SRK with Pavan


Yesterday on way back from Salasar Bala Jee temple with family, Reeta said your story 'Sachin with Pavan' became Superhit. Lot of people across the globe liked and appreciated your meeting with Sachin.

I replied it may be because, Sachin is known as God of Cricket and his fans prefer to read about him. 

Reeta: If you meet him again now, what would you like to question/chat with him.

Pavan: My simple question would be 'Sachin you are earning in Crores regularly and your earning is all due to sports cricket then why do you claim few tax concessions by claiming your main job as Actor in your IT returns.' 

My nephew Piyush said Chachu that's clear cut his choice to write about his profession in his returns.

Pavan: I agree because we Indians grow with motive to save tax by hook or crook. But country needs funds for development through taxes. Stars like Sachin should motivate people to pay taxes instead of inducing people with false ad campaigns. Rather I will add a question to Sachin 'You have saved few crores of rupees under section 80 RR of IT act but being a role model for millions of young children, haven't you given a wrong teaching to youngsters?'

Reeta: Let us change topic. Tell us why haven't you written more sequels with more celebs like '......with Pavan'. Whereas you say that you have met number of celebs during your travel & hotel stays.

Pavan: I did meet number of celebraties but couldn't get enough time to chat with them in free environment. But I did write my many meetings with Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha & Jesus Christ, who are definitely far ahead than these celebs. 

While gossiping and chatting we reached back home after giving lot of abuses to google auntie, who put us on wrong path diverting from national highway to village roads.


At SRK House

SRK: Hi Pavan good to see you back after a big gap.

Pavan: Yeah you were busy and covid trauma, you know that.

SRK; I am glad you came after my one call.

Pavan: I had a work too in Mumbai, moreover I like this Mumbai winters.

SRK: You came in at wrong time of noon. This is neither beer nor drinks time. Tea you don't take, I know.

Pavan: We can have some kababs with hot lime water.

SRK: Let us go to your hotel Taj Mahal then. We may have some kabab at Masala Kraft and later some drinks at Harbour Bar.

We both leave for Colaba. On way discussing about various family and social issues. 

Pavan: I suggest we should go to room instead of Restaurent. 

SRK: Room service they won't serve kababs from Masala Kraft.

Pavan: That I will arrange you don't bother. I mean right now with lot of controversies around, you will be facing paparazzi issue.

SRK: I am used to it.

Pavan: But now situation is different, I think. Better to avoid.

SRK: Ok whatever you say. You know I believe friends always.

Pavan: Sometimes friends also cheat so be careful.

Harbour Bar Taj Mahal Palace

In between talks we reached our room and kababs were served. SRK insisted that he would like to have some beer in Harbour bar of Taj, which is first licensed bar of India.

SRK: It's not so that I have not been misused by friends, it happens. It's part of life but ultimately after mother's lap, it's only friends who give you cool shelter. You get comfort in friends company. I still have a gang of underwear friends (school friends). We stand by each other. I had my share of bad times but it was friends, who were always with me. You know recently I made a new friend Sandeep, he said he knows you very well.

Pavan: Got it, who helped you in your son's problem.

SRK: That was not just a problem dear. It was a big trap. My number of relations and network didn't help and rather misused me. They looted my money no issues but kept me in dark with false promises. Ultimately it was Sandeep's strategy & his team who saved my son. 

Pavan: I think adversaries filter your relations. Fake friends and relatives get washed away. Ultimately we are the gainers, we get stayed with our genuine & tested relations. 

SRK: Boss, I had faced more difficult times but was never such tense. It was with our son, who had to face hell. You can't understand, what my whole family went through.

Pavan: I can understand. 

SRK while talking had tears in his eyes, which was quite unusual from a king. The side table guests started looking at our table. One guy from second table stood up with phone in his hand. I immidaitely told SRK to be more watchful as this society is fun making and in hunger of gossips and events. They just want such type of instances to make videos for becoming social media influencers overnight.

SRK, who is definitely more intelligent than me at once cleared his eyes and put smiles back on face like a perfect film shoot. 

SRK: I know this social media issues better than you obviously. 

Pavan: You know yesterday itself a forty years female advocate has been arrested from Noida for beating her household maid. Because her video of beating and thrashing her maid went viral.

