Top Trending Home Based Business Ideas in Dubai


Dubai is a city of potential as well as a stable location for corporate investors and big entrepreneurs. With a diverse population and thriving economy, it has grown to be one of the most fruitful areas to do business. One of the major factors for entrepreneurs to choose Dubai is its tax policy and investor-friendly policies. This, thus, encourages them to move forward and establish a firm in Dubai. However, several home-based businesses are getting spotlights in the Dubai market in the last few years. This is because people are finding more means to earn better and sustain themselves in the luxuries of Dubai. And therefore, the UAE government is also supporting home businesses to encourage more skills into the market and enhance the economy. So, this article will share some of the best home business ideas in Dubai that you can start with lesser or no investment.

Benefits of home-based business in Dubai

Home-based businesses can be the best support for all those career-driven individuals who want to procure some more money on top of their regular wages. Besides, there are several other reasons and benefits for starting a home business. For instance,

Freedom and flexibility of work

Setting up a home business helps you in getting away from the daily grind of traveling to and from work. Besides, it offers a new level of independence and flexibility. Also, you can make effective use of time as you do not have to worry about a strict office schedule. All you have to do is focus on your skills and pursue your larger interest.

Initiatives from the government

The UAE government is quite helpful and supportive of the home business ideas in Dubai. It offers a variety of programs and plans to foster small businesses and assist them to establish a label in the UAE market.

Lower cost

A home-based business generally involves little overheads but larger profits. The owner does not need to pay any office rent, trip reimbursements, or employee remuneration. All they need is a suitable working environment as per their preference and a valid home business license Dubai.

The additional pros of starting a home-based business in Dubai :

Be your own boss and work for yourself
No indulgence in corporate politics
Fewer hassles in business registering
Save costs in terms of office set-up as well as day-to-day operational overheads
No need to share the perks and profits
Ease of travel
Can work in your comfort zone, as per your schedule
Work flexibility
Choose customers/clients as per your will
Design the business goals as well as the course of action according to your will and potential
All the business-related decisions such as resources, funds, strategies, schedules, etc. rest with you only
Easy to spare time for your personal requirements, such as health activities, leisure activities, and other recreational activities.
Get more “Me” time as well as ideal work-life balance

Now, let’s have a look at a few of the home business ideas in Dubai.

Freelance services

The freelancing sector is nowadays gaining popularity as one of the easiest business activities to start from home. If you hold sufficient qualifications and experience in a particular field, then freelancing is the perfect option for your home-based business. Besides, it is also one of the quickest, simplest as well as a cost-effective business idea. All you need is a freelance permit to lawfully live and work in the UAE. Furthermore, an individual may apply for a freelancing permit to work in the field of writing, photography, website development, tourism, delivery services, brokerage business, etc.

Home-cooked/baked food

When it comes to delicacies but with enough nutrition, people prefer home-cooked meals. Individuals, especially ex-pats living alone and away from family, usually don’t have time to cook for themselves. On the other hand, fast food items are mostly unhealthy and risky for life. In such cases, ordering freshly cooked meals can help them save time, health as well as money in the long run.

Therefore, people passionate about cooking and baking can consider this home business. Starting a home catering service or a bakery can be one of the most profitable home business ideas in Dubai. You can either partner with a food delivery service provider or open a store at home to deliver food directly to the customers.


In this competitive era, people are in constant demand for advice and guidance in varying fields. And hence, consultancy services hold great importance in Dubai’s business environment. Consultancy in the field of finance, management, technology, etc. helps big corporations save a lot of money as well as resources. Moreover, it helps entrepreneurs to enhance their business strategies and refine their business activities.

Additionally, a reliable consultancy agency not just have have outstanding growth probabilities in the UAE, but the consultants can coach and guide clients while working from home. Besides, you do not need a significant qualification to provide consultancy services, but ample experience in a particular field is necessary.

Online tutoring

Teaching is indeed one of the most profitable businesses all over the world. However, due to covid-19 pandemic, online teaching has gained more popularity. People are creating their own websites and channels to upload tutoring videos regarding different subjects. Besides, you only need a room and a laptop to start your online teaching business. Nevertheless, you must be qualified enough in a particular subject to get into this business. Furthermore, you can advertise your classes and courses on various online platforms and look out for students there only.


With the changing tax rules and regulations in Dubai, various firms require bookkeepers to maintain their business records and accounts. The responsibilities of a bookkeeper include processing payrolls, generating financial reports, making deposits, etc. In order to deliver bookkeeping services, you need not be an accountant, however, you must be well versed in the tax and fundamental bookkeeping concepts and principles. Thus, it can be a great home business idea to establish in the business environment of Dubai.

Jewelry designing

Dubai is the world’s largest gold trading hub. Therefore, even the UAE’s jewelry market is always in demand due to the availability of high-quality materials at reasonable prices. Consequently, the jewelry business is also on a surge due to the incessant demand. So, if you have a lot of creativity and an eye for choosing the correct gemstone, you can start a jewelry designing business in your home itself. But since it is a high-risk business, you need to have a legal permit to operate in the UAE.

Real estate

Dubai is certainly growing as the most popular destination for foreign investments. Therefore, many expats are moving to Dubai away from their families for business purposes. They would be in search of residential as well as commercial properties. Hence, if you set up a real estate agency in Dubai, it will indeed turn out to be a lucrative business idea. However, there are certain procedures and permissions that an individual has to complete in order to start this business.

Digital Marketing

Due to covid pandemic, there has been a rise in online marketing. Businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, require marketing of their brand and products to reach new customers through digital marketing. So, if you are an expert in this field and have a passion for social media as well, then you can help businesses to engage their target audience through online channels. You can build marketing strategies, develop campaigns, and accordingly deliver on their objectives through your marketing skills. Hence, establishing a digital marketing agency can be one of the rewarding home business ideas in Dubai.

Apart from the given, there are many other productive home-based business ideas that you can establish in Dubai, UAE. For example,

Art & Craft
Translation services
Virtual Assistant
Web development
Social media influencer
Beauty parlor/Hair salon

How to get a home business license Dubai?

Setting up a home-based business and acquiring a home business license Dubai is an unfussy process. However, professional assistance can help you accomplish your goals more effortlessly. The experts at Shuraa can help you in company formation by carrying out all the business setup formalities such as preparing documents, gaining special approvals, etc.

Here’s the procedure to start a business and secure a home business license Dubai -

Choose the business activity that you want to perform
Confirm the location/jurisdiction where you want to conduct your business
Register a business name for your home business
Obtain initial approval from the concerned authority/department
Gain any special external approvals, if required
Submit the requisite documents along with the license application
Obtain the license and start off with your business

To know about more home business ideas in Dubai, reach out to the experts of Shuraa Business Setup at You can also get in touch with them directly at +971 44081900 or chat over WhatsApp at +971 50 7775554. 

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Top Trending Home Based Business Ideas in Dubai

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