Krishna with Pavan in Corona Era


While Chanting AUM in my balcony during yoga, I closed my eyes memorising images of flourishing Laburnum (अमलतास) yellow flowers, who are my companion since last 15 years. Every year they see us growing and we also see their various seasons like getting flower, making of Laburnum tubes, falling of tubes, falling of yellow flowers, growing of leaves and flowers back again. I feel them as symbol of Nature GOD and part of my family. They are home to various lovely birds and honey bees.

Coming back to my chanting AUM, I saw Pitambar (Lord Krishna) with yellow clothes. My joy knew no bounds. I prayed and invited him to bless me with his presence in next chair to me. 

Note: From herein the dialogues of Lord Krishna are expressed as 'HE' & dialogues by myself are expressed as 'Me'. In my each dialogue, I am mentioning different name of Lord Krishna in Hindi with its meaning in bracket thereon. You may consider these names for naming your coming generation boys.

HE obliged me and asked: Where is Reeta?

Me: She has completed yoga and gone to kitchen. Should I call her?

HE: No need let her fulfil her responsibilities of being Goddess Annapurna of feeding family. Anyways I know, you would be definitely telling about whole minutes of our meeting to her, later.

Me: Yeah अनीश (इसका अर्थ है ‘सुसंगति’, ‘अच्छा साथी’) , because she believes me always and don't doubt my meetings with you.

HE: Don't become smart with me Pavan. You had written discussions about our previous meeting at and Linkedin. If readers don't believe you, why do you write to them.

Me: आरिव (अर्थ है ‘बुद्धि और न्याय का राजा’) I did write on above platforms because lot of my friends and readers like my discussions with you and my other stories. They whatsApp me their liking and opinions too with motivating comments. 

HE: Do they believe your words that I meet you.

ME: अरीन्जय (बुराई पर विजय), I believe them so rest depends upon their consciousness and belief, which is their fundamental right.

HE: What fundamental rights you are talking about. I heard from Narada that moral of most of people in INDIA is collapsing and no value for fundamental rights. People are dying without any medical help.

Me: अद्वैत (अर्द्वितीय, अनोखा, अविभाजित, अलौकिक), Everyone is responsible for this.

HE: How?

Me: अनादिह  (पहला कारण) Basic reason is corruption in our genes. People struggle to join politics not for public service but for minting money. You see initially for becoming a Sarpanch, he comes on foot or on bicycle. After winning one term elections he comes on lavish SUV with gold chains, bangles and loaded cash at his den. 

HE: The people don't notice so much jump in his wealth.

Me: अनंतजीत (अर्नंत का विजेता) Everyone knows but they are illusional in boosting that they are close to Sarpanch. Rather most of them start becoming their touts for getting works done from Gram Panchayat. This ladder goes up and up. Out of these elected representatives some are made ministers. Number of touts also grow and income also grow. Irony is these politicians are making so much fortunes, which I am sure they are not going to enjoy in this life. This ill wealth looted is worth running their dozens of generations but their greed does not end. 

HE: Don't worry son. They will have to face their Karma if they are doing wrong. System is not run by only politicians their are other pillars of system too.

Me: अपराजित (जिसे हराया नहीं जा सकता) All pillars are rotten with corruption. They are working in hand and gloves with each other.

HE: But your country is still running and progressing, Pavan.

Me: अप्रमेय (अनंत’ व ‘अथाह) That's is because some percentage of these pillars are still honest. They are working selflessly for nation not for self greed.

HE: Don't you find any mistakes of common man. Is it fair to blame everything on system?

Me: अरिजीत (प्रभुत्व रखना) Not at all. Basically corruption is in our genes. Common man is also involved in corruption because he is giver of bribe for speed work or getting wrong works done.

HE: You seem in panic, son. All is not black.

Me: रयान (स्वर्ग का द्वार‘) I am not in panic but you are right most of people are full of fear and are in panic.

HE: Why?

Me: After watching regular Tv channels and glued to social media. Frankly speaking असुमान (श्वासों का स्वामी)  we don't see news on Tv channels. If you watch for 30 minutes, it seems you are just going to die.

HE: That's your mistake why do you rely on paid media. Use your own senses, have positive thoughts and watch your each Breath and Karma very carefully. 

Me: Watching Karma, I understand अस्वद (ज्ञानी). What do you mean by watching breath?

