How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai free zone?


Dubai has been the ambassador of UAE’s global progress for quite a few years. The city offers growing commercial opportunities, diverse business start-ups, and investor-friendly policies for business tycoons all over the globe who are planning for a company launch in Dubai. Moreover, the government itself has framed several cost-effective options to attract foreign investments, such as the Dubai Free Zones. And since this specific jurisdiction follows different rules and regulations that affect the Dubai free zone company setup cost, let’s take a better look at how light or heavy it can be on the budget and in what ways you can break down the expected expenses.

Reasons to choose Dubai free zone company setup

There are several reasons for choosing Dubai Free Zones for company setup –

Quick company formation

As they say, time is money. So, the faster you can navigate the business establishment processes, the better you can get your business up and running. And that is why Free zones are the popular choice among investors and entrepreneurs for business setup.

Dubai Free Zone authorities tend to issue business licenses and visas relatively quickly. Moreover, the office setup including facilities, telephone, and internet connections can be completed within days. Besides, many free zones also provide dedicated customer service to help clear any business hurdles in a quick, timely manner.

Scope for rapid growth

Once you get your business started in Dubai, your next focus would be to grow it in the most efficient and ecological way. Dubai is specifically designed to help you with that. For instance, the strategic positioning of the Emirate provides unrivaled connectivity with the East and the West, giving access to businesses in multiple growth markets around the world. Moreover, the city has the perfect infrastructure to help businesses grow and scale quickly.

Business activities

There is a wider range of Free zones available in Dubai that cater to the specific business sector. Each Free zone permits several types of business activities that the investors can choose from according to their preferences and proficiency. Hence, there are high chances that you can find the ideal Free zone that matches exactly your business needs and necessities.

Bank account provisions

Setting up a bank account in Dubai can be more of a challenge, especially when certain banks come up with stringent requirements. However, when you choose Dubai-free zones as your base location, you can be relieved from many of these potential issues and obstructions.

Location benefits

If the industry in which you wish to operate in has a prominent presence in Dubai, then setting up your venture in one of its free zones could be the perfect plan. According to the rule of real estate value, it’s best to establish your business where the action is. Dubai provides proper networking opportunities to the companies not just with the customers, but prospects, suppliers, and potential recruiters as well.

So, if you are looking for Dubai free zone company setup, then you would require a reliable business setup service provider to assist you in the formalities. Shuraa, being one of the best business consultants in the UAE, has solutions for every circumstance.

License options in Dubai Free Zones

Business owners require a valid trade license to conduct their business in the Free zone, irrespective of their company size and legal structure. The available options include –

Professional license – This license is particularly intended for service-oriented companies and consultancy agencies.

General trading license – Business owners and investors who wish to trade across a wide distribution of various goods and services must acquire a General trading license.

Industrial license - Manufacturing firms, import companies, and export companies can apply for this specific license.

Commercial license – This is a general category of license that can be acquired by businesses involved in trading activities, both online and offline, but for specific goods and services.

Want to know more? Speak with the business specialists of Shuraa.

Dubai free zone company setup cost

Starting a business in Dubai is a complex, yet highly profitable venture. Therefore, it is important to understand all the related costs and expenses involved in business startup and maintenance.

Business Registration fee – When free zone authorities register the business, a fee is incurred based on the Free Zone in which the company is established and the nature of the company launched.

Free Zone License fee – As licenses are mandatory for businesses companies established in Dubai Free zones will be charges a license fee during the application procedure.

Office space rent – The rent of the property that you would be using for your business would be included in the Dubai Free Zone company setup cost. Again, the location and nature of the business would determine the overall office rent as well as the total number of visas you can apply for. Basically, these costs are calculated on a yearly basis.

Visa fees – Free zone companies are required to obtain visas for their staff based on their office space. Additionally, the visa fee may vary depending on the residency status of the employee.

Financial guarantee – Free zone entities are required to provide a bank guarantee for all of their employees as proof of their authenticity and that it is not involved in a scam. The guarantee can be offering a 45 days salary to the employees with a one-way ticket to their home country.

Additional Dubai free zone company setup cost

Name approval charges – There will be an initial cost charged for forming your trade name, the name under which you’ll be operating your company. Further, in any case, if you wish to change the name, you will have to pay a fee for that as well.

Notarization charges – Your official documents or any changes that you wish to make in your business structure would be considered legal and official only if you get them stamped by a local notary. Hence, there will be a payment accompanying this service.

Insurance expenses – Insurance is yet another expense you need to factor in your Dubai Free Zone company setup cost. If you are purchasing any local property for business purposes, then both your company and the property must be duly insured.

Bank account – You will need a bank account for your business dealings. Hence, based on the banking services, there may be a fee associated with opening and maintaining a corporate bank account.

Shipping charges – Typing and transcription fees while drafting a contract are another cost factor to consider. In addition, if your business includes any item that needs regular shipping, then shipping charges would be another cost factor to include.

Emirates ID card – You will need an Emirates ID card in order to live and work in the UAE. Hence, you will be required to make a payment for obtaining this card.

Police clearance and Medical checkups – In certain cases, police clearance would be required for your business operations. Moreover, you and your employees might have to go through regular medical checks as well. Thus, these two costs would also be counted in your business budget.

Get an affordable Dubai free zone company setup

Shuraa Business Setup specializes in providing low-cost business setup services in the United ARba Emirates. Their expert business consultants guide the clients through the company formation process and ensure a quick license acquisition at the most reasonable cost.

So, stop worrying about the lengthy registration processes and join Shuraa for a cost-efficient company formation in Dubai. Contact Shuraa professionals at or +971 44081900.

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How much does it cost to open a company in Dubai free zone?

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