The Last Cigarette


It was a dark black night and he was sitting in the balcony on his relaxing chair, starring at the sky. It was blank today, just like his life. No moon, no stars, nothing, only a blank dark sky. This made him feel lonelier, so he simply bow down and took one more cigarette, lit it up and draw it closer to his lips. Slowly inhaling the smoke, he took a deep breath of tiredness; tiredness from his colorless life. Then he exhaled the smoke making the surrounding around him a little hazy. He was silent, lost in his own thoughts, lost in the days when he was not alone to light the cigarette or take the puff. Dr. Samwell Dilarauntis was a well-known, profound surgeon who accomplished more than 500 successful surgeries in his career. He traveled 61 whole years to reach this position. The name, the fame, the recognition, and along with everything, he won the loneliness of life.

He still remembers the days when he first started his habit of dealing with smoke. He was in his first year of college and his first cigarette was surrounded with his college time best friends and his favourite seniors. His 6 years college time flew by like it was in a fast forward mode of life. He left the college behind and with college there were some golden hearts he left behind. With time passing by he lost touch with every single person in his life whom he could call his friend. He got married but his marriage was a big failure. He was too busy with his career to handle his marriage. His wife left him after 12 years of their marriage and with her, Sam lost his only son. After his broken marriage he dwelled more into his profession and lost his own dad due to a wrong surgery by his colleague. This pushed him into depression and he isolated him wholly from the outer world. Even his mother was not able to pull him out of the situation.

Few years back, he lost his last support of his life, his mother. That was the time he felt, everything was strayed, like everything is empty inside him. He was all alone. He went to his wife, saw her from a distance, and she was happily married. He went to his son; he was also consumed without him. Lastly he went to his friends and the scenario in front of his eyes made him feel more alone. His friends were hanging out after their happy retirement, same cigarette in their hands and a bottle of beer beside every individual. They were reliving their young college days, without him. He didn’t have the guts to visit them or even apologize to them for his sudden rudeness. He simply came back to his 2 storeys house; he can’t even call that bunch of bricks a home.

Today sitting in the terrace of his house, he remembers his days of happiness. Today sitting in the darkness, he remembers the brightness that is lost. Today sitting all alone and regretting his deeds, he remembers his mother who never left him until death took her apart. Today, while lighting the last cigarette of his life alone, he remembers his life’s first cigarette with his loving friends.

Life is how well you manage your relations,

Not how you handle your career, money or materials in fraction.

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launchora_imga l
4 years ago
That was just wow?. Its truly an amazing piece?❤❤❤
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
4 years ago
thanks ?
launchora_imgSajid Khan
5 years ago
Last cigarette as in.,is he goin to quit smoking or....
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
5 years ago
quit his life
launchora_imgharashita :)
5 years ago
wow, just wow
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
5 years ago
thanks ?
launchora_imgSrishti Bagh
5 years ago
aaahhhh!!!! something abt the narration that kept me hooked to it❤
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
5 years ago
Thanks ?
launchora_imgKumar Pranav
5 years ago
I love how deep u think and form a story. It feels totally real. This plot was just amazing.♥️
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
5 years ago
Thank you ??
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The Last Cigarette

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Published on June 16, 2019

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