What Causes Helmet Allergy and How to Avoid It?


Have you ever experienced an itching sensation on your neck or face after wearing a helmet for several hours at an end? Helmet allergy is one of the most common problems especially in riders residing in tropical countries such as India, Philippines and Malaysia. The cause for helmet allergy is usually the accumulation of sweat and dust on the face which prevents the elimination of sweet from the micro pores of sweat glands, thereby leading to an itching sensation. Many people also have a reaction with the material of the padding used in manufacturing helmets which can lead to an allergy. Here are a few practical steps that you can take to avoid suffering from helmet allergy.

Buy a hypoallergenic helmet

The first step that you need to do is to purchase a helmet that has a hypoallergenic lining and padding. These are special materials that are used in manufacturing the padding component of the helmet Which does not react with the scan thereby avoiding the problem of skin irritation and allergies completely. Always make sure to check for the presence of hypoallergenic helmet padding materials while purchasing a new helmet.

Buy a quality helmet with quality materials in it

Go for a branded helmet rather than picking a footpath product just for the sake of saving a little bit of money. Modern branded motorcycle helmets come with quality assurance which means you are getting what you pay for. A quality helmet also is better at providing safety to your head in the event of an accident. If you compare the price difference between a branded helmet and a cheap non branded footpath grade helmet it does not come to much which is why you should wait a little bit if you don't have the money for a good quality helmet yet but never compromise under safety and comfort features of the product under any circumstances.

Wash the helmet regularly

Make sure to wash the helmet after 2 to 3 months of regular use because by then the helmet materials will have absorbed a lot of sweat and dust which is the root cause of skin allergies in the first place! While washing the inner parts of a helmet do not use any strong chemicals. You can use a little bit of baby shampoo or just plain water both of which are good alternatives. Allow the helmet to dry naturally without using any hot air blower or placing it directly under the sun. Watch the manufacturer's instructional video on how to wash the inner padding before embarking on the job because you do not want to damage anything on the helmet.

Replace the padding every 2 years

Choose a helmet that comes with replaceable inner lining and padding which will make it simpler on you to completely replace it with new parts later on. Ideally, you should replace the inner lining and padding of the helmet after every 2 years or sooner if you are riding in a tropical country. Talk to your helmet manufacturer or visit a motorcycle accessories shop near you to find out if your helmet has replaceable inner parts.

Wear a balaclava or skull cap

A smart way to prevent the risk of skin allergies that many motorcycle riders apply is to wear a balaclava or a skull cap that completely covers their head and face thereby avoiding direct contact with the materials of the helmet. However, this technique is recommended only in cold regions or during the cold months because you do not want an additional layer of clothing on your face especially in hot summer months.

Consult a doctor

Finally, if the skin irritation problem persists even after taking all the steps mentioned above, we strongly recommend you to consult a doctor and find out the root cause of your skin allergies. It would be wrong to assume that the skin allergies are solely caused by the materials of the helmet when there could be something deeper in your physiology which could be causing the problem. Only a certified doctor can help you find out the actual reason and treat you accordingly.  

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What Causes Helmet Allergy and How to Avoid It?

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Published on November 11, 2020

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