What Is A Progressive Jackpot in Slots? You Should Know This


You must be wondering what is a progressive jackpot in slots. You may have observed that the majority of UK online casinos distinguish between classic and jackpot slots.

What difference does it make, though, if every slot machine offers a "jackpot prize"? The answer is a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is given away each time a player spins a slot machine. It will keep rising until a lucky player wins it.

What Is A Progressive Jackpot in Slots Actually?

A small part of each qualifying bet on progressive slot machines is applied to the jackpot. It can be won by playing a unique bonus game or at random. Furthermore, the prizes that can be won are comparable to those offered by your state lottery.

You also have better chances of winning a progressive jackpot than a lottery prize. The likelihood of winning the lottery is 1 in 300,000,000, however the likelihood of hitting the jackpot in a progressive slot machine is roughly 50,000,000 TO 1.

If you hit a progressive jackpot, you could win enormous sums of money. Just to give you an idea, one lucky player at the Excalibur in Las Vegas won an incredible £39.7 million on a £3 spin!

How Jackpot Progressive Works?

After understanding what is a progressive jackpot in slots, the mechanism of progressive jackpot games has previously been hinted at, but let's delve into greater detail.

The major distinction between a progressive jackpot and a standard jackpot is that the former lacks a fixed prize. You have a chance to earn large amounts of money while spending little because of this.

When playing for a progressive jackpot, a portion of each bet made goes toward the jackpot, which keeps rising until a lucky player wins it. The process is resumed and the jackpot is reset to a seed amount when this happens.

The sum, which is sometimes also referred to as the meter, can reach huge amounts of money because it can include thousands of players from various slots all around the world. Let's use Playtech's Age of the Gods as an illustration. The jackpot will be shared by everyone who participates in the game at the same time.

Since many progressive jackpots are linked amongst several online casinos, a larger number of players are contributing to the prize. The jackpot increases the longer it is unclaimed, increasing the likelihood of winning millions of pounds.

How Big Can You Get from Jackpot Progressive?

To get a clear understanding on what is a progressive jackpot in slots, if the top prize is not won, progressive jackpots can increase to dizzying heights. Not to mention, the likelihood of winning a sizable jackpot increases with a slot's accessibility.

Many players will often be interested in a progressive jackpot that hasn't been won in a while. This implies that as the game comes to a close, the jackpots will increase significantly.

An unidentified Android user claimed the largest progressive payout. In September 2018, the player placed a bet of 75 cents on Mega Moolah, and less than 50 spins later, they won the £22.3 million jackpot.

The previous record was set in October 2015 when Jon Heywood from Cheshire changed 33 cents into £21.1 million after only 25 minutes of play thanks to Mega Moolah.

With regard to "Largest jackpot payment in an online slot machine game," the progressive jackpot game now holds the Guinness World Record. An unidentified Finn who won an incredible £20.5 million on Mega Fortune previously held the highest prize.

However, online progressive jackpot payouts are still much lower than those found in brick and mortar casinos. An impressive £39.7 million was won by a young software developer in 2003 while playing the IGT Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Amazingly, the jackpot for the game starts at £10 million. But what was even more amazing was that the lucky slot machine player only put £3 into his spin.

Final Words

Now, you already know what is a progressive jackpot in slots. The majority of online casinos, like Kangtoto, categorize their slots. An online casino might, for instance, include a dedicated "Jackpot Slots" tab where you can find a collection of all the progressive jackpot slots.

Finding the jackpot section and then browsing for the largest jackpots is a good idea if there isn't a specific area for progressive slots. The likelihood is that progressive jackpots exist if they exceed £100,000 in value.

Almost all casinos will show the jackpot meter's current status for available games in their lobby. Anytime, it's simple to see which games feature the greatest jackpots. A list of the casino's biggest winnings from that day is also available.

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What Is A Progressive Jackpot in Slots? You Should Know This

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