3 ways to troubleshoot the security application issue


Are you having trouble getting started with Malwarebytes? Malwarebytes application?

You may be receiving the warning that Malwarebytes isn't able to open.

Malwarebytes is an extremely popular product to fight malware. However, there are glitches in the software which make it impossible for the application to run its own. Many users have complained about this issue in the program. In turn, it puts you at risk of a wide range of malware programs. This is why it is crucial to eliminate this issue immediately.

The support system that Malwarebytes provides isn't the most impressive. It's possible to ask whether Malwarebytes is a good program or not?

So, we conducted the necessary research in order to find solutions for the issue. Use the following techniques to resolve the problem yourself.

So, with no further rumbling Let's get going.

Causes of Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows

There are a variety of reasons for receiving a "Malwarebytes won't open" alert. The cause could be minor or serious. In either case, we must be quick to take steps to ensure the best security for our personal information. Two major reasons for this could be:

1. Malware Infection

The Blackhat developers are getting more sophisticated by the day. There is a possibility to get malware that blocks the antivirus program from running. Malwarebytes comes with a mbam.exe executable file that needs to be functioning in order to launch Malwarebytes. Try changing the name of this mbam.exe executable to fix the problem.

2. Corrupted User Account

If you have an infected or damaged login account for the Windows PC, it may be risky. The compromised user account may hinder the launch of many applications such as Malwarebytes. You could try switching to a different profile to resolve the problem.

How to Fix Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows

Method 1: Rename the Executable File.

Malware could block the execution of the executable that is needed to begin the software. Also, you cannot start Malwarebytes on a Windows PC because of malware present on your system.

You could try renaming the executable file for Malwarebytes in order to resolve the issue.

Option 1: Right-click the shortcut icon for Malwarebytes on your computer Then, select Option 1. Select the Open File Location option to start the parent folder.

Option 2: Locate the mbam.exe file inside the directory for the installation. After that, right-click it and choose the option Rename option.

Option 3: Change the name of the program to explorer.exe. Explorer is a crucial function of Windows. This is why no virus could stop a file that has the name.

Option 4: Try to run Malwarebytes. Click the scan button from the main screen to initiate the scan for malware.

Option 5: Malwarebytes could firstly update their virus database. However, it could take a while. Then, it will continue to check for viruses.

Option 6: Restart your PC and then check if Malwarebytes is open or not.

If the Malwarebytes won't start issue persists, look for a different approach that is listed.

Method 2: Perform a Clean Install of Malwarebytes

A lot of users have suggested that installing the program again will fix the problem. Be aware, if you're using the Malwarebytes premium version and you want to keep the Activation ID and the key prior to beginning. It is possible that you have the email that contains the ID, however, if you don't, follow these steps to remove it off your computer.

Option 1: Press the Windows button + R in order to open running the Run program. Enter Regedit to launch Registry Editor. You may also enter Regedit within the search field to access the directory.

Option 2: Retrieve Your Activation ID and the key from the following address:

If your PC has Windows x64 64-Bit architecture, then the location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.
If your PC has Windows x86 32-Bit architecture, then the location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

You're ready to go after you have retrieved the Activation Key and ID. Be sure to follow the next steps to make use of your Malwarebytes premium version following the reinstallation.

Option 3: Open MBAM and then log into My Account. Select Deactivate. Locate Settings and then Advanced Settings. Uncheck the Enable self-protection option.

Option 4: Disable Malwarebytes. Then download MBAM-clean.exe by logging into Malwarebytes. Stop all the other programs, and temporarily disable any other security options.

Option 5: Run the MBAM-clean.exe File and adhere to the steps. You must restart your PC whenever you get a prompt to do this.

Option 6: download the most up-to-date version of Malwarebytes and then follow the steps at the bottom of the screen.

Option 7: Remove the trial option and then hit the activation button following opening the application. If you're using an earlier trial version, this procedure isn't applicable.

Option 8: Enter your activation ID and the code to activate your license for Malwarebytes.

You are now allowed to use the Malwarebytes premium program. Examine whether you are still experiencing the "Malwarebytes won't open" problem is still present.

Method 3: Create a New User Account

If you have an account on Windows that is corrupt It could be the cause of the issue. The same issue is in a variety of apps with different names.

So by creating a brand fresh user account you are able to deal with issues that are associated with many applications. In addition, your account is linked to you due to your personal details. You are able to transfer it easily to the new account.

Option 1: Press the Windows key + R to open with the Run Dialog box. Enter cmd here and Press Ctrl + Enter + Shift to launch the command prompt as an administrator.

Option 2: Type controluserpasswords2 into the window, and hit enter. It will open an account panel. Accounts panel.

Option 3: Click on the "Add button" then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. Choose the Sign in without a Microsoft choice if you'd like to sign up for a non-Microsoft user account.

Option 4: Click next then choose Local Account on the following window to confirm your selection. Fill in the other information.

Option 5: Once you have succeeded in creating the new account, sign out of the account you are currently using. You can alternatively type shutdown -L and then press enter to get the same results. Alternately, you can use Alt and Ctrl and select Switch user.

Option 6: Log in with your account and verify whether the Malwarebytes issue has been resolved.


To summarise, we've reviewed the methods used to fix your "Malwarebytes won't open" issue on your Windows PC. All of the methods discussed above will solve the issue permanently. If you're still struggling with the issue, you must upgrade to a superior antivirus program.

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3 ways to troubleshoot the security application issue

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