Why a WordPress shop is a good choice


If you want a WooCommerce Webshop (based on a WordPress shop), then for many it is one of the best choices you can make. WooCommerce is the most used webshop plugin for WordPress. It is flexible and user-friendly to work with and can help grow your business in many different directions, by the many options such as booking systems, integrations to CRM platforms, finance systems, subscription solutions and much more.

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Take advantage of your webshop's potential to achieve more sales and retain customers longer than just 1 sale.

A webshop needs to be cared for and nurtured on an ongoing basis to ensure both traffic to the site but also that the traffic is converted into sales. If your webshop is not performing well enough, customers may jump to your competitors instead. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing a WooCommerce webshop.

32% Average higher conversion rate

50% Average faster websites

18% Average lower bounce-rate

12% Average longer visits


It is very important that it is easy for users to use your webshop, otherwise they will go to one of your competitor. That's why it's important to make sure your webshop is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Should you use an online webshop or a physical store?

Speed optimized

If the webshop is slow, this means that users will quickly leave the site. This causes the conversion rate to drop and thus fewer sales for you. Optimization is always something that should be looked at and optimized for. This is also why it's important you pick a fast theme and pagebuilder for your WordPress shop.

Search Engine Optimisation

Is the right traffic coming to the webshop or is the bounce rate increasing because it's the wrong users? Therefore, find someone to help you optimize your strategy and content for SEO as well.


Do you need to integrate other systems/platforms to the Wordpress webshop?. Is there a need for CRM integration, payment gateway, booking or something completely 3, then WordPress is also a really good choice for your online store.

WooCommerce webshop is the easiest solution for you who already have a website in WordPress and now want to add a webshop. With WooCommerce, your new webshop will be up and running in no time. But is WooCommerce as good as a dedicated webshop CMS like Magento or Shopware? Yes, in some case it is.

Is your company running a professional website in WordPress and you want to expand with a webshop? Then the fastest, easiest and most obvious solution is to implement the Wordpress shop on the website using the webshop plugin WooCommerce. It is the most widely used and leading webshop plugin for WordPress, and therefore the one with the most extensions. Including payment gateways and shipping solutions that should be integrated directly into your WooCommerce shop.

Get started selling with WooCommerce webshop

This means you can be up and running with your webshop relatively quickly, and much more easily than if you chose a so-called dedicated webshop CMS, such as Shopify, Magento and whatever they're all called. At the same time, you don't have to get to know a new administration module. Because WooCommerce is operated in the same way as the rest of WordPress, which for many makes it easy to use.

So with WooCommerce it's very easy to get started with a webshop on your website without the big costs.

Isn't a dedicated webshop always better?

If you ask experts in running large webshops, they will probably advise against choosing WooCommerce as the webshop solution for your online store. Because, in their opinion, a dedicated CMS for webshops can do many more things and is better at handling large volumes of item numbers.

At the same time, you can create a whole lot of smart integrations and run with both multiple languages and work with different pricing structures, depending on the type of customer who is shopping in the webshop. So you can handle retailers and end customers in the same webshop. However, there are several areas where a dedicated webshop is better, but in many cases you will get really far with a WooCommerce solution.

8 out of 10 don't need Magento

But truth be told, 8 out of 10 webshops don't need Magento or a similar system. Because most of the time, the individual webshop doesn't have enough product numbers, or need of specific features, to make use of such a large and advanced webshop system to handle the products.

At the same time, Magento also places very high demands on the IT infrastructure and servers that will run the webshop. Especially when the webshop reaches more than 5,000 items, the system requirements increase, as does the complexity of maintenance.

Finally, it is difficult to find truly qualified help for Magento development without being willing to partner with some of the most expensive web agencies. They specialize in Magento as a webshop system, and they charge good money for it. This makes Magento expensive to develop for and expensive to maintain.

WooCommerce webshop offers the same possibilities in many cases

So in practice, most people can get by with a WooCommerce solution. It cuts both the top development costs, the maintenance and the complexity of your webshop.

WooCommerce can easily run with very many item numbers, and still perform as fast as dedicated web shop systems. However, there will be cases where the speed of WooCommerce starts to lag behind a dedicated shop. For example, when using very complex products or products with many variants.

In general, WooCommerce's wide adoption ensures that you can get extensions and integrations that enable you to do almost the same as if you were running a dedicated webshop solution. Especially if your budget is a factor, WooCommerce will in many cases be the most obvious choice for a new webshop.

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Why a WordPress shop is a good choice

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