Madden 22: The complete guide to best playbooks for tight ends


Although Madden 22 still has some technical problems, for me, the overall experience is still excellent. In the game, tight ends are mainly blocked with minimal impact on the passing game. In this guide, we will share the best scripts of Tight ends in Madden 22. A combination of tight end, quarterback, and play design factored into the list, ensuring that the tight end (who might be the best receiver on some teams) is highlighted. Remember, all you need in the game are good playbooks, It also needs the strong support of Madden coins, buying good players can form the best Ultimate Team.

Playbook 1: Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best plays:

PA Raven Boot (Strong I, Wing)
PA Scissors (I Form, Twin TE)
TE Attack (Singleback, Wing Pair)

Led by energetic quarterback Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews should prove a considerable catch threat for Baltimore. The script is full of collections that are perfect for receiving TE. PA Raven Boot comes from Strong I. Wing formation should bite on fake one-way defense, while TE and other receivers run in the opposite direction, the same as QB Boot.

The PA scissors with two TEs can see that they cross each other. TE Attack puts TE in the middle, but because TE is usually covered by a linebacker or safety guard, your TE should have a high advantage so that you can drop the ball. The threat of Jackson running will also provide opportunities for your TE, who can become your failsafe by using this manual.

Playbook 2: Detroit Lions (NFC North)

Best plays:

TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair)
Post Shot (I Form, Twin TE)
PA TE Corner (I Form, Tight)

Matthew Stafford is out, and Jared Gove is playing in QB. He should rely on T.J. Hokenson as much as possible. The script reflects Hokenson's status as the number one receiving option in Detroit. TE Drive uses TE as the primary option and runs along the route about 10 yards above the site. With the resistance line down, TE should be open because the defense is expected to track to the left.

A PA TE corner kick may be a good red zone option because your TE may pass the top of the defender. Post Shot uses two TEs in the middle to provide you with two short gain and medium gain choices.

Playbook 3: Kansas City (AFC West)

Best plays:

Mesh (Shotgun, Bunch TE)
PA Boot Y Sail (Pistol, Wing Flex Close)
TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair)

Regardless of the offensive position, any team with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid as offensive players will have a creative and dynamic tactical manual. Travis Kelce has always been a beneficiary of his talent. PA Boot Y Sail sends your TE to the corner route. If they bite the game action, it may cause high defense costs.

Mesh is a shotgun set equipped with three TEs on the field, providing you with plenty of options. They may have faster cornerbacks than LB or safety guards, but if you avoid low post and bullet pass, the difference in size should be in your favor. With TE as the primary option, TE Drive is an ideal third and medium-sized game. From a single-back formation, TE takes the inside line about 10 yards below the field. Ideally, the defense is attracted to the left drag route below TE's running.

Overall, the Kansas City Chiefs may provide the best script for TE in Madden 22.

Playbook 4: Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West)

Best plays:

Dragon Spacing (Singleback, Wing Tight U)
PA Power O (I Form, Twin TE)
PA TE Corner (I Form, Close Flex)

Derek Carr seems committed to being an elite QB, and his possession of Darren Waller at TE will help. Dragon Spacing is a unique race that can be the first choice for 2nd and 3rd or less time because it takes advantage of your TE's fast curly route. This is an excellent show to highlight TEs like Waller.

PA Power O is very similar to a game against PA Boot Y Sail in Kansas City because TE hit the corner after the game. When another TE advances oppositely, it may kill your TE. The functions of the PA TE Corner are similar, but the other routes are slightly different from those of PA Power O, providing you with a new way to bypass defenses while keeping a close eye on your top TE routes.

Playbook 5: San Francisco 49ers (NFC West)

Best plays:

Cross Drag (Singleback, Bunch TE)
Mesh (Singleback, Wing Tight)
PA TE Screen (I Form, Pro)

Regardless of whether Jimmy Gallopolo or Trey Lance is below center, George Kittle should be the best or second-best TE in the NFL.

Kittle and any TE in this manual will shine on the PA TE screen. Usually, setting up screens for the central defenders, but a genius like Kittle-who can move and dodge defenders in open fields-is an excellent decision to get the ball into his hands as soon as possible. If executed properly, he can use interceptors, dodges, and trucks to make considerable gains in his way.

As the name suggests, Cross Drag has a resistance route that intersects with TE. The grid also merges the drag route in the middle. Kittle is in the middle, against any linebacker or safety. It may be a battle you will participate in every time. He should win those often. Therefore, when using this top script for TE, these may become your favorite scripts.

With so many excellent TEs appearing in the game, the league's script better reflects this talent and integrates them more into the game plan.

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Madden 22: The complete guide to best playbooks for tight ends

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