Auto-renewal cancellation method to Norton


Norton is powerful security software that provides numerous advanced and smart security tools to the user. Installing Norton antivirus means you can use your computer securely. For using Norton; the user has to purchase a subscription. Norton offers a yearly license for the antivirus program. When you need the security tools for a device; you can get the license anytime. When the subscription on your Norton antivirus expires; you have to renew it for accessing the tools. To prevent Norton subscription expiry; you can use the auto-renewal feature. The user has to check for the auto-renewal service on its setup. If auto-renewal is available then enable it and now you don’t have to renew it manually. But when you don’t use your Norton antivirus regularly then you must disable it. Otherwise, your Norton antivirus license will renew automatically.

Cancel Norton antivirus auto-renewal

When you are not using Norton antivirus on the system anymore then you should disable the auto-renewal feature. Users can cancel their Norton subscription from the Norton account.

1. Open the browser on the system and go to Norton antivirus

2. log in to the Account with your Norton credentials

3. Open the My subscription window

4. User will get the Norton product name on the screen

5. Toggle the Auto-renewal slider to Off

Now choose a reason for your Norton auto-renewal cancellation. Scroll down and now click on the Turn Off button. Again check the subscription page and you will see the Norton expiry date. Now it's up to you whether you want to remove the Norton program and renew the license manually.

How to cancel Norton subscription on Android devices?

Norton antivirus is also available for Android devices. Users can create a Norton account and then purchase the license for Android. He can also purchase the Norton license directly from the Google Play Store. Norton subscription for Android is also available on the multi-license plan. When you have purchased the license from Google Play Store then he can cancel it directly from the store. Before cancelling, you have to check the account you have used for the Norton purchase. You can cancel the subscription using that account only.

1. Open your Android device and click on Google Play Store

2. Go to the Profile and check the google account

3. Tap on your profile and scroll down to the Payments and subscriptions tab

4. Hit on the Subscription window

5. User will get the subscribed apps list

6. Choose Norton antivirus from the subscription list

7. Tap on the Cancel Subscription button

8. You may ask for the pause subscription option

Choose the No Thank option and choose a reason for Norton subscription cancellation. Now check the mail account for confirmation.

Cancel your Norton antivirus subscription on iOS

iOS is considered as a secure OS but for keeping the device secure from internet threats; installing Norton antivirus is helpful. Users can install the Norton antivirus set up and purchase the license for iOS from the App store.

1. Open the App Store on iOS device using Apple ID

2. Go to your profile icon

3. Choose the Subscription option

4. User will find the list of all subscription apps

5. Choose Norton and select the Cancel subscription. The Norton subscription to the iOS device will be canceled. Again go to the Norton on the subscription window. Now you will see the expiry date of Norton antivirus. When the plan expires, it won’t renew automatically.

Cancel your Norton subscription after auto-renewal

When your Norton subscription is auto-renewed then cancel it immediately and get the refund. But the user can get his refund for Norton auto-renewal within 15 days. After 15 days of auto-renewal; the user can cancel his subscription but won’t receive a refund for it. Open the subscription window on the Norton account. Click on the new subscription of Norton. Hit the cancel button and tap on the refund button. Now provide the details and all the users will get a refund of his auto-renewal. However, the plan will expire and you can’t use Norton tools.

Whenever you want to use Norton tools then you can renew the license. Users don’t need to install the setup again. Open your Norton antivirus account on the renew button. After renewing the program, you can access its tools.

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Auto-renewal cancellation method to Norton

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