#YODO Universe

Hello my fellow storytellers! This is your friendly neighborhood Launchora founder (Lakshya). I wanted to write this adventure myself because I haven’t done one in a while.

So this is a new type of adventure that I want to try out. What I’d like you to try doing with this one is create your own story that exists in an existing story’s universe.

Got it?

Yeah, that was super vague. Well, let me explain it a bit then.

I wrote a story called ‘You Only Die Once’.

External link:


In that story I created an original alternate universe where every morning people are told by a ‘death clock’ if they will be dying today.

My story dealt with just two people - a brother-sister duo - out on a road trip on the brother character’s death day.

I won’t say more because it’s a spoiler for the story. But I hope you get the gist.


When I finished that story, I realized that the universe I’ve created is ripe for several stories, that with new characters places, dealing with different themes and experiences.

So that’s my challenge for you in this adventure. Write your own #YODO Universe story.

I’ve also written a couple guides on how I wrote YODO. You can read them both here -

Making Tough Look Easy:

Making Easy Feel Good:

In these guides I go over all the elements that find are relevant to writing short sci-fi story.


So, sounds fun, right?

Write a story set in the #YODO Universe. You can set your story at any time period as long as it exists within the world where people have death blocks. Your story can even be a poem if you feel like that’s how you wish to express things here.

No other rules besides that. The goal of this challenge is to give you a pre-existing backdrop, and then you can add your own twist to the world by creating fresh and new characters.

So start writing your own #YODO Universe story by tapping on ‘start writing’ below.

Title it whatever you want, and in the description, just mention #YODO Universe.

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