Because he deserved to be loved-5


Music heals all wounds,
or sometimes makes them deeper.

Mercy was sitting in her room, trying to work her music composition.
It had been a month since the funeral, the house felt weird.
Now she realized how big her house was. 
It was the family house. Her grandfather,father and a long line of Wanes grew up in this house.
It was the house of happiness, togetherness and love and Mercy was the last Wane left here.
She had considered selling the house, but one day while in the library, she found a family picture.  It didn't have her or her father's picture, but grandpa was a mere 10 year old and she knew, she couldn't give up their family heirloom.
She decided to keep it safe and live there for the rest of her life, but her mother's dream to see her successful in magic and music forced her to decide to complete her studies, her job, everything. 
She had met the band leader of the band she was composing for. He loved her work and assigned the job to her. and now she had a whole new song to write for the biggest band.
She was almost done. And she had to start back school the next day.
She was supposed to leave the house, but she couldn't find the strength to.

She finally was ready to lock up her abode. Honestly, she wanted to get out as soon as possible as much as she wanted to stay.
She was taking with her a few books to know more about the family and its heirlooms. Before this she didn't really care about this much. But, being all alone from a family line changes perspective of life.

She was back to school. Everyone gave her a smile when she passed. She could feel the sympathy. She could see it.
She went straight up to her room to get changed. She changed to the robes and went to the great all to eat. She was really hungry from all the journey.
In the hall, she saw Severus and went straight to see him. He looked at her but didn't say anything. He was the same as usual, silently eating listening to Mercy talk and talk. So he waited for her to speak, but to his surprise, she sat just like Severus and started eating silently without uttering  a word.
Severus realized how loosing your family affects a person so deeply. He knew how it felt and really felt bad for her, but also thought it best to give her time to get normal. He surprisingly missed her talking.

A while later, Sirius came to talk to her. Mercy looked at him and was going to start crying again, but she controlled herself. Sirius held out his hand and Mercy took it. She smiled at Severus and he almost returned her the smile and then she went off with Sirius.

They went out into the open air and talked for hours. It was almost three hours when they realized how they had spent the hours. Mercy wasn't as jolly as she used to be, but after talking to Sirius , she felt she was soon going to be back to normal.
She felt a huge burden being lifted from her head. She was really happy to be back to school. 
Sirius held out his hand again and asked her to come with him. 
They were walking hand in hand towards the lake.
Sirius had a secret place , he wanted to take Mercy to. And so he did.
That place was right ahead of the lake and was atop a beautiful little hill, but it was beautiful beyond that and they were now really away from anyone from school.

They talked for another hour or so about their families. 
Sirius then asked Mercy, something that made Mercy a bit serious.

"What did you see about Severus?" asked Sirius.

For a moment Mercy thought whether she should tell him or not, then she realized, she must, and she did.
Sirius was taken aback, not by what she saw, but by how positive Mercy's hopes were.

They then talked about everything nice. How her music was approved by the band, how she was excited, everything. And talking about all this brought color to her face, which made Sirius really happy.
So he kissed her on her forehead and then Mercy felt really weak and vulnerable. 
She slowly gripped Sirius's hair, brought his head close to hers and kissed him gently on his lips.
And when Sirius kissed back, she was not passionate , she had given herself to Sirius. 
They made out in that beautiful place and was feeling weirdly happy.
They sat there for a little while longer and then went back to the castle.
When they reached the grounds near castle, they met James and Remus, who could see from their looks that they had a good time, and they started to laugh and tease them.
James gave Mercy a wink before she left and then went their separate ways.

Months passed like this. It was the day of their last examination of their last year in Hogwarts. There were mixed feelings. Some happy to complete their education some sad to leave their school.
But they were all ready to say goodbye.
Mercy hadn't been there as long as other students was also very emotional leaving the place where she had seen and faced so much.
They were to stay a week longer before they left school. A week before the term ended with their degree and results would be in their hands.

