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WordPress Plugins for Your Tech Blog


As a rule, the majority of mistakes you'll face on your WordPress blog result from the use of too many or incompatible plugins. Although many people find the choice of the most essential plugins a problem I suggest running each plugin in isolation using the most recent version of WordPress to identify the issue to pinpoint the root of slow loading times calls function errors, warnings about memory limits in PHP. The most useful thing I have to offer you regarding plugins is to you should look for codes that will achieve the same thing.

There are certain plugins that I myself employ on my WordPress blogs. Below is a list of the top 10 WordPress plugins I use on a frequent basis. I believe they can benefit any blog that is tech-related:

* AdSense Now There are a variety of ad insertion plugins available for WordPress However, for blogs that are using AdSense it is this plugin I would recommend. It lets you insert your ads in a grid that is placed left, center, or in the middle within 3 sections of a blog post. It also offers the option to block ads on categories, pages, tag webpages, tags page archives, and much more.

• Audio Player The ability to add mp3 files or podcasts to your blog may be a challenge. Audio Player is an application that makes this process easy. You just need to create a music folder on your website using FTP after which you can upload your mp3 songs to this directory. You can embed the built-in audio player in any of your blog posts or pages by simply typing in a line of code. It's easy and easy.

* Facebook Share count It's no secret that social media sites such as Facebook are effective methods to develop a fan base but to make use of that power depends on a simple method to distribute your amazing content. Facebook Share count will make it easy for people to post content and keep track of your content.

* Foliopress Descriptions: Once your tech blog is home to hundreds or even thousands of posts, you'll require an easy way to edit the descriptions. Although the value of Meta descriptions are a subject of debate, I believe that a personal summary should be included in every blog post. Foliopress Descriptions allows post excerpts This, A in One Meta description field for SEO.

* Google Sitemaps in XML If you've read the prior blog post about how to get indexed by Google and Yahoo you'll know that the existence of a sitemap is crucial. This plugin automatically generates your sitemap into a beautiful and tidy XML file, and lets search engines comprehend the content of your blog. After activating and installing the plugin, Google XML Sitemaps is going to do the rest.

* NextGEN Gallery - Managing your gallery of photos and images isn't easy, however, NextGen Gallery makes this simple. With features such as auto-resizing and watermarks, thumbnail creation, and gallery effects and gallery effects - NextGEN Gallery is a must-use plugin.

Review Ratings with Stars If you manage an online blog on technology sooner or later, you'll receive products to review. Making a quality review can be about the content and presentation. Review Star Rating lets users make ratings for the items you review or even evaluate various features of the item. Then, it compares the ratings to arrive at an overall score. The possibilities are endless with this plugin. A must-have for anyone who wants to write reviews on technology.

* TwitterMeme Retween Button If you take a look at TechBlogStartup's posts, you'll see the yellow Retweet button that is aligned to the left. The potential of Twitter is increasing by the day, so making it easier for readers to share excellent content is beneficial. If you've set up Google Analytics as I did in my previous blog post here, then you'll be able to track how many people visit your blog via Twitter. If you're wondering why I didn't include ShareThis the reason is that I had to add the code, instead of using the WordPress plugin.

*WP Super Cache If you've been on Digg chances are you've experienced the Digg Effect in which an article published on a website is so popular that the surge of traffic that the website receives results in the server going into a fail. Because WordPress blogs are built on SQL Databases, they are particularly vulnerable to this problem However, installing WP SuperCache can nearly eliminate this risk. The plugin makes the cache of your articles and generates a static HTML page, so that server's load is lessened and your website can accommodate more users. If your blog about tech is brand new, I would recommend installing the plugin, but I would not start activating it until I began to notice an increase in traffic, or when one of my posts was read by a major tech site such as Engadget and Gizmodo.

* All included in One SEO, search engine optimization is an essential component for increasing the most organic visitors to your website. Writing great content is essential, however, once you've published your content, you have ensured that it is targeted towards keywords and has the basics of optimization to make sure it's search engine-friendly. The All-in-One SEO plugin performs the job well. If you're running one of the WordPress themes I am using (Thesis) then you'll not need this plugin however, for nearly all other themes, I would recommend installing it as soon as possible to allow you to begin writing your own custom meta descriptions.

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WordPress Plugins for Your Tech Blog

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