Love is Never Wrong


Rolling up his sleeves he took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.He had a million things going inside his mind.But he knew there was no looking back.He had been convincing his parents for long now to meet his choice at least once.He knew how his throat dried up when he stood in front of his parents and confessed that he had someone in his life.

Coming from an orthodox family he knew the battle won't be an easy one but Love makes one climb the highest mountains and cross the longest rivers,this was still easier he thought.He was the only son of the most reputed Entrepreneur Mr Trivedi and since childhood every one had lots of expectations from him.He graduated  with the top scores from the country's most reputed University,bagged the prize as the 'Youngest Entrepreneur ' of the year and had always been a role model for others.Mr Amarish Trivedi had a sense of pride in his son and he felt his son had rightly been carrying forward the legacy.

Shekhar too felt that it was his duty to make his parents proud and before he had even thought of something on his own,his father expressed his dreams and Shekhar knew that he had to fulfil them.He had never expressed how much he wanted to join the School Football Team,Go out camping with his college friends or even for that purpose go to the Excursion.He knew his father wanted him to achieve greater heights and considered Life to be serious and expected the same treatment  from  him.He has never questioned his father about anything and had always been a dutiful son.

But Love doesn't wait for an open door,it just walks in sometime silently like the peaceful moonlight and Shekhar's life changed too.He felt he had actually found himself in Ash.He felt a sense of liberation and rediscovered himself.He felt for the first time he had tasted freedom and enjoyed the company of someone who didn't talk about hopes, expectations or unfulfilled dreams.He swiped right and felt he had never felt doing anything right than doing this lately.Their forwarded messages changed to good morning texts,to full sentences and finally calls.

Shekhar's parents at first were speechless when Shekhar broke the news to them.Shekhar's father even said-" Love in your age might mean a right swipe on Tinder but for us,it was all after marriage." But Shekhar knew this wasn't any casual fling or temporary attraction.He continuously cajoled his parents to meet Ash once,as he was sure that they too would like his choice.

After a week of continuous efforts they agreed and Shekhar wanted them to like Ash.Mr Amarish wasn't convinced at Shekhar's decision as he told his wife-"You know we had nothing when we came here,I have built everything on my own and I don't know if this girl is even capable of our Shekhar.He is young,dynamic and we would have got tons of matches for him from our Caste."  But Mrs Trivedi just told him to meet her once.

The door bell rang and Shekhar's heart beat multiplied.He was nervous, anxious and excited.His heart almost seized when he saw Ash for the first time in real,all along they had just seen each other in Video Calls and Shekhar felt Ash was even beautiful than what he saw Ash virtually.
He went and hugged Ash and while he walked through the door he saw Mr Amarish's eyes wide open and Mrs Trivedi had lots of questions for them.
Before they could say anything,Shekhar spoke
"This is Ash,my Ashley,he is the one I intend to spend my life with.I know you can get the best girls for me lined up but I love him and that's the truth.Ashley has actually touched the deepest chord of my heart and taught me how beautiful it was to listen to our Heart.Since childhood I had always listened to you,so the voice within me was lost but he helped me to find me."
Mr Trivedi wanted to say something but Shekhar continued-" Let me speak Dad,I have gathered a lot of courage to stand in front of you and speak,I wish I could have done this before,I would not have missed going out camping with friends or playing for the school team.I have seen the St Mark's Square through his eyes,adored the beauty of the Doge's Palace and been on a Gondola ride with him virtually.We have woven beautiful dreams and for once I ask you to let me live my dreams."

Mr Amarish walked into his room and slammed the door,Mrs Trivedi too stood there speechless.Shekhar went near his mother and handed over to her a  visiting card which had Ashley's music school's address in Venice.Before walking out from the door with Ashley ,he said-"When you both think that I haven't done anything wrong by listening to my heart for once in all these years,come down to us,we all can together stand in the
Rialto Bridge and enjoy the Beauty of the Sun going down or Maybe discuss that  Love has no Gender or Race.Until then Miss you."

5 Launchers recommend this story
launchora_imgNakul Upadhyay
3 years ago
Love is simply discharge of chemicals in nervous system haha.. never been a dinner choice.
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
launchora_imgKajari Guha
3 years ago
Well knit with a thrilling climax!
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
Hey,thanks a lot?
A little more conversation with dad to establish positive shade to the protagonist's decision would have helped I felt..
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
Thanks for your valuable suggestion?
launchora_imgV.S. Karthik
3 years ago
but it's not always real love may also be wrong sometimes
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
The mere idea of love is subjective,Love is never wrong,may be sometimes we invest it in people who don't deserve it.But love in general is a feeling
launchora_imgV.S. Karthik
3 years ago
yah but I'm sorry cause I was cheated by a girl
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
I am sorry to hear about that,hope you be blessed with love in a beautiful way
launchora_imgV.S. Karthik
3 years ago
Thanks at least you replied with positive vibes
launchora_imgNakul Upadhyay
3 years ago
You never fail to amaze me. You are only writer i subscribed to . Every time you write i got an email. So i come here to check you.
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
wowww...that is something so sweet, thanks for being so kind a reader,hope to live up to your expectations
launchora_imgMERUKA Chattoraj
3 years ago
wowww...that is something so sweet, thanks for being so kind a reader,hope to live up to your expectations
launchora_imgNakul Upadhyay
3 years ago
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