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Star's son Drug Abuse: Success Story


Breaking News

Narcotics Preventive Bureau (NPB) arrests Mannat Ali, 23 years old son of fading super star Shaukat Ali in Bombay Goa Cruise drug abuse case. Stay with us we will be back again after a short break.

Back at News Room without cameras on.

Anchor : What is this yaar, you were saying that Shaukat has fixed deal with Media and NPB chief. We all will stop his coverage & Mannat will be released after few hours questioning.

News Director: Yes it was true because when we first showed news of raid at cruise by NPB there was lot of hue and cry in all pillars of society. Shaukat settled the deal with media mediator and all those news were wiped off.

Anchor: That I clearly remember and mostly all channels shifted the focus to violence at Andolan news. What I mean you said no more news because deal is fixed with NPB too.

News Director: I exactly don't know, what conspired thereafter. At around 2pm I got call from our CMD from Dubai that  Mannat is going to be arrested in few moments. Get the news team ready. 

Breaking News

Mannat Ali is remanded to one day custody by NPB by Hon'ble Courts just now. We got information from sources that Mannat has admitted carrying the banned drugs in his shirt collar and bag. See my colleague has just shared his arrest memos, which we are sharing with you on TV screen. I will request coordinator to zoom it and show it to our viewers. Let me remind you that we are the first and pioneer in showing you this arrest memo. 

Socialist Javed: It's bull shit and trying to defame our community. I know Mannat since birth. He is an innocent child. In our religion any type of intoxication is prohibited.

Anchor: Then why did Mannat go to Cruise?

Socialist Javed: He is a musical fan and went with friends to enjoy musical nights. 

Anchor: He was caught red handed with drugs.

Socialist Javed:  He is being framed. He was carrying drugs for his friends. He studied in USA and was not aware about drug laws in India. He does his regular five times prayer everyday. He was about to offer his prayers, when he was caught and framed by NPB. I tell you this country is not worth living now, for law abiding citizens like us. It is totally intolerant. Tomorrow I am returning my trophy warded by Academy. 

Other Panelist: The car sex viral video of your so called obedient innocent boy of few years back proves his character.

Socialist Javed:  I told you these self claimed nationalist does not leave any stone unturned to defame our simple children. Every one knows that video was doctored. 

Anchor: Thanks to all and due to shortage of time we are forced to close our today episode now. Don't go away stay tuned with us for latest news of Mannat drug scandal. 

At Shaukat Home

Shaukat: Dalal sahib, what is this bull shit going on.

Dalal: Sahib be cool everything under control.

Shaukat: What control inspite of paying media, all over news of Mannat is on air.

Dalal: The deal was honoured by them they stopped all coverage of catching Mannat beta from cruise. Now this is totally new job/contract   "of Mannat being taken into custody".

Shaukat: If we have to pay more, pay them and get this nonsense stopped at once.  

Dalal: Please don't over react. He will get bail, all is settled. Sir with lighter note see after a long you are in lime light and beta Mannat is getting huge increase in his Instagram fans. You remember how Baba and Bhai Jaan got benefitted in filmy career after their arrest. Mannat needs this publicity for his initial career. 

Next Day

Breaking News

Mannat's custody extended for three more days by Hon'ble Courts.

Shaukat calls Dalal: Helloooo

Dalal: Sir please don't utter a word on phone, I am on my way reaching your home in few minutes.

Dalal reaches in seven minutes sharp.

Dalal: Sir your phone is under tapping so please don't call me from your phone for some days. 

Shaukat: Why the hell he didn't get bail and why this media is constantly honking?

Dalal: Sir, the case is into prime lime light. It will take some time but all will be settled soon. Regarding media, it is doing us favour. this will help us in playing victim and religion card. I have fixed social media professionals and social activist. They all will create a victim card platform and later media will also jump into and start showing that Mannat is the victim of being a star son and facing flak due to his religion. 

Shaukat: Mine simple question is when will be my son back at home?

Dalal; Sir, it may take two weeks.

Shaukat: Have you gone crazy? You mean he will have to go to jail.

Dalal: Sir he will not go to jail. We will keep him in NPB custody till then. Yesterday also he had sound sleep with leisure in separate room with bed. He will not face any difficulty in this period.