HE: Simple, do regular daily pranayama for mental peace, good health and feeding your inner organs. This will not let corona virus get in lungs and even throw it out from your body, if you get positive report.

Me: Understood अवयुक्त (स्पस्ट चित्त, मन, विचार व बुद्धि) . you saw me I was doing Pranayama only. Sorry to say but you are also playing tricks by bringing such tsunamis, cyclones and earthquakes at this time of difficulties. 

HE: Mind your words, Pavan. Today when I landed in Gurgaon via Mumbai. I heard lot of people saying GOD is playing havoc and people are cursing GOD. 

Me: So these are public opinion बृज (श्रीकृष्ण का निवास) , not my individual. I am sorry if I said wrong.

HE: Not off being wrong or right. You told me last time you read Bhagwad Geeta, then why don't you remember its preachings. Whatever you mankind is facing, is result of your own Karmas. Never ever blame GOD for your wrong doings.

Me: दर्श (सुन्दर व रूपवान) In Geeta period, you were the one who let Mahabharata happen, which killed hundred thousands of human. YOU had reasoning for that. I thought this time also this all havoc is happening due to YOUR plans.

HE: My ignorant son. That was Dwaparyug. when the control were in OUR hands. Don't you know after Mahabharata the Kalyug had started. Now you guys are living in Kalyug.

Me: देवेश(देवताओं के देवता) What difference it makes. Still you guys are GOD and we people are your creations. Still law of Karma prevails.

HE: See as you guys upgrade the system. In our world also we updated the system and it is now auto generated system. We GODS have given you earth to manage, live and prosper.

Me: I understand गणाश्रय(जीवितों का आश्रय) , we humans destroyed earth for self use. So you are punishing us.

HE: Don't jump. Listen first. Mother Earth is for all like human, animals, vegetables, sea etc.. We have given all controls to human like regeneration for breed, maintaining earth assets etc.

Me: Sorry to interrupt गिरिवर (वह जो गोवर्धन पर्वत को उठाए है),  but death is in YOUR hands.

HE: No my silly son. When and what type of death is again decided by one's own and community Karmas.  See recent example, this deadly virus is created by humans, which is killing some of humans. GOD never created any viruses ever. WE advised you to live in Nature but you human preferred synthetic lives by killing innocent species. Now it is again human made virus to kill humans. 

Me: YOU mean गोपेश (गोपियों के स्वामी) , you will let human fight and die.

HE:  As I told you earlier, our software app about Karma is automatic no GOD's interference in that. Earlier in Dwaparyug, we had manual accounts and result of Karmas got transferred to next Janma also. But this new app is fast and gives result of 80% Karmas in same life and 20% is carried forward. 

Me: गरिष्ठ (जो सबसे महान है) What is community Karma?

HE: Like you destroyed earth balance, you got avalanches,  You take control of mother  rivers land, you got floods, tsunamis. You destroyed forest, you get ecological imbalance. This time you created Corona, this gave diseases to masses. So earlier punishing individual with diseases for their Karmas was a big task for GOD. Now in Kalyug we gave control to humans and humans themselves are giving punishment to self and others. This human race is destructive one. 

Me: Corona is community Karma, I admit हरेश (भगवान हर) but why killing innocent citizens?

HE: Exact details are with Chitragupta but there may be many reasons of death for this. Like natural death, death other diseases, death due to fear and individual bad karmas. e.g. people are black marketing the essential commodities so they are adding worst karmas in their accounts naturally.

न देवा दण्डमादाय रक्षन्ति पशुपालवत्।

यं हि रक्षितुमिच्छन्ति बुद्ध्या संयोजयन्ति तम्।।

ईश्वर हाथ में डंडा लेकर पशुओं के मालिक की तरह स्वयं हमारी रक्षा नहीं करते, वे जिसकी रक्षा करने की इच्छा करते हैं, उसे सद्बुद्धि प्रदान कर देते हैं।

Me: ऋषिकेश (जो इंद्रियों को नियंत्रित करता है) You just mentioned Chitragupta for maintaining Karma accounts but you also mentioned system is run by automation i.e Artificial intelligence. As far as I know Chitragupta was maintaining manual ledger accounts.

HE: Good question. BTW your phone is ringing, you may take call, it may be important.

Me: Don't bother ईषना (भगवान कृष्ण). it's from my friend Rohtas.

HE: Rohtas alias Pappu, you mean.

