List of Business Setup Services in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai is a lucrative venture for numerous reasons. You don’t need to pay any personal or corporate taxes, you can enjoy complete foreign ownership, and there aren’t any current restrictions too. Therefore, all you need to do is find the best business setup services in Dubai to launch your dream venture in the land of endless opportunities.
However, it’s critical to know the various business setup services offered in the UAE so that you can plan your business setup in Dubai accordingly.
Here’s a list of the various business setup services in Dubai to facilitate hassle-free company formation: 

Shortlisting Business Activities

Business setup services in Dubai include shortlisting business activities that cater to your specific requirements. The local business experts interact with you to know more about your business aspirations.
Once done, they shortlist the business activities and ensure that all your operational requirements are duly met. However, there can be scenarios where a few desired business activities aren’t covered under the initially issued license. But, you don’t need to worry about it. The business professionals at Shuraa help you apply for external approvals for the same. 

Market Analysis and Target Audience Segmentation

It’s imperative to analyze and assess the market that you’re about to enter in the UAE. This helps you define your target audience, and the same keeps a check on the overall expenditure. Remember, every single penny that you invest in your business should reap the desired results.
Therefore, if you’re seeking a new business setup in Dubai, your first step should be to understand the various sectors, diversities, and demographics in the Emirates. However, all this is taken care of by company formation experts when you avail their cost-effective services.

Trade Name Reservation

Reserving a unique trademark for your organization is a critical step in forming a company in Dubai. This requirement is covered under all the company formation packages at your disposal when you look for optimized business setup services in Dubai.
The business consultants at Shuraa help you formulate a curated list of 3-4 trading names and review them before sending the same to the DED or designated jurisdiction based on your legal structure. We explain all the naming protocols to our clients to ensure the list of desired business names doesn’t include any derogatory terms or insulting words.
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Securing Office Space

Securing cost-effective office space for your venture is vital for several reasons. First, you need a workspace to carry out your business activities or a warehouse to keep your products for import-export activities. Second, it’s your official address in the UAE, and all legal communications are sent to this address only.
In addition, the size of your office determines the number of visas you can apply for in the Emirates. Therefore, you’ll need to secure more space if you need several visas. You get a walkthrough of various workspaces in the UAE ranging from affordable to premium when you take the help of local business advisors. 

Applying for a Business License

You can’t carry out any business activity in Dubai if you don’t possess a valid trading license. Cost-effective business setup services in Dubai assist you in applying for a business license and also take care of all the documentation involved in the entire process.
Note that securing a business license isn’t a one-and-done deal. You must renew the acquired trading license every year to extend its validity. The licensing experts at Shuraa keep a note of all these dates and ensure that your business license is renewed at least one month before its expiry. 

Local Service Agent Agreement

A new business setup in Dubai requires the investors and business aspirants to collaborate with a local service agent (LSA). He/she plays a significant role in the business registration process without having any shareholding in your company.
The business formation services offered by Shuraa include an LSA contract by which we become your company setup agents at a nominal fee. We provide you with all the support needed to set up your dream venture in Dubai without interfering in your operational activities. However, we come to the fore whenever there’s a legal concern or compliance issue.

Getting External Approvals

The best part about company formation in the UAE is the flexibility to apply for external approvals. These are exclusive permits that you may or may not require based on your business activities. However, you must ensure that every activity that you conduct on Dubai’s soil is covered in your trading license.
The local business experts help you obtain these additional approvals as part of their business setup services in Dubai. Therefore, all you need to do is get in touch with these experienced consultants and leave the rest to them. 

Visa Management

You can apply for various visas in the UAE. For example, you have the flexibility to secure a freelancer visa, temporary residence visa, long-term residence visa, tourist visa, investor visa, golden visa, etc. However, how would you know which one’s the best for you?
That’s where you need the help of the visa experts at Shuraa. We provide you with a list of documents that’ll be required by the Immigration Department for identity verification. We prepare your visa application in the meantime and submit the same to the department for approval. 

Opening a Bank Account

Always ensure that the company formation package that you choose to incorporate your dream venture in the UAE includes end-to-end assistance for opening a corporate bank account. It’s among the most essential business setup services in Dubai because you’ll be using this bank account to manage all the financial transactions of your company.
Experienced banking consultants understand your company’s nature and assess all your monetary transactions. Once done, they shortlist the ideal banks for your venture, and the final decision rests on your shoulders. 

End-to-End Documentation

Documentation, certification, and paperwork constitute the bulk of the work that needs to be done very carefully to ensure your business registration application and license request don’t face rejections. The UAE’s government follows a no-compromise policy for documentation, and it’s an obligatory requirement that all ventures must meet for successful incorporation.
Shuraa provides end-to-end documentation assistance and also takes care of getting the approvals and certificates notarized/attested. These include AoA, MoA, LSA agreement, Ejari, and many more. 

Get the Best-In-Class Business Setup Services! 

Shuraa offers the best-in-class business setup services in Dubai at highly competitive prices. We take pride in offering post-establishment support to ensure you don’t suffer one bit during your tenure in the UAE. Our services are customizable, and you can pick and choose the ones you need to set up your dream venture in Dubai.

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List of Business Setup Services in Dubai

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