Shaukat: No way this is all Bull shit, I am going to call HM.

Shaukat takes his phone for dialing. Dalal stops him, sir please use some other phone and dial at his land line number. Shaukat dials from another phone. HM secretary pick up phone and gives it to HM.

Shaukat: Sir under your umbrella my child is suffering in custody.

HM: Don't overreact Shaukat, he is in full comfort. Relax, you are in safe hands, do whatever Dalal suggest. All info is under my strict eyes. Ok listen keep yourself free on December 15th in London, I have some guests there. 

Shaukat: That's not a problem sir, First get me out of this mess. 

Phone gets disconnected from other end. 

Dalal: Sir whole game plan is under control, you see here judiciary is also involved and these things can't work in strict time schedule as per our choice. Be positive and relax. 

Shaukat: How do I believe you guys? You are not even letting me meet my son.

Dalal: Sir that is for your benefit only. Ok I am putting you on WhatsApp video call, you & family may chat with Mannat.

Dalal dials a video call and instructs to give this phone to Mannat and leave him alone for 15 minutes. Let him talk to his family.

Shaukat and family chats with Mannat for around 20 minutes and feel relaxed. 

After Three Days Mannat is again remanded to seven days custody. But he and family are satisfied and feels no stress. daily he is video chatting with his family and is enjoying the hospitality of team.

After next seven days Mannat is produced in Courts and gets bail. He is back at home. In this period media has shifted focus from Mannat being accused to being victimised at such a tender age of 23 years. Social media and social activist including film fraternity extends its support to Shaukat family of course by getting their ulterior hidden motives fulfilled. 

Other group of social media is against Mannat release but it is well said बदनाम होंगे तो क्या नाम न होगा।

One famous message going viral is: 

At 23, Kapil Dev won World Cup for India

At 23, Neeraj Chopra won Gold for India

At 23, Sachin was lead scorer for India in WC 96

At 23, Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the nation.

And Mannat Ali at 23, is still a minority child

After One Month

Breaking News

Mannat Ali is launched by Movie Mogul Naman Johar in movie named " नादान परिंदा" scheduled to go on floor next week with target release on Diwali of 2022

Fading super star Shaukat is relaunched by Sajid Ali in movie named "लुटेरा बादशाह" 

Censored News

Dalal buys a new office in BKC.

Son of the Judge, who gave bail to Mannat purchased a new apartment in Dubai, allegedly in the project promoted by Shaukat

NPB official got a rewarding plum post

Public prosecutor's wife got a diamond set gift by her husband.

Senior Advocate who was dealing with Mannat case has doubled his legal fees for new cases. 

Ruling and opposition party got hefty donations from the film company of Naman Johar, close associate of Shaukat

After 15 Years Eight Months Nine Days

Mannat is one of leading actor and star of film industry. He has got maximum brand endorsement under his belt. 

Shaukat Ali's death anniversary is celebrated nation wide, who died with cancer three years back.

After a tiresome lengthy trial of drug abuse case all the seven accused including Mannat Ali are acquitted for lack of evidence against them. In this case which has to face to 'N" number of adjournments, Advocates, Court staff and other dealing men minted huge money from Mannat and group. But for which Mannat din't have a single penny regret because with all this period media trial he became more popular among masses. In turn he earned multiple times of the money spent, from brand endorsement and films

Media is happy they got number of breaking news and huge viewer ships from this case.

Masses are happy they had huge entertainment on social media and media during this case period. 

Drug mafia, pedlars, their covering agents and departments profits increased many folds in this period.  

It seems no body has lost and one can say the entire eco system is benefitted . It may have helped the economy by redistribution of wealth and lifting many from mendacious middle class status. 

© Pavan Datta


The attorney tells the accused, “I have some good news and some bad news.” 

“What’s the bad news?” asks the accused. 

“The bad news is, your blood 
is all over the crime scene, and the DNA tests prove you did it.” 

“What’s the good news?” “Your cholesterol is 130.”


Always indebted to My Parents (My GOD & GODDESS)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction inspired by real events. No persons used as characters in the story actually exist and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, Profession is purely coincidental. 

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Star's son Drug Abuse: Success Story

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