5 Crucial Signs Your ESA Needs to Be Taken To The Vet


Are you taking care of your ESA pet properly? That's the first question your vet will ask you if you take your ESA pet to an animal clinic. It’s a fact that your ESA pet should be taken care of properly or else it might get sick.

What is an ESA?

ESA stands for Emotional support animal that mental health professionals recommend to those who have developed a mental illness. A is issued after determining the condition based on the symptoms and therapists allow the patient to adopt a pet from the animal shelter. ESA pets help in alleviating the symptoms according to research studies.

One thing you should know is that ESA pets are not regular pets, however, they must be treated with the same respect and kindness that they show you. They are also living beings and it is our responsibility to take care of their wants and needs.

The fact is that their health is connected with you because if they stay healthy, you stay healthy, and vice versa. Of course, ESA pets are therapists, and a therapist’s health is also very important.

In this blog, I will discuss five crucial signs or warnings that will help you track your pet’s well-being. I promise, this is going to be super helpful and it will guide you about what signs to look for in the future.

Unnatural Eating Habits

The first sign to look for when a pet is acting strange is to check its eating habits. It’s pretty normal if your pet skips a meal once a day but if this becomes a habit, it is time for you to take it to the vet. You have to show your vet an emotional support animal letter that will tell him that this is not a regular pet. A healthy pet usually does not skip a meal while an unhealthy pet will easily skip two to three meals.

You better look out for that!!!

Rough or Dry Coat

If you notice that your pet’s coat is turning rough or dry from being luxurious and soft, it is time to make that trip to the vet. It is unnatural that an ESA pet’s coat turns dry or rough. It is happening because of a poor diet or an allergy or skin disease. Although it’s a quick fix, you should not ignore such signs.


Another sign that should tell you that your ESA pet is not feeling good. Usually, pets are very active and always interested in playing, but if your pet is sick, it might get tired from a little run or even struggle to get out of bed.

Time to make a trip to the vet.

Remember, ESA pets can also become depressed just like humans. If your pet is sick for more than 48 hours, you should take it to the vet and not ignore that sign. Fortunately for pets, there are medications that can treat their illness and help them in improving their disposition.

Extreme Thirst

If your emotional support animal is showing signs of extreme thirst and is found most of the time around their water bowl, then it might be a sign of something serious. How can you tell? By observing their urination patterns.

An above-average urination pattern means your ESA’s water intake is a lot more than normal and it is time to make a trip to the vet to find out the cause. You need to watch out for that because your ESA might be suffering from a kidney infection or diabetes.

Cloudy Eyes

Having cloudy eyes is a sign that you should take your ESA to the vet. You have to check their eyes and see if the corner of the eyes has excessive discharge accumulated there or is red. These signs indicate that it’s time for a trip to the vet.

You should take every sign seriously because your ESA’s well-being depends on you. If the eyes are cloudy or discharge is happening for more than two days, know that there is something seriously wrong with your pet.

These are some of the signs that you should look out for and take immediate steps in case anything goes wrong. Your ESA pet also has physical and emotional needs and you should meet all its needs.

A living and breathing creature will get sick if neglected for a long. We don’t like to be ignored by our loved ones and then, how can a pet tolerate being ignored? By the way, despite having a realesaletter for housing, your landlord will also object if your pet is constantly sick. I get it, he cannot kick you out or your ESA pet but he might make a fuss if a pet is sick. There are chances that other pets in the building might contract a skin infection and this is not a good sign.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It is an important life lesson. I even know someone, who has learned this the hard way. The ESA letter offers you so many emotional and legal rights and they are only worth it if your ESA is healthy and happy.

Make sure your ESA is healthy, happy, and satisfied because your emotional well-being is directly proportional to its well-being. Be a good ESA owner and in that way, your ESA animal will trust you more than anyone else.

I have seen people who have ESA pets but they do not take care of their pets and the result is not good to share here.

Tagline: Be a good ESA owner. 

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5 Crucial Signs Your ESA Needs to Be Taken To The Vet

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Published on February 21, 2023

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