Wide Variety of Organic Nutritious Flour in Quality Packaging in Pakistan


Himalayan Chef is a daughter brand of WBM that offers a variety of flours that are 100% pure, made from whole grains, and grown naturally. Whole Flours provide the freshest and most powerful flavor of 100% pure natural whole grains. Whole Grains went through an extensive high-tech milling procedure following International Standards of Quality & Safety. The grains are inherently rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber that is good for overall health. The best flour price in Pakistan is offered by Himalayan Chef at an affordable cost.

Flour in Pakistan

What is a Whole Grain Flour?

Whole grain flour is made by using the three components of a seed: the endosperm, germ, and bran. Whole Grain Flour is high in nutrition as compared to white or refined flour.

• Bran: The outermost layer of grain that is rich in minerals, B vitamins, and fiber.

• Germ: Reproductive section of grain that is rich in vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

• Endosperm: It is the starchy part of the grain.

Regular consumption of WBM Whole Grain Flour may help in diabetes maintenance and weight loss.

100% Pure Rich Premium Quality Whole Wheat Flour

Himalayan Chef Whole Wheat Flour is obtained from the Himalayas where it is grown in a 100% natural environment. The nutrient-rich melting water of the Himalayas is used in irrigation. Our Whole Wheat Flour is very nourishing and good for health. Only the finest ingredients enter your kitchen, bringing your gourmet masterpieces to new heights.

Benefits of Eating Whole Wheat Flour

• High in Carbohydrates: Our body needs carbohydrates to perform many functions. They

o Provide energy

o Help in maintaining weight

• Contain Protein: Whole Wheat Flour is a notable source of protein.

• A Significant Mineral Source: The concentration of minerals in wheat depends upon the type of soil, water used for irrigation, climate, and forming practices. As we source our grain from the Himalayas which is a perfect environment for wheat cultivation.

• Antioxidant: Antioxidants are found in whole grains. These are compounds that could impede or stop various kinds of cell damage.

• Rich in Fiber: Fiber content in whole grains is high. The fiber found in whole wheat flour can:

o Keep blood sugar within the control

o Decreased cholesterol

o Reduce the likelihood of getting colorectal cancer

o Make bowel movements better

o Make you feel fuller for longer.

Protein Rich Multigrain Dietary Flour

Our Multigrain Flour is made from the perfect blend of nine flours: Green Gram, Whole Wheat, Bengal Gram, Barley, Sorghum, Soy Bean, and Maize. All of the health advantages offered by each of the grains that make up multigrain atta are present in it. It 

provides satiety levels, which ultimately aid in managing and losing weight.

Himalayan Chef Diet Flour

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Multi Grain Flour

• High Nutrients, Low Calories: Our Multigrain Atta is rich in nutrients and low in calories as it is made from Whole Grains.

• Rich in Protein: Our Multigrain Flour is rich in protein as compared to Whole Wheat Flour. Its high protein content aids in building muscle and helps you to control weight. Vegetarians can also choose this as a protein source.

• Help in Digestion: The rich amount of bran in Multigrain Flour contains insoluble fibers and prebiotics that treat and prevent constipation while also fostering beneficial bacteria that help to promote digestive health.

• Flavor & Texture: Multigrain Flour has a smooth texture with a sweet nutty flavor.

Low Glycemic Nutrient Rich Sugar Control Flour

WBM has specially designed sugar control flour for diabetic people. It is made from a perfect blend of Maize, Sorghum, Whole Wheat, Soya Bean, Green Gram, and Bengal Gram. They all have an extremely low glycemic index. A low glycemic index helps to maintain sugar levels. It does not result in a rapid increase in blood sugar.

Key Features

• Made from Whole Grains.

• Extremely Low in Glycemic Index.

• High in Fiber & protein.

• Help to maintain Blood Glucose levels.

• High in Fiber.

Carb Rich Thickening Preservative Free All-Purpose Flour

Himalayan Chef Maida/All-Purpose Flour is made from the 100% pure endosperm of the Wheat Grain. It is also called Wheat Starch as the endosperm of wheat grain has a high proportion of carbohydrates. It is used in many recipes for thickening. Mainly used in baking.

Key Features

• 100% pure carbohydrate.

• It may help in weight gain.

• Used in thinking of different recipes such as sauces & duos.

