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Because he did deserve to be loved.



It was summer outside the doors, but inside the house it was cold. 
No one could even realize and everything was cold like winter, it was as though a snow fall in July.

"How could someone possibly use that spell inside the house Mercy?"
"Mamma i did not mean to make it snow, i just wanted to keep it cold here, sorry" said a beautiful girl of fifteen. 
"Now you wont be allowed magic outside school dear, its a rule here. You have to understand things are different here in London."
"Sorry Mum"
"Alright now go start preparing for school, it will be such a wonderful experience"
"I was at Hogwarts for the whole seven years, but i'm sorry my dear, i could not send you to Hogwarts when you turned eleven."
"Its ok Mum, please dont start again."
"What do you mean by that, Oh come now, you know that i seriously regret us staying away from london for five years, but because of Dumbledore you got admission in this year, and i'm so proud that you are already ready for this."
"Mamma can i go now, will you make this snow disappear again, and i'm sorry again please."

And went away two months waiting for the school she had heard so much about. Gone were the days when she used to hear stories about how people got on the platform nine and three quarters. Now she was going to board the Hogwarts express herself.
She showed to her parents that it was no big affair, but inside she was really excited, butterflies inside her intestines.

She had packed her trunks two weeks ago and was ready to leave for the station, but inside she was still feeling tensed. 
Will the other students in her year accept her. Will she be accepted in the house she always dreamed to be in. 
Her mother was a Gryffindor, and father was a Ravenclaw. Her dream was to be a Ravenclaw. 
In her old school, she was always the top of class, it was a school which did not teach magic, but her parents had given her the degree by the Minister's consent and she would be allowed to give OWLs this year at Hogwarts.
She joined Hogwarts for the remaining two years of study.

As the car stopped in front of the Station she gulped down saliva to calm herself.
She went inside and with her mother's help reached platform nine three quarters with her father coming behind carrying bags.
The whole platform was buzzing with the young students entering Hogwarts grounds. 
Her mother pointed out the children who had their first day, looking at their confused and tensed faces and then looked at her and said,
"My dear all the best for your year at Hogwarts i know you will enjoy it and learn so much more than i've ever taught you, we both love you sweetheart, never feel alone, I'm sure you'll be everyone's favourite by the end of the term."
"I love you too Mamma, love you to Papa"
And she boarded the Hogwarts express and away it went.

On the express she had no place to sit all places were boarded by groups of people who were already friends, and then she spotted a boy sitting alone pondering a book and sort of learning the contents.
She had no option but to sit with him. 
She tried talking to him but the more she spoke, the more he gave her a look of great disgust as though she was saying things that were dirty. 
Then she sat thinking to herself throughout the journey. When she asked him his name, he said it was none of her business, so she thought 'nevermind, i'll make friends at school, maybe who actually talk to me.'

And in a while emerged the great building of Hogwarts which her Mother had talked about. 
When she looked at the windows in the castle lit by million candle lights.
Then she proceeded towards the entrance where she found a teacher who asked her to wait with the small little children to be sorted in houses. 
And when she entered the Great Hall which her mother had already told everything about, she was still gazing at the grandeur of it and hadn't noticed the children all looking at her with curiosity. 
Clearly she was the center of attraction, all wondering how a girl that age walking down with the little first years.

Then started the sorting ceremony. 
All little ones were sorted one by one into different houses.
This was what she was most scared of, she wanted Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
And came her turn. What will happen, she was scared.
And as soon as the hat was kept on top of her head, some people at the end of the table started laughing. Was it because she was doing something, or were they laughing at her tensed face, or was it the fact that she was almost their age and were to be sorted into a house. It was clearly new, something that had not happened in school before.

"Where should i place you, somewhere where your already brilliant mind can learn most in the remaining time you have at Hogwarts. You really seem to have a choice, it is as though you have decided that you want to be in any of the two, but i have something else in mind for you. In this house you will learn the most and the best."
"I sort you therefore in, SLYTHERIN"

Her thoughts.
'i had absolutely nothing in mind, and now i'm in a house i dont know anything about about from what i read and heard in the song.'

Passing the group of laughing students towards her table she heard one of them say,
"Now we have official consent to laugh at her."
At which the whole bunch roared with laughter.
"Common James" said a wearied looking boy among them, "Lets not give a bad representation of the institute."
"Spoken like a true Prefect Remus, don't worry james we'll have plenty of time to make fun in class" said another with a beautiful face.

She went to the Slytherin table and sat next to the same boy she sat in train with because nobody seemed to be bothered after she was sorted in the house. All curiosity then died down finally when the Headmaster had finally explained it to staff and students.