Me: But how do you know his nick name ज्योतिराध्य (सूर्य का चमक).

HE: Pavan, nothing is hidden from me. I know even about your 'Nature & Card Lovers' group and its activities.

Me: जयंता (सभी शत्रुओं पर विजेता)  Are there any complaints for our group?

HE: No no, no complaints. Rather your 'Nature & Card Lovers' group is talk of Swarglok. Many angels and even Maneka envy your group bonding.

Me: Thanks जनव (रक्षा करने वाला पुरुष) actually we are one big family. Coming back to current Chitragupta, does he understand softwares.

HE: Yeah he is fully educated, well versed with technology and new app is developed under his guidance only.

Me: कन्ह (पुजारी) On lighter note, did he get updates from Microsoft.

HE: You mean company of that so called Robinhood.

Me: कनैया (किशोरावस्था) Why are you calling Bill gates as Robinhood?

HE: Isn't he investor in virus labs and vaccine company too? 

Me: कान्हा (विधान) But still he is one of the richest man in the world.

HE: So what, money is not everything. No one even is spared from Karma theory. Didn't you know about his divorce from Melinda after 27 years?

Me: You mean कनु (परमपिता परमेश्वर) it's result of Karmas or may be Melinda got guilt of this virus and vaccine theory?

HE: Don't put words in my mouth as said accounts are with Chitragupta. 

Me: कर्निश (दया के स्वामी) I request you to give some more example of Dwaparyug and Kalyug.

HE: In Dwaparyug WE had control on births and deaths. So there was balance in society in utilising natural and other assets. Now you have increased population beyond limits and destroyed natural assets, so are facing the music.

Me: केवल (एकमात्र) If we believe social media only one religion is motivating to increase population to gain supremacy and control. 

HE: Did you read any religion issues in earlier yugas? Because people believed in Dharma and Adharma concept only, not killing other religion people. All these religion concept started in Kalyug.

Me: केशव (लंबे बालों वाला) I know since the start of religion system relation ships among human have soared. Hatreds for other's religion is on rise. But there was caste system. 

HE: That was also started by you humans. That was based on individual working of families. That helped them in mastering in one field and moreover people were more contended with their earnings, caste and lifestyle. 

Me: कंजलोचन (कमलनयन) Now caste is biggest dinosaur of indian society.

HE: Curse your Bapu not GOD. You read history Chandragupta Maurya one of most popular king was from lower caste. People were happy. There was no riots or appeasement for any castes.

Me: कृष्णेन्दु (‘पृथ्वी का राजकुमार) Caste system is misused by certain brutal kingdoms and politicians in current times. 

HE: Be a spiritual person, not the religious person.

ME: धर्माध्यक्ष (धर्म के स्वामी) What is the difference between spiritual person and religious person?

HE: Religious person is who tries to follow customs blindly set by elders. He lives in fear and creates fear in society that this will happen, that will happen. if you don’t follow religion. He lives pretentious life. He is attached to synthetic items and relations. He is fearful of death & life after death. Whether he will go to hell or heaven. He tries to prove his religion is better than other’s religion, which divides the society.


Spiritual person is one, who doesn’t live a pretentious life. He is clear in his thoughts. He knows GOD is in himself & in all individuals. He lives without fear. He knows that Death is fact. He knows that Holy Soul gets eternal peace after leaving this body. He is an asset to Society and spread positivity always.

Actually this is endless debate, Both are different poles altogether. 

You got answers son. I would be leaving now.

Me: Please please just one question कृष्णला (काला या गहरा रंग) . Last time you said Kalyug is for 5,40,000 solar years and still around 534400 years left. The current system is so rotten at this stage of 5560th year then I just gets fits visualising that what would be the condition of our coming generations in balance period of Kalyug.

HE: तुलसी भरोसे राम के, निर्भय हो के सोए। 

अनहोनी होनी नही, होनी हो सो होए।।

तुलसीदास जी कहते हैं कि प्रभु पर भरोसा करिए और बिना किसी भय के चैन की नींद सोइए। कोई अनहोनी नहीं होने वाली और यदि कुछ अनिष्ट होना ही है, तो वो हो के रहेगा। इसलिए व्यर्थ की चिंता छोड़ अपना कर्तव्य करिए। 

Me: मखेष (बलिदान का स्वामी) My intention is to create awareness that there are lot of areas, which need immediate attention of the Decision Makers to simplify and modify the existing system, wherever it found to be necessary.

