the panel. When the chords are pulled tight, then give quite an alluring appearance to the whole room.

Rod Pocket Drapery

The classic & traditional choice, Rod Pocket drapery, gathers the fabric properly near the rod pocket. It’s not made for everyday use but works well for stationary panels. It accommodates about two inches diameter pole, and this style has a medium stack, which is rarely seen in any other type.

Goblet Drapery

This sophisticated type of drapery resembles triple pinch pleats. These drapes are considered best to decorate your space. It’s not considered as ideal for frequent use. It carries a large stack that covers the whole window with more fabric. From the top, it looks exactly like a glass hanging over there. These need to be shaped interlined for a rounded shape.

Pinch Pleat Drapery

This classic design carries pleats of about four inches from the top that provides an exquisite shape to it. In this buckram fabric is used to make it stiff and keep it functional for can be made with a good bold pattern choice to make it look contemporary & traditional. It gives an amazing look and can be made as per the choice to include one finger or two, three, four, or five-finger pleat. The more the pleats are, the more amazing look can be grabbed with greater fabric & volume.

Box Pleated Drapes

The most stylish looked drapes are box styled pleated drapes. In this, the fabric is folded up inwardly without any hook or border on the top. For it’s attachment to the pole, clips are used for its proper positioning and appearance.

Grommet Drapery

You probably have guessed from its name, and grommet rings are used in this drape style. From the rod, these are hung by using grommet rings. You can get five designer finishes in grommet like satin nickel, antique brass, chrome, polished brass, and black. Usually, grommet colors are chosen in contrast to the drapery hardware and rod to elicit attention.

It appears one inch above the rod as it inlays within the drapery fabric. With deep folds, it bestows with a dramatic appearance. This decorative curtain style is not preferred for regular & frequent use.

Which one is better among Drapes and Curtains? What’s the Difference between the Two?

Usually, people don’t find any difference in curtains and drapes and use the terms interchangeably. However, there’s a huge difference between the two.


Curtains are usually installed over shades or blinds and are sold by panel or pairs. Curtains are usually made up of light fabrics and hang from curtain rods to the floor or windowsill. Even though these are lighter, these can be complete blackout or room darkening.

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These are available in diverse shades, fabrics, lengths, widths, patterns for a suitable outlook of the buyer’s space. People prefer sheer curtains for their kitchens to cover just a bottom half of the window, or for bathrooms as a window treatment or for bedrooms, to not to make the room darker even while sleeping time.


The first identification of drapes is that these are made out of thick fabrics and serve the purpose of blocking more light than curtains. These give a more aesthetic and formal look in general. These are also sold in pairs. These are usually lines and carry heavy fabric that makes a perfect piece for bedroom to block out the whole light from outside. Its stiff fabrics are usually made up of silk, damask, or velvet.

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Though you will find a huge range of colors and style schemes of drapes, these are often found solid instead of pretty much patterned. Usually, the drapes are pleated from the top, which bestows it with a formal appearance while hanging from the window. Just as curtains, it also hangs from a rod via hooks, grommets, rings, or fabric sleeve itself.

Which one should You Choose?

Well, your decision to prefer drapes or curtains depends on a number of factors. Like, if you want to block out the light, then drapes are better, however, to let the light in, curtains are a better option. Moreover, if you prefer blocking the noise, then surely drapes are better to close off the space from outside noise.

So, it particularly depends upon your own choice!

Curtains or Drapery! Which Room & Why?

Well, you have gone through varied types of draperies and probably have cleared about the difference in curtains and drapes. So, now the question arises, for which room should you choose curtains or drapes and why should you go with a particular one. If you also find yourself in perplex, then surely this space will clear out all your doubts! Here’re our suggestions!

1. Let us start with your living room. As it is the room where your guests will often arrive so, it should look formal and classy. To manifest a classic yet formal touch, draperies are the best option. Besides, if there’s any glass door in your balcony, then surely drapes can make it look more elegant.

2. Then comes bedrooms, study rooms, library (if any), then we would suggest to keep it formal with elegant drapes. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your bedroom, then you can go for patterned curtains.

3.Then kids’ rooms come! You can make kids’ room informal, creative and can add a personal touch as per their choice. For this, the curtains would suit the most. You can prefer prints & patterns of your kiddo’s choice on curtains and make it more beautiful than before.

4. After that, the kitchen can be adorned with curtains matching the style & color theme you adopted in it. Curtains are light, so from the kitchen window or doors, it would give a fantastic look to your space beyond any doubt.

The colors and types of drapes & curtains are available in abundance, and you can pick as per your choice.

Wrapping up!

We hope you got acquainted with all the important information about the drape. Amidst other options, Aloha fabrics are the best ones that can satiate your demands regarding having the best drapes to you! Reach us and get the best-suited drapes of your choice.

For any query, feel free to ask us in the comment section!

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Drapery Styles: Bloom up Your Space with Varied Types of Drapes!

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