10 Lucrative Business Ideas to Start in Abu Dhabi

business opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for some profitable business opportunities in Abu Dhabi? If yes, then Shuraa has the perfect solutions for your queries.

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates, is said to be the largest Emirate in the country, covering up to 80% of the total landmass. With its marvelous skyscrapers, malls, and other architectural creativity, Abu Dhabi boasts pure luxury and comfort, which is why investors consider it one of the ideal places to do business.

Why should you consider Abu Dhabi for doing business?

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs favor the capital city of UAE for their business ventures.

Home to many rich, affluent people with high disposable income
Better opportunities to secure investors
Business-friendly environment
Easy to set up and manage business compared to other locations
Investor-favoring policies
Tax exemptions for specific industries
Houses offices of many multinational corporations
Opportunities to collaborate with potential customers
A diverse pool of professionals with vast expertise and experience
Infrastructure based on the latest technologies
Stable economy, politics, and society
Multiple modes of transportation
Extremely developed free zones
Inexpensive workforce
Member of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and WTO (World Trade Organization)
Easy access to prominent territories like Asia, Europe, and Africa
Expansive coastline, providing access to the Persian Gulf
Beneficial for export, and import companies

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi authorities have also projected several long-term objectives and undertakings to encourage entrepreneurs and companies to establish their operations in the city. Their major aim is to promote innovation in support of a global industrial strategy and create a sustainable business environment for businesses.

As a result, the wealthy business grounds of Abu Dhabi are now growing rapidly with the constant efforts of the government thus creating endless business opportunities in Abu Dhabi for investors.

Business opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to secure investments from capitalists or a newbie investor planning to spend your own savings in a new venture, here are the top 10 business ideas in Abu Dhabi that you can get started with -

Jewellery making

UAE is well-renowned for its liking for luxury items and one of these assets is jewellery. Being one of the wealthiest cities in the country, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to deal with these luxurious accessories. The jewelry market of Abu Dhabi is currently soaring and is even expected to grow in the coming years.

Hence, the opportunities in this particular industry are many. The business owners can either focus on designing fine jewels customized according to buyers’ preferences or offer repair services or provide jewelry-making training.

Restaurant and catering

The food industry in Abu Dhabi is growing. All credit goes to the diverse population and its strong purchasing power. The city’s food and beverage sector has plenty of room for creativity and innovation. Local food chains and restaurants look for new methods and practices to modify their menu and satisfy customers. Hence, setting up a food business in Abu Dhabi can be a good business opportunity.

Whether you wish to open a dine-in eatery or a home-delivery catering service, the success of your business will depend on the quality and variety of dishes you offer.

Real estate

When several industries were hitting rock bottom during the pandemic, the real estate market of Abu Dhabi remained tough. Consequently, the demand for real estate increased, calling for more investment from foreign investors in Abu Dhabi properties.

As a real estate agent in Abu Dhabi, one can consider selling properties or providing brokerage services. Alternatively, you can also look for providing specialized services like interior design, property management, holiday rentals, etc.

Cleaning services

The capital city prefers to maintain its luxurious buildings and villas with high standards, which is why the cleaning service providing business will always be in demand. Apart from being profitable, the cleaning business is also one of the affordable business opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

As a cleaning service provider, you can start off by offering regular cleaning services such as carpet shampooing, window cleaning, deep kitchen disinfection, etc. to individual houses and other residential units. Eventually, you can branch out your services to corporate buildings and commercial units.

Information Technology

With the introduction of robotic technologies and AI-powered systems, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is assured to become a full-fledged smart city in the coming years. Even one of the world’s biggest AI hubs, the Abu Dhabi Global Market(ADGM) sits in this commercial capital, providing support to tech-based industries to raise funds and expand their operations.

Considering this trend, the IT services in Abu Dhabi are certainly going to be in high demand. This sector includes a broad spectrum of tech services starting from cloud computing and cyber security to IT consulting and advisory. One can also consider designing customized websites or software applications for firms looking for increased efficiency and productivity in their operations.


Yet another viable option to start a business in Abu Dhabi is E-commerce. During the pandemic, this sector witnessed tremendous growth globally, and even in Abu Dhabi, online sales increased steadily bringing huge revenues to the country’s e-commerce market.

Abu Dhabi has a tech-savvy population in the majority, who are more likely to indulge in online shopping and purchases. Thus, business opportunities in this sector are massive. You can opt for selling clothes, toys, appliances, digital services, and many more. Another low-cost option for an e-commerce business model is dropshipping which doesn’t need a weighty capital investment or physical stores.

Fashion and Apparel

People in UAE take fashion and trends seriously, which is why several luxurious brands have set up their showrooms and outlets in major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hence, if you wish to start a fashion business in Abu Dhabi, there is a massive potential for success and growth.

While stepping into this industry, one needs to emphasize excellent quality control which is a key component to success. Offering good quality trendy products will help build customer loyalty, thereby increasing the buyer base for your business. You can use social media and other online means to advertise your products and services or you can also present your brand collections in trade shows or fashion events.

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Recycling services

Just like other countries around the globe, waste is a major problem in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, the Emirate is taking sustainable steps to reduce the amount of waste through recycling. As a result, people have also become more eco-conscious about their consumption.

In view of this opportunity, one can consider starting a business in this sector by offering services like waste collection, setting up a recycling plant, composting, and creating products like furniture and clothes from recycled materials. Additionally, you can also provide consultancy services regarding waste management in companies and organizations. This way you can convey to people their responsibility towards the environment and help them course-correct.

Travel and tourism

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the biggest tourist destination in the UAE which witnesses an influx of tourists on a yearly basis. By offering spectacular scenery, world-class facilities, and countless leisure activities, Abu Dhabi draws millions of tourists from all over the world to contribute significantly to its travel & tourism industry.

Although Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector is well-advanced, giving away exciting offers like exotic resort deals, luxury travel discounts, overseas tours, cruise deals, etc. can create room for your business and help you grab the market.

Trade and logistics

In order to maintain a continuous production cycle, the manufacturing sector has to rely on the timely delivery of raw materials. This particular need encourages the swift expansion of the trade and logistics sector throughout the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is strategically located over the Persian Gulf which makes the neighboring UAE and MENA regions rely on the Emirate for resources. This thus generates hustling and lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up a trade and logistics business.

Looking for more business ideas in Abu Dhabi?

Every business has the potential to thrive if supported by a unique concept and a strong business plan. That’s why Shuraa Business Setup is here to offer you the assistance and accessibility required for your business setup in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. Their professionals hold expertise and years of experience that will guide you through the entire process of company formation as well as post-incorporation.

For more updates about business opportunities in Abu Dhabi, contact Shuraa at +971 44081900. 

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10 Lucrative Business Ideas to Start in Abu Dhabi

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