What if i die today, i need to tell dost.


Dear dost,

I'm not writing with the intention of dying, nor am i writing this as my very last letter to you. But you know life is short and i believe whatever i have to say has to reach to you immediately.

When i'm pondering my brain over what is that needs to be conveyed, i realize its my....passwords, but wait you know it already. Have I told you what my future plans are or the guy i'm obsessed with. Of course i have, you are the first person i go to when in need of a shoulder, and its not always to cry on, sometimes just to rest, just to feel satisfied with your affection and because you are taller and my head reaches your shoulder perfectly, and its ideal height for resting my head.

If i die tomorrow, well you need to first find someone to go on the world tour with. And that someone has to be a lover, because no other friend deserves this with you except me. And take didi as planned.
When visiting the different places, i want you to take a souvenir for yourself and one for me. Keep both together because after all we ought to live together, so they ought to end up together anyway. And please take stuff for me according to my choice, don't even think of taking my souvenirs of your choice. Trust me, i would be one unpleasant soul if you did so.

Do all that we have been planning for years, do all that we need to do.
Play Eminem all the way even if your new friend or didi asks against it. Music has been our very good friend all through our friendship and will be.

And i want you to be my messenger. I want you to tell all my loved ones that i love them and will always do, you are included, along with apni wali didi.
Tell my parents i always wanted to make them proud and in the little life i lived, i hope i did so. Tell my elder sister, tell her, she means the world to me and no other person matters as much as she does. It wont be wrong to say she is the most important person of my life. The most.
Tell my school friends , that the 14 years spent together with them, would not have been the same adventure as it was. I love them immensely.
Tell my college friends that even with them times have been no less than a fond memory, a memory worth re living again and again.
Tell love that he has always been special and will always be(neogi).
Tell the seniors, this brief meeting was absolute happiness for me.

Finally i tell you, our journey was never expected, but our journey was the most beautiful one. If i die now, i'll have no regrets, because i found my world not in some stupid guy, not in some person who would just go, i found my world in a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart and the most beautiful smile of my life. I found the world in my best friend.

I am your favourite person i know,  it might be hard to read this, but remember, i will haunt you till the day you join me in hell.
I know you will cry, but i want you to write me a eulogy, and a funny one and definitely tell the world of my superiority.
Just remember to remember me whenever times are hard, but don't think of me as the someone who has gone, think of me as you think of me now.
Think of me as the most positive thing in your life, as the best source of inspiration to remember good times.
And i've told you many times in conversations. I'm going to meet you in hell, so don't worry i'll be around.

Keep loving me, keep hating me, because this time i do care.

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launchora_imgLaunchora User
4 years ago
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Because he deserved to be loved-5

Final part of the fanfiction after years. Hopefully its better than the other chapters of this.

FoxoGyan Unplugged.

Will miss these people a lot


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What if i die today, i need to tell dost.

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Published on March 22, 2018

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