Ultimate Wall Decor Ideas for Your Interior


Did you ever thought that the empty walls of your home are like a canvas? These are just waiting for you to come up with creative wall decor ideas and give them special touch.

If you are not sure how to do that? Well here we are going to give you some creative ways to decorate bedroom walls to the living room. These inspirational wall makeover ideas include professional work and also DIY projects.

12 Wall Decor Ideas Nobody will Tell You

Wall Murals Artwork 

Wall murals are pieces of artwork painted or applied directly on the wall. It is a very popular way to decorate any empty wall.

It has the potential to transform a blank space into romantic or natural mood, depending on the mural painting.

Hire a local artist who is working on designing wall projects. They might be charged a little higher but it’s worth it. 

Get Wall Planters

It is a great thing to have plants inside your home. If you don’t have one in your home then empty walls are giving you an opportunity to bring beautiful plants inside your home.

Plants can absorb impurities from air and release the oxygen. It will create a soothing and calming environment in your indoor.

Why just limit plants to living and bedrooms, you can also choose the best plants for the bathroom. Don’t think more now just buy some wall hanging planters and start making your room green.

Focus on Wall Accents

Most people are afraid to make changes in wall accent and end up settling for a simple smooth and non-texture wall.

If you have the same issue then why not bring an accent only to one wall of a room. This will add little attractiveness and can also make a focal point by framing a statement furniture piece.

Try this by adding physical texture to a single wall and a pop of colour to create a focal point to your room.

Get more creative with installing natural stones above and around the fireplace. This will bring an earthy look inside the living room.

Install Wall Panels

In case you don’t, a wall panel is a single piece of material, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape that serves as the visible and exposed covering for a wall.

It is one of the best wall decoration ideas to make a visual and exposed wall design. A three- dimensional panel can hide the emptiness of the wall which will make your space more elegant than before.

You can install a wall of corkboard to improve kids room design and also in the home office. It will make it easy to pin up office work and assignments etc.

Art of Concrete Wall

Concrete is not only for construction houses but it can also bring the versatility to your walls.

Go with texture and colours added to cement mix, it can create amazing walls that will give a look of an art.

Effect of Wallpaper

Wallpapers are amazing, they come in new patterns and different textures. There are buy self-sticking rolls of wallpaper available in the market and complete your DIY wall decor project.

Coolest about self-sticking rolls wallpapers is when you feel tired of looking at it you peel it off.

You can also take help from this blog for choosing perfect living wallpaper design, so don’t need to buy again. It will guild which pattern and is relevant to your interior.

Try Tapestry for Wall

Don’t think it is an older idea, you can choose any pattern, bright colours, and muted tones tapestry to hang on the wall. If you have the budget then buy a famous works of art printed on hanging tapestry.

Hang Macrame

Giving your space fabric texture can also bring pattern and colour that can match the contrast of your decor. After hanging macrame on your wall it adds a soft and three-dimensional look to your room.

Add Mirrors

Don’t think a mirror is only to see our faces, it can do much better for your space if you hang it on the right place. It helps to make your room look bigger and bring brightness in your space.

There are various mirror patterns or oversized mirrors can become a part of your home wall.

Hang Decorative Plates

If you have your mother’s or grandmother’s china pattern plant then instead of throwing them deep into the cabinet, use them to decorate the wall.

To execute this DIY wall decor, you can buy wire decorative plates from any online store, it will looks like antiques in your living or dining room.

At the time of mounting your wire plates, take time to do this activity and prevent these plates from falling down from the wall.

Brick Walls Style

If you like brick walls, it is a dignified, traditional, colonial look. This brick wall is gaining popularity among the homeowners because of its texture. Install new bricks and keep them in a natural terra cotta brick look.

You can also give it a more expensive look to your interior by painting bricks in white colour.

Gallery Wall

If you are waiting for wall decor for the living room then you can create a gallery wall. This idea is very famous among house owners.

You can treat it as a personal art gallery, start adding framed family photos, your kid’s art and printed arts.

You know, we can't do everything perfect by ourselves, to achieve perfection we need to hire professionals. If you are interested in doing the same then consult interior designers in Noida by visiting the website. 

Go and talk about your requirement for your interior or renovation work and choose the best offer.

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Ultimate Wall Decor Ideas for Your Interior

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