All was well, Severus had changed. All were happy that he was Mercy's friend because Mercy had managed to keep Severus in the bright side and thus , eliminating all possibilities of the vision she had.
She didn't see any visions since her parent's death.
She was pretty relaxed about it.
She and Sirius were going to live in her house. 
Sirius's family was not loving. He often went to the Potter's to spend the time outside of Hogwarts.
But Mercy was alone in her huge house,  so they decided to stay together after graduation.
They were really excited about that too.

Mercy also found out that she was not the only one in her family alive. A cousin of hers lived in America. He was a muggle and was unaware of the family heirlooms.
Mercy had met her, but she didn't tell him about her being his cousin.

Everything was alright, Mercy also found out a lot about Profitis and Seers.
And she was teaching her special magic to her friends as well, although, only James was able to move a pen without touching it, and Sirius kept saying he used Wingardium Leviosa in a lower voice or in head, but James disagreed.

They decided to go to the three broomstick to get a beer to celebrate their last examination.
Mercy was supposed to send out an email to the band who had taken her composition to be in their album and it had gone a super duper hit. 
So she said everyone to leave and that she'll meet them there.
She was on her way to the three broomstick an hour late, when she saw Severus sitting on a bench outside the bar. Mercy went to him.

"Why are you sitting here. Come inside, we'll celebrate." Mercy said.

Severus looked at her in a begging look tears in his eyes and he hugged Mercy and told her he'll miss her after Hogwarts.
This came as surprise to Mercy , Severus and Sirius who just came out to see where Mercy was taking so long.
Mercy was touched. She was finally content she was able to keep Severus in the right path.

Sirius then went in to give them some time. To his surprise, he had starting liking Sirius after he started dating Mercy. Severus had changed for the better and everyone could see it. 
And it was hope for so many. Lily was genuinely grateful to Mercy and was proud of Severus.

And so Mercy and Severus sat for hours talking. 

Final Episode.

It was the last day in Hogwarts, everyone was packing their things, and it was raining heavily outside, although it wasn't the season.
It was rather strange.

After being all packed Mercy was headed to the Great Hall for the last ever feast, when Sirius pulled her in a corner and took her by the waist and told her how excited he was to head home with her.

They then for the last time went to their special hiding place, which everyone respected to be theirs and never occupied it. 
There they sat on the steps for almost fifteen minutes holding on to each other.
Then they shared their most soft yet passionate kiss and then Sirius felt weird and told her to come with him to the Great hall, but Mercy had a gift for Sirius which she wanted to give him, so she headed to her dormitory and they decided to meet in the great hall in fifteen minutes.

In the Great Hall, everyone was cheerful, buzzing like noises like that of bees was heard from the gate and the teacher's table.

Severus was waiting for Mercy to come before starting the feast and so were the Gryffindor friends of Mercy.

They waited and waited for an hour and suddenly they couldn't remember what they were waiting for.
So feeling somewhat weird, they ate and then went to sleep.
Next morning they all went their separate ways. Went to start their new lives, jobs and finally into the real world.

There was something weird about the world for them, like a major part was missing, but they couldn't really point out what.
Sirius had never felt so lonely and void before. 

Things were the same again between Severus and the Gryffindor group.
They didn't admire or understood each other. Each of them wanted to, and believed they did some time ago, but they couldn't anymore.

Chapter-something Last

A night before,Mercy while getting the gift for Sirius, was snatched out to a place she knew nothing of.
She could only see darkness, no, worse, nothingness.
She screamed and used her powers to free herself, but it was no use.
Then appeared a person. A person whose face was too identical to not recognize. It was Tim Lea of the band she made the song for.

Mercy was shocked , but Tim started speaking.

"Mercy my dear child. 
Do you remember me sweetie?" 

"What is happening?" Mercy interrupted.

"Did you really think that i would hire an intern to write songs , i mean could if i didn't have the magical power of creating music. Thank you very much. "

Mercy was shocked , confused , devastated all at once. She didn't know what to do.So she decided to remain quite.

"Well Mercy I hired you, because i wanted to see you in order to capture you and ruin your life and for keeping all of family heirloom to yourself. Yes, i am your long lost cousin, here to ruin your life and take back what's mine."

