Five Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training In India Is The Best Move


There are a lot of reasons why you should consider doing your yoga teacher training in India. You'll acquire a whole lot ranging from knowledge to conscious thinking and credentials. India is the birthplace of yoga and is highly respected. This is the more reason why yoga teacher training in India is respected. Things are usually done more traditionally and authentically that are often lost in translation in the west.

India is known as a highly spiritual and sacred country with roots of yoga that has been in existence for thousands of years. India is therefore the place for you to do yoga teacher training as you stand to benefit from the whole experience.

yoga teacher training India - Arhanta Yoga

1. It’s the Birthplace of Yoga

India is the birthplace of yoga and this makes it thrilling to do your yoga teacher training in India. In India, they focus more on preserving the original philosophy of yoga. They take it very seriously and also recognize it as a way of life. This leaves you craving passion for yoga. It could modify the way you see life and get you transformed in an astonishing matter. When you visit India, you'll find out that this country is the source of inspiration for yoga.

2. Sightseeing and an inspiring backdrop

There are series of thrilling monumental sights in India to behold. You can decide to visit the cave in Rishikesh where yoga was invented. You may also wish to spend some time meditating close to the beloved Ganges river. You can take beach time and cultural experiences while going to Goa. For a long time, Goa has been a hippy Haven, so you can go with the beach vibes and get connected with people. Important museums and monasteries exist as Dharamsala. And Dharamsala is the home of the Dalai Lama. These wonderful places will educate you more about the amazing country of India and then you'll be able to decide whether to choose India for your yoga teacher training.

The natural surrounding will also serve as a source of inspiration to you while you're doing your yoga teacher training in India. You may find yourself in the jungle or the base of the Himalayas or even near the Ganges. The chirping sounds of birds, wildlife, and sounds of locals go about their daily lives. All these can be a source of inspiration for your practice.

3. Easy to Get Spiritual

Spiritual teaching is also part of yoga and there are many ways in which yoga can bring about good feelings to you. One of these ways is, letting your soul shine through. There are so many shrines and gods which exist in India. When you get over there, you'll feel the existence of this spirituality in their normal life. You’ll be taught spirituality and its application to yoga by your teachers. And by the time you must have been home, you would have felt what it is like to be truly yourself. This is something valuable as you can inculcate it unto your students.

4. A Deeper Learning Experience

You should do your yoga training in India because you'll get exposed to deeper learning experiences that might likely not be gotten in the west. The yogis that will be taking you through this learning process might likely be local Indians who grew up under the philosophy of living. The duration for most yoga teacher training in India is usually one month immersive. This gets you to live and breathe yoga daily. Soon enough you'll then begin to realize how it feels to become a devout yogi. When you develop such feelings, you can change into ways that will make you an outstanding teacher to the practice. You'll be educated more on Anatomy and how to Instruct. But the training will expose you to more.

5. More value for your money and good for your career

You'll get standard training that will qualify you for a yoga teacher. It is usually of a lower cost compared to other places around the world. The yoga training in India provides you with accommodation, food, and the full- teacher training courses. You'll be greatly imparted at a lower cost.

Taking your training in India will give you access to be recognized. Based on the reasons thus discussed so far, getting your yoga teacher training in India will get you going far. Once you're been able to demonstrate that you are someone who is committed to the practice, people will recognize that you know the diverse aspects of yoga that perchance are not taught or missed in the west. If you're running your studio or probably taking private lessons, there's every tendency that you'll become the center of interest because you had gotten your teacher training in India.

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Five Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training In India Is The Best Move

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