My first, second love ??


If first love was a wound then second love is healing.
Have you ever tried to drink water refilled in a juice bottle? If the first love is the juice then the second love is the water refilled in it. Both have the same smell and flavor but the latter lacks taste.
And the story is the same as this- my first, second love.
When the first love was over, I decided not to turn around after dropping someone home, not to get used to someone, for sure I knew I couldn't get over again.
I decided to concentrate on my career. I studied for a medical entrance exam. The exam date was fixed as 6 May, and the venue was Chandigarh.
Before a couple of days, I left for Jammu, and from there it was late at night when I took the train to Chandigarh. For a couple of stations neither any passenger entered the train nor anyone left, it was the same as the calmness before a mighty storm. And on the next station, it was her entry- Samyra Rajput, 5.5 feet tall, white shirt, and blue denim, wearing headphones and large sunglasses, curly hair, and amazing coolness on every chewing gum bite.
She was like Taj Mehal just to make for love. One can just be happy by seeing it but can't pursue it.
We all have the same, two ears one nose two eyes, and one mouth combination but some people's combination is so perfect for destruction.
On her entry to the compartment, about every girl got a touch-up of lipstick as a jealous gesture, and every male tried to make up their hair as an impressive gesture.
But I was still busy with my books when she came near me and asked for my lower berth. It was not the flight so the clouds might be more important.
I said," it's ok, take it."
She started to look out of the window and soon after a moment she darted her sight to me and asked," Are you a writer?"
I said," Yes, but how do you know?"
She said," Just got the instincts."
I said," What are you doing?"
She smiled and said you should ask my name first for an introduction.
I did as she suggested.
She said," I am samyra, Samyra Rajput."  And she didn't stop then.
She said every bit of her life, her childhood, her family, her education even how much she likes SRK and hates pumpkins. She likes soft tea and black coffee. And then she asked," And yes, what do you like?"
For sure don't like coffee much but I like tea with extra ginger.
Time ran away so quickly with her and I felt an urge for tea, I ordered tea for both of us. We had a smooth conversation with every sip of tea. Soon we finished the tea and she insisted to pay but I didn't let her.
It was the middle of the night when she said good night and took the lower berth and went to sleep. I took my earphones from my bag and forget to tie the zip.
It was about 5:30 in the morning when the flocks of passengers were entering the train and I was at my destination. I could hardly manage to collect my belongings scathed on the floor from my bag and left.
Then I realized I forget to say goodbye to samyra, but deep down I don't want to get used to anyone.
I left the station and took an auto to my exam Center. Soon after an hour, I was right at my destination when I unzip my bag to check the exam compulsories and found my admit card was missing. My breath was seized and I was trembling out of fear.
When you can't get your admit card in an unknown city before a couple of hours of your examination, the tension at that moment touches the sky.
I went to the examination controller and requested a lot but they didn't allow it.
I was out of my mind when someone from behind said," Writer sir, are you searching for something?"
I turned back and she was samyra, holding my admit card in his hand.
At that very instant I felt like this was the thing that I was searching for a long.
And she came closer and said," By the way, you are looking cute with tension."
"All the best sir"
Suddenly the bell rang and I left for the exam. Just after a couple of steps towards the exam hall and she said," Can we meet."
"Yes, but how can we?"
She said," That would be written on destiny."
After the exam, I was left with a single task, to find Samyra.
I took a hotel room and started my job. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all that I tried but failed to get her there.
I couldn't sleep that night. I woke up earlier the next day and went to a nearby cafe and ordered her favorite black coffee. I was desperately thinking about how to find her. After some time I was done with my coffee and went to reception to pay for it. I found a 10 rupees note on which the was written something. There was written destiny on one side and her mobile number on another.
Then I realized the people who said love only happens once are not right.
I texted her," Hi, coffee?"
She replied," Sector 32 is famous for the tea with extra ginger!"

✍️Sahil umar.

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launchora_imgsidra asaf
1 year ago
thts awsm
launchora_imgrobotic rooh
1 year ago
thanks 🌹🥀🥰
launchora_imgÑ Shakir
1 year ago
got the goosbumps ❤️😘
launchora_imgÑ Shakir
1 year ago
Literally the plot and the theme is abslutely astonishing....hitting home for me right now...keep it up sir
launchora_imgrobotic rooh
1 year ago
launchora_imgSaikey Combo
1 year ago
The story is based on reality and an interesting event happened with writer
launchora_imgrobotic rooh
1 year ago
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My first, second love ??

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