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When I see pictures of two old couples, that are still in love with each others, All that comes into my mind is, Kudos ! They must have done alot of effort to reach that point of staying together, and preserving their love at that age, and that what makes them overwhelmingly beautiful.

People always think that "Love", that feeling that millions of movies are made about comes easily, They think that it will also stay as it is, easily. That's how fairy tales shaped our imagination into.

What they dont know that,When too much love and comfort becomes suffocating and you feel caged...all what you are going to think is fleeing from it like a trapped bird who is seeing the trees out of a golden cage. Nomatter how it is dangerous outside and that cage is provided with everything the bird needs, the suffocation of being trapped will make it prefer the freedom with danger to being a prisoner.

So is Love, As well. Some people understand it wrongly, they think that loving a person, means shaping that person into what they want, making that person follow each and every rule they have or things that they think is right, and if the person they love broke one rule, They judge em of being not the right one, They think of how much disappointed they are, or how much they are tired of trying they are.. and that's because they just prefer the too much comfort and too much suffocating of the other person, by not accepting their identity and thoughts, They think it is love but it is just too far from love.

Wanting someone you are infatuated with to follow your rules, is so different from reaching a point of loving that person, Accepting all the differences between you two.. trying to gently making them learn your rules, Loving them to the extent of forgiving them, and understanding that they are just human beings, They cry their hearts out sometimes, they feel the most vulnerable and because they love you, they need you around to be their backbone. they arent the perfection you always want to see them at, but if you see them em with loving eyes you'll see the perfection in their chaos and vulnerability.

Wanting to be always excited by your lover is more like wanting to stay in a playground where if you could feel bored you leave, and true love knows no games. What if turning them into your closest buddy you can't live without pissing off? So you could love them twice.

When you see an image of two old couples, imagine them when they were young.. Think about how many fights they did have, How many times they hurt each others, but once they saw each others the othertime all they could think of is how their souls cant be parted so they immediately forgave each others. How many times they found better people but still chose each others. How they stayed with each others in sickness and in health. Know that they became so much of friends, lovers and family to tolerate each hardship with each others. And Each time they said the total opposite of what is in their hearts, Each time she shouted at him saying I don't love you and he just knew she was lying because he understands her better than anyone so he never took the word to his heart but took the sweet words instead. And each time he acted like a fool sometimes and hurt her but he found his way back to her, she didnt hurt him back but helped him and trusted him to not to ever hurt her again and he didn't disappoint her by doing it again.

That's the other side of fairy tales,it is a real Love that is based on effort, compassion, forgiveness, Strength and soul connection and moreover Acceptance. Something that is neither claimed nor faked. Something that is too true to fade when appearances fade. When skin wrinkles and the hair turns grey.

It is prefering your love over your comfort, it is something that is worth living your life for.
Something that you choose to put effort into, Because that feeling already could give you the sense of flying like birds while you are standing on the land on your own feet!

One way you start it when young, and keep walking, falling and getting up, but it isnt as hard as you both want to be there for each others till it ends.

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launchora_imgHamsa Mahmoud
4 years ago
thank you so much
launchora_imgRohit Yadav
4 years ago
wonderful explanation of real love
launchora_imgHamsa Mahmoud
4 years ago
Glad that you saw that in it
launchora_imgAK 47
4 years ago
so so good.....
launchora_imgHamsa Mahmoud
4 years ago
That's what you are!
launchora_imgLaunchora User
4 years ago
launchora_imgHamsa Mahmoud
4 years ago
mission accomplished!
launchora_imgKrishna Meghwal
4 years ago
amazing one
launchora_imgHamsa Mahmoud
4 years ago
Manyyy thanks
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The Otherside of fairytales

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Updated on June 27, 2018

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