Good Absorbent Hammam Towels - Make Your New Towel Soak


Great tips for your new hammam towels

I do not know if you know it, but I myself have from time to time received a lot of good advice. They are usually divided into two categories, the ones you use for something and then the ones you absolutely can not use for anything. And just to make things clear. This is a tip you can use for something if you use towels every day.

Do you know that?

I use towels every single day forever. I assume you probably do too, and even many times in one day. When it's something you use so much, there are some things I myself think are quite essential.

One of the things I expect from a towel is that it absorbs well and absorbs the water after you have been in the shower or washed your hands. It is quite important. Otherwise, it can be just as much at all to use a towel.

If you have always used the regular terry towels like I did before and have never tried to use a hammam towel, you should definitely consider it. There are so many benefits to Turkish hammam towels. One of the benefits is precise that they are great for absorbing and absorbing the water. One of the reasons for the good absorbency is the choice of material and fibers, namely cotton. Turkish beach towels are beautiful beach towels. Find out more

The cotton meets the high consumption requirements for quality

Cotton fibers have very many qualities that make them very suitable for, e.g., towels and many other home textiles.

As a human being and consumer, I also have high expectations for the products I buy and use in my everyday life, and you probably have the same, so in order to meet our high consumer requirements, I as a designer also have to choose the right material for the product. For many of our towels, we have chosen to use cotton, which is dyed with plant colors to protect the environment as much as possible.

Cotton fibers are durable and suitable for many repeated washes. Cotton is suitable for spinning and dyeing, and it is really good at absorbing water and sweat. In addition, the cotton is soft and nice to the touch. The fact that a towel is soft, sucks well, is absorbent and beautiful, and at the same time can withstand being washed repeatedly are some of the expectations I myself have for a nice and beautiful towel. And especially because I have to look at it every day, it's an added bonus that it's also beautiful to look at.

You can do a little yourself.

The fibers in the cotton must be "activated" in all towels (including the more common terry towels) in order for them to absorb their optimum. And that's what you typically experience - that you think your towels suck better and better with time. This is simply because the fibers wake up and improve their performance.

You can actually do something yourself to wake up the fibers and activate them before using a new towel so that you get an even better experience with your new towel.

You will find that your towels get a fantastic and even better absorbency right from the first time you use the towels. If you just choose to use the towel without soaking it, do not despair. The fibers should probably wake up and soak up and absorb the water, which may just go a few washes before they have opened their eyes FULLY up.

Another important thing for me is that I surround myself with beautiful and personal things. I love the design and the austere classic style, but even better is to mix it with charm and personality so that it all does not become so cold and impersonal. 

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Good Absorbent Hammam Towels - Make Your New Towel Soak

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Published on November 07, 2021

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