Mercy was devastated, she didn't know what to do.

"But then i met and you and came to know that you aren't ordinary , you are a powerful one, the one just like grandma Peace, all the vibrations the light coming out of you, Man i was really amazed. 
So i went to meet your parents to ask about you, they didn't answer. So i had only one thing left to do, was to kill them because they wasted my time.
And i did i killed them." he finished laughing.

"Next target is that boyfriend of yours, you know like one of your visions, dragging his body."

Mercy was shocked he knew about that. 
"What are you talking about?" she said trying to disown her powers.

"I am talking about whatever i see, you'll be surprised to know that i am a professional Legilimen. I read minds to the depth that aren't even your thoughts but are saved as memories in your own head. 
And there is so much of the visions in your head that i tend to easily get through with it. I enjoyed every bit of everything in this play."

Mercy trying to sound brave asked him, 
"What do you want?"

"I want what your father took away from me , my family."

"My father took away your family?" Mercy asked confused.

"He did, he was sent to Hogwarts and my father to America because he was not a wizard. And soon everything started ruining in our lives. Father couldn't take the parting from his home and mother, so he died soon. My mother followed him 2 years later.
I was admitted in Ilvermony school, but they kicked me out, just for beating an important kid up, then i grew up, trying to track you. 
And formed a band of course. And that led me to you and i am so happy."

Mercy couldn't say anything so he continued.

"And now the final revenge would be to kill of your family, your loved ones and avenge my parents, finally."

Mercy just got up to her feet, she had managed to loosen her tie-up. She pushed away Tim with her power and tried to escape, when a kind of memory or screen appeared before her. 
There was Sirius, Severus, Emily , her parents , Remus and James hanging in a queue to the unseen ceiling with magic thread used to tie Mercy up here.

Then finally came out a face that shook Mercy to her core.
It was Emily.

"Well , you might have met your best friend."


"This isn't Emily, this is just her memory and the same will be the fate of each and everyone who you know."

Mercy again managed to get up and invite him to a duel.
And they started fighting, then finally, Emily came in front of her.
Emily told her something that made her realize something else.
That once you start forgetting, it stays alright.

Mercy knew it would be difficult and she might die as more wizards were entering and it was ten powerful against one power.
Mercy knew the odds, so she did something very unexpected.

Mercy cast the oblivite spell and thought something else too.
Everyone fighting there and everywhere had completely forgotten the existence of Mercy.
And thats when Mercy cast a spell that ended Tim, but something reciprocated in return and hit Mercy and she dropped to the ground, but then she realized it wasn't her spell reciprocated. It was Bellatrix Lestrange who had cast the Avada Kedavra spell to kill Mercy because she almost killed Tim.
Before Mercy knew, she was dropped dead, with no memory of her.

Her body was left rotting in that empty, still.
Everyone became what they were before Mercy had influenced her, or so everyone thought, but deep down, lot of things changed and there would always be Mercy's imprint on their hearts, forever,although she was not even a memory in their heads.

She was completely forgotten as she was a strong witch and not a single person, not even Bellatrix knew her or why did she kill her, but she guessed after seeing Tim who she considered part of her team.

Mercy had made the difference in Severus Snape more than love for Lily ever did.
Although he went dark after she was locked out of his thoughts.
Sirius Black didn't remember the love of his life and also failed always how he never liked a girl ever again before being involved in the Order of the Phoenix. He always felt he had love for someone and also that he had given all his love to that person.
Also his heart was always racing, confused, happy,sad, overwhelmed, when a particular song played on the radio. He knew it meant something, but he couldn't put a finger on it.
It was afterall the only song written by Mercy.

Mercy and his enemy both died that day and along with it a hope of Severus making the right choices in his early life and be happy.

But also a big part died of the Boy who deserved to be loved, he didn't remember the best thing that happened to him but also could feel the absence of that big chunk in heart missing. 
Sirius Black only loved Mercy and Mercy gave him the love he deserved.


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