SRK: Your information is half baked. Her maid was confined in her apartment illegally and beaten black & blue. Maid came out from captivity after taking help of cloth rope from 4th floor balcony. Yes her video added to the evidence and now that advocate is booked u/s 308 for homicide in addition to other sections.

Pavan: What I mean to say, her video prompted police to take immediate action.

SRK: This all must be done to avoid public outrage. BTW Pavan, do you believe in friends.

Pavan: Of course. I also had my share of cheating from relations but genuine friends are treasure. I have friends from school and I am thankful to GOD have new genuine friends few years back too. My family & brothers are my back bone who always stood with me without judging me & friends are my strength. 

SRK: Never got chance to ask you, which part of Gurgaon you belong ?

Pavan: My birthplace is New Colony, Gurgaon.

SRK: Isn't this a part of old Gurgaon?

Pavan: Yeah

SRK: My Mamu (maternal uncle) used to live there.

Pavan: I know, he was our neighbour and close friend of my Dad. Elders say, during your childhood, you used to come to our verandah for playing with my gang.

SRK: What I remember is that Mamu's house was near to New Colony, Gurudwara. On one day while paying with water pipe I slipped badly on a wet brickwala verandah. 

Pavan: That was our home verandah. 

SRK: World is so small you know.

#464 Taj Mahal Palace

We shifted to our room and had started drinking rare single malt brought from SRK car.

Pavan: I heard you seen a very poor young age and had to live on benches & footpath at Mumbai. You had made a statement that one day you will rule this Bombay, now called as Mumbai.

SRK: Now, you know my childhood and my Mamu. Actually this is all fabricated by media & PR companies. I never had poor background. I came to Bombay and stayed at friends place never slept on any foot path. I did make a statement that one day I will rule Bollywood.

Pavan: Now you are heartthrobs of billions worldwide not only Bollywood. 

SRK: This is all temporary phase. There is old say of Bollywood 'One day you have replaced someone from top, someday some body will replace you' You see how people have forgotten so called perfectionist & his last films fared miserably at box office.

Pavan: I feel so that was his mistake of over reacting in public. Social media & pubic boycotted him.

SRK: It seems, now a days social media is controlling industry.  

Pavan: Are you worried about your new coming film?

SRK: Definitely it's excitement always before movie release. This movie is really important for me & my producer. The recent controversy is giving us sleepless nights. For me only money earning is not a matter now, it's rather a hunger for public love.

Pavan: Don't you think maligning image of one particular colour, would hurt majority religion sentiments. 

SRK: In the current times, of course it will hurt. But did anyone notice such things in past. These things were done repeatedly number of times but no body objected.

Pavan: I personally feel so that viewers were not matured. Film industry was one religion biased due to vested interests. They intentionally created such content to show Hindus in low esteem doing rapes & looting etc. etc. in villain characters, whereas minorities were projected as sacrificing guys & bringing honor to society.

SRK: So that clears it's not me who is ruling this industry. They are some body else, who manipulates films content obviously for vested gains. If you see deeply even our education system worked for those who changed our history to pollute innocent young minds. 

Pavan: Ok I agree, you alone is not behind this particular episode. But in past you had created number of controversy like praising Pakistan & its cricket team, who are our arch rival.

SRK: That's my personal choices in a democratic world. What is wrong if I praise a country to which my father belonged.

Pavan: My parents are also from that part but I hate that country.

SRK: So again same point, it is your choice to hate or praise someone. 

Pavan: Ultimately controversy is helping in creating hype for movie. May be it's the work of your film team.

SRK: See these type of gimmicks are going since long and it works too but this one may boomerang. Because social media and boycotters are taking an ugly turn on this current controversy.

Pavan: See you guys are masters of game. But I personally feel you should change the objected colour of dress voluntarily before release. It may give you positive feedback.

SRK: Our professional teams are working on it. I like your suggestion and would definitely share with team.

Pavan: Isn't the song more like a pornography.

SRK: First it's not me who is revealing the body, haha. On a serious note these things are done after seeing public mood and desires. You see how OTT platforms are showing sex and nudity. I feel you better stay away from this topic.

Tring Tring......door bell rings ...

Reeta: It's already 10.20 am, please get up and let us have vitamin D in balcony.


Always indebted to My Parents (My GOD & GODDESS)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction inspired by real events. No persons used as characters in the story actually exist and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, Profession is purely coincidental.

Photo Courtesy: PINKVILLA

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