• Free from preservatives and dyes.

Gluten-Free Healthy Organic Gram Flour

WBM Gram Flour is made from Whole Chickpeas. Chickpeas are ground in a mechanical way to preserve their nutrition. They are grown in the Himalayan Hills without using fertilizers and pesticides. Our Gram Flour is free from preservatives. Chickpeas are rich in protein and free from gluten.

Gram Flour

Key Features

• Protein Rich

• High in Fiber

• Gluten-Free

• Made from fresh Black Grams

• Great for baking

• Can be substituted for all-purpose flour.

Health Friendly Whole Wheat Pasta in Premium Packaging

WBM Pasta is made from eggs, whole wheat, and water. All ingredients are 100% pure and fresh. It is a food that is very nutritious and has many health benefits. It is a wrong perception that pasta is not a healthy diet. We process it in a completely hygienic environment following all Standards of safety and quality. It is packed in craft material that preserves its quality and freshness.

Key Features:

• 100% Pure & Natural

• Healthy

• Low in fat & Sodium

• Rich in healthy carbohydrates

Gluten-Free Digestion-Friendly Millet Flour

WBM Millet Flour is obtained from high-quality Whole Millet. We get Millet from trusted farmers who grow it in rich lands without using fertilizers and pesticides. It is a special food free of gluten, but rich in fiber and protein. It can be used in bread, biscuits, snakes, cookies, and cakes. It can also be used to add a soft and firm texture to baked products.

Key Features

• 100% Pure & Natural

• Rich in fiber

• High in protein

• Gluten-Free

• Good for digestion

• Packed in an Eco-Friendly Material

Benefits of WBM Millet Flour

• Improve Digestive Health: Both insoluble and soluble fiber are abundant in millet. As a "prebiotic," the insoluble fiber in millet promotes the multiplication of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. This kind of fiber is essential for keeping stools bulky, which may lower your chance of developing colon cancer.

• Control Blood Sugar: Millet has a low glycemic index (GI) because it contains more complex carbs than simple carbohydrates. People with diabetes can more easily control their levels of blood sugar by eating low-GI foods.

• Protect your Heart: Millet's soluble fiber can aid in lowering blood levels of "bad" cholesterol, which is a contributor to atherosclerosis. In your stomach, soluble fiber transforms into a gel and absorbs cholesterol, enabling it to be safely removed from your body.

Wide Range of Nutrition Packed Fiber Dense Porridge

Porridge is a part of a balanced diet. It is very healthy as it is rich in protein and other essential nutrients. WBM Porridges are made with whole grains that are cultivated in a naturalistic environment. There is evidence that porridge lowers blood cholesterol. Our porridge is made with 100% fresh and pure grains.

Key Features

• Himalayan Chef porridges are rich in nutrients and low in energy.

• Best breakfast choice for both babies and adults.

• High in fiber: Good for digestion and weight loss.

• May reduce cholesterol.

• May improve sugar control.

• Ease Constipation

Gluten-Free Energy Rich Flavorful Rice Flour

WBM Rice Flour is made from premium quality Basmati Rice that is naturally aged for two years to enhance taste and nutrition. Our rice is grown in the Himalayan Hills in a natural environment. Rice is soaked, dried, and then ground in a fine flour. All processing is done following the International Standards of Safety & Quality.

Key Features

• Pure & Natural

• 100% Raw

• Gluten-Free

• No Preservative and Additives

• Alternative of Wheat Thickening Powder

International Recognition

All WBM Flours are made from the Best Quality Whole Grains that are grown in the rich lands of the Himalayas. All are grown under the supervision of trained farmers and our Food Experts. Due to our dedication to excellence and Himalayan origin, our flours are certified by International Organizations. We can guarantee that our products contain no ingredients derived from animals as we have Certification by Vegan & Kosher for flours. Flours are also certified by Halal and USDA.

Advantages of Craft Packaging

All Himalayan Chef flours are packed in resealable craft packaging that has the many following benefits:

• It protects the flour during shipping.

• Zip lock keeps the flours fresh and protects them from contamination.

• The resealable lock may also protect the product from external microorganisms.

• Simple to use.

• Environmentally friendly as Craft packaging is biodegradable. 

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Wide Variety of Organic Nutritious Flour in Quality Packaging in Pakistan

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