Should you run a webshop or a brick and motar store?


This is an issue that has long been discussed many places on the Internet, and today we are also going to be taking a closer a look at this topic. 

There are usually 3 groups of people associated with the discussion around webshops and physical stores.

The hardcore supporters of webshops who claims this is the only way

The hardcore supporters of physical shops who still think the Internet is just a trend.

Those who are neutral, or rather indifferent to both

Below we have set up a few categories, which we think is the closest you can get to a comparison between the 2 types of shops. We have taken the subject of hardware in mind and started with a hardware webshop. Read below what we ended up thinking about this issue and our concusion on this topic.

Web shop

One of the strongest points when it comes to webshops is their accessibility. Because the webshop is online and not dependent on a location, it is much easier to access products and such, as you are only a click away. Because of this, web shops also have the ability to drive many more customers through the store as there are no issues with physical space for customers. Most people seem to think that a web shop is much easier to run than a normal store, but this isn't always true.

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Physical shop

A physical shop also known as a brick and motar store, is still widly used all over the country. Although a webshop is stronger when it comes to accessibility, a physical store has another strong advantage. The visibility of a physical store is higher than a webshop, as webshops have much more competition for the "space" they are displayed in. With a physical shop, it is locked in and cannot be pushed away by other shops, as a webshop can. So for some, this is a good reason to go with a physical store.



Here is another of the webshop's strong points. With a web shop, you are guaranteed a consistent price, unlike some chains where there are price differences depending on where you are in Denmark. It's also incredibly easy for a webshop to add discount codes and change the prices of products without much internal communication, so changes come through faster, which is a huge advantage of a web shop.

Read more about selecting the best webshop system.

Physical shop

Going back to the point above, price goes both ways. While it's true that there can be price differences in different physical stores depending on where you are in the country, this also means that you can get it cheaper than the standard price, whereas a webshop is locked into a specific price.


We've chosen to group this point as it really is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the super cool thing about a webshop is that you know in advance if an item is sold out or not. On the other hand, if a webshop announces that it is sold out, the product is completely unavailable. In a physical chain store, you can usually try another store if the first one you chose was sold out. Therefore, this category is divided equally.

Customer service


When it comes to customer service, there is a clear line between a webshop and a physical store. You can't get the same personal service in a webshop as you can in a shop, but on the other hand, you don't have to deal with annoying sales people. On the other hand, you can't just poke someone on the should and ask all the questions you may have about a product.

Physical shop

The physical shop is probably the strongest advocate of good customer service, as you get 1 to 1 personal service and lightning fast answers to your questions.


The conclusion to all this has to be that it really is up to the individual to feel out what works for him/her. From here we think that there are more advantages than disadvantages of webshops than physical shops, but that is also a personal judgement. In any case, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get through the buying process at the above webshop, and we will definitely buy from there again. 
Here in 2022 more and more people are starting webshops over physical stores, but that doesn't mean that physical stores are dead. There are still plenty of business to be done if you start a real store.

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Should you run a webshop or a brick and motar store?

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Published on May 23, 2022

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