Then she went to the dormitary behind students of her house. Nobody seemed to be bothered to talk, all talking about summer to their friends. So disappointed she went to lay on bed, and tried to sleep, although it wasnt as easy as she thought it would be.


The next morning, she woke up from a quick sleep of an hour or so before everyone.
She was ready and wanted to send a letter to her best friend in London but heading towards owlery she realised that it was first day at school so she sat in the common room for about two hours thinking when people started coming down for classes. 
She saw the bunch who were in here dormitory and asked where they had there first class in. 
The one she asked this too smiled and said, "Our term started on a weekend, we will have dueling club today for fifth years." And she strode off without another word. 
So Mercy followed her. And reached the great hall for the dueling club.

Mercy was proficient in dueling. She learned it from her mother, who was also in the dueling club at Hogwarts. Still she had a tensed feeling because she learned everything at home and thought that all students would be better than her given they were here for five years.

Professor Mcgonagal leading her Gryffindors into the Great Hall ready to fight herself with the professor of Slytherin, Professor Horace Slughorn.

All students excited all awaiting their first dueling club meeting of the term.
Professor Mcgonagall strode to her group and started giving them instructions.
"Martin you already had a chance last time, as far as i remember the ones in detention were left, and of course those would be Black, Potter, Pettigrew. 
All three stand in turn first Black, yes yes Potter you are next, now stand in a queue. What is it Potter (potter named boy started to ask her something which probably was his wish to go first, so giving him his wish Professor says) alright Potter if you want it so much, but no fun, only disarming.

Here in my house Professor Slughorn comes close to the group and starts addressing them.
"Dear students welcome back, i dont think that i need to tell you the rules, just no more than disarming. Now who all did not get chance to duel before this."
Three to four students raised hands, however Professor looked towards Mercy,
"My dear have ever dueled before with anybody in your old school?"
"No sir, just with my mother" And there was wave of laughter in the group of Gryffindor as well as Slytherin.
Mercy felt her cheeks go red. 
"Very well then you go right after Jeremy here, who claims he will easily gets point taking on the Gryffindor's, its ok Miss Black a loss of ten doesn't matter for the first time, she will learn soon enough and will be able to take points soon, let her try."

And then started the dueling. 
It was so much fun, people cheering their fellow house mates. The enthusiasm. 
The boy whose name now mercy knew was James Potter was first up against Jeremy. 
They both took positions because of which Mercy felt confident that her mother had taught her properly. The pressure and tension in her stomach was now not as pronounced on her face as earlier. 
Now she was ok. She felt alright now.

So they fought and the first spell Jeremy used was Petrificus Totalus, but before it hit James he used the spell Expelliarmus. And Jeremy's wand flew out of his hand so far that to get it back it would have taken time more than alotted and therefore, in the first few seconds of the first duel of the term Gryffindor had a lead of 10-0.
James disappointed with the least competition went back to give chance to the boy named Black.
And then it was Mercy's turn to duel. Before she could get an idea of how it was done at Hogwarts she had her turn.

The boy she was facing laughed a bit after seeing Mercy. Black giggled again before taking position. Mercy with her hands freezing tried to recall what her mother had taught her.

And with his wand Black said the spell Impedimenta, but she used Protego. 
Impressed but still confident Black used Stupify, all gasped in horror(spells were supposed to be disarming) but before it could stun her, Mercy again used, Protego.
Now Mercy was supposed to use a spell. Thoughts in her head running wild which spell to use, . She could not think again. then finally she used the one first used by Jeremy, 
"Petrificus Totalus" and Black flew away backwards and collapsed on James who was laughing with him before. Now Slytherin had five points.
However Black got back to feet and was about to say another spell when Mercy said the simple "Expelliarmus". 
And Black's wand flew as high as Jeremy's and there was roar of laughter in the Slytherin team and now points equal, the last pair left. But Mercy did not care now. 
She had people around her, all cheering and congratulating her.

She was starting to feel like she was making friends and indeed she was.
After the dueling session, although Slytherin lost because the other person could not win from pettigrew, still they all seemed happy to have another good witch in their team.

However the Gryffindors seemed to have felt highly insulted even though they won. 
Black defeated by the new girl they were laughing at, it was insulting indeed.
He looked at Mercy with a face indicating that he will take revenge for sure.

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Because he deserved to be loved-5

Final part of the fanfiction after years. Hopefully its better than the other chapters of this.

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Will miss these people a lot


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Because he did deserve to be loved.

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