HE: To start with first you have to change ourselves. IN social media you guys are busy in criticising and informing about flaws in system. Rather you all should do brain storming sessions among your groups. Based on that you should chalk out not only the problems BUT suggestive solutions as well.

Pavan, It's a collective job. Society should come ahead with constructive solutions. You alone is neither creator nor got powers to fully replace system. You can do your little bit for changing system. System work, change with time. This process will go on in whole of Kalyug.  Simply Be The 'Change' To Change 'System'

Me: अव्युक्ता (माणभ की तरह स्पष्ट)To change system, I am doing my little by writing about social issues in humor to create awareness but I wish to do more.

HE: You should leave the things which you can't change and never take stress for those shortcomings. You should always change the things which are under your powers and capability.

Me: मंन्हर (मनभावन) How can I define, what is in my powers and what are not under my control?

HE: That is where your intelligence, experience and conscious are needed. You are master of your body and karmas. You should search in yourself, see the shortcomings in yourself and in system. Always think before doing karmas. With your subconscious mind, you will get answer. Ok bye my dear son. See you soon. One thing just give me the link of your story in which you chatted with my nephew 'Ganesha"

Me: मयूर (मोर) Link is

 Just curious to ask how come Ganesha is your nephew?

HE: Because he is son of my colleague, friend more than brother, SHIVA.

Me: With you kind permission मोह्निश (आकर्षक भगवान) , I wish to tell a small humour about a Shiv Bhakt..

HE: Ok go ahead but no more requests after that.


Four friends use to drink always together daily at 7.22 PM. They would buy a bottle of whisky, sodas and snacks. Total expenses used to come 1200/- which was equally shared by four. 

One day one of them named Navin was having only 200/- so was short of 100/- He went to nearby Lord Shiva temple and prayed " GOD please give me 100/- I wish to drink Daaru" The time was 7.15PM. 

At 7.15 PM daily, the priest of temple used to count daily collections sitting behind idol of Shiva. Priest thought if I don't pay this sharabi 100/- he will not go and would interrupt in his counting. So he threw 100/- note in front of Lord Shiva idol.

Navin picked up 100/- and thanked Shiva. Next day again he was short of 100/- he repeated process and priest threw 100/- this system went on for 10 days. Then he became short of 200/- he prayed for that and priest threw 200/- in front of Shiva idol.

Being helpless that night priest told these incidences to his wife. As everyone knows wives have solution for all problems. She suggested him to replace the idol of Shiva with Ganesha next day evening at 7PM.

Next day as usual Navin came and prayed for 200/- but nothing happened. he then took his eyes up and saw that there is Ganesha idol instead of Shiva.

Navin said " Ganesha go and tell your father that I have come to collect my 200/-. Please be fast and bring money as my session will start at 7.22PM"

HE: Very funny. Now I am leaving.

Me: मुकुंद (मुक्तिदाता) Just just one query as Lord Shiva is your brother so same way Brahma is brother of Shiva. Brahma Vishnu Mahesh being Trimurti. Then how could Lord Shiva married Sati, grand daughter of Brahma.(Father of Sati, Daksh is son of Brahma)

HE: I know you my son, you are asking tricky question just to hold me. I am going now, next time I will answer this. I have to go and spend one day with my devotee, Raj.

Me: दयानिधि (सब पर दया करने वाले) You mean Raj of Bollywood hit movie DDLJ.

HE: This Raj's conduct is different, he goes to temple daily for two hours to do daily prayers.

Me: चतुर्भुज (चार भुजाओं वाले) Raj spends daily two hours in temple that is why you are giving full 24 Hours.

HE: Don't jump to conclusions. Reason you will come to know in one of your dream sequence after my day spend with him.   

Me: दानवेंद्रो (वरदान देने वाले) I am curious, will wait for that. With your permission, I will write your meeting with Raj in my one of next stories.

HE: Ok. Take care of your family. Bless you and your family with health, happiness and peace.

Me: दयालु (करुणा के भंडार) Please bless everyone with good health. 

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत।

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥

सभी सुखी होवें,

सभी रोगमुक्त रहें,

सभी मंगलमय घटनाओं के साक्षी बनें और किसी को भी दुःख का भागी न बनना पड़े।

ॐ शांति शांति शांति॥

© Pavan Datta

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Always Indebted & Grateful to my Parents (GOD)

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