Social Distance: Family Bonding


In so called developing world everyone was running in mad rat race. May be everyone thinking that they will attain happiness after earning synthetic goods. May be in this never ending game people lost the human touch of family bonding without knowing.

Pretty sure that by strictly following instructions from administration of staying at home and maintaining Social Distance, soon we will win this battle of pandemic, GOD willing. This period of Lockdown is bringing some positive changes too as blessings in disguise. 


4th January 2020 (Before Lockdown)

Tring tring tring alarm rings at 6.30 am sharp. 

Reena: Sunil jee, are you going for walk?

Sunil: Not today, doll.

Reena: What is the new excuse.

Sunil: I have to go to office early.

Reena: You are too smart in making excuses. 

Sunil: You please carry on, don't spoil my sleep and dream.

Reena: You are great, having dreams after sunrise. It must be with your favourite Deepika.

Sunil: By the way after her last statement about CAA, I boycotted her for my dreams. 

Reena: Okay then it must be Kiara.

Sunil:I know, you intentionally want to come in between our pure love.

Reena: Oh lover, get up and be ready for walk.

Sunil: What's the use. In park you will leave me and join with your friend group.

Reena: So what, you may join your male walkers group.

Sunil: No no, I don't like those oldies. They always discuss politics or crack old non veg jokes.

Reena: What else those guys can do, let them enjoy their fantasies with jokes at least. 

Sunil: I am really feeling sleepy. We will discuss later.

Reena: Okay, I am going.

Sunil: I know your friends are important.

Reena goes for walk and comes back at 8.45 am.

Reena: You lazy man, get up. You had to go early to office.

Sunil: How can I be ready without tea, madam? Please get ready breakfast.

Reena: Cook will be coming in few minutes. I will get it ready.

Reena packs up lunch boxes for Sunil & their loving son Sunny. Keeps breakfast ready at dining table.

Sunny: Mom, I am getting late, please pack the breakfast in a foil. I will have it car while driving.

Sunil: Please do same for me, I will also have in car.

Reena: You both are really my enemies. I have got ready your favourite breakfast, which you can enjoy hot at table.

Both say: Please give it or leave it, we have to rush.

Naturally the lady of house half heartily packs them and says good bye.

Reena; Okay what should I get ready for dinner.

Sunny: Mom, don't you have any other topic other than food. Nothing for me, I am going out with friends for weekend party. 

Sunil: Whatever you like. See you in the evening. 

Reena gets busy in getting household cleanings from maids. She says to both maids to finish work at the earliest as she has to go to her kitty party.

She gives a call to Sunny: Hi beta, how did you like the breakfast?

Sunny: Mom sorry, I couldn't have it as I was busy on a call while driving.

Reena: You always do like that.

Sunny: Please don't start it again, I am busy in office.

Reena: You father and son both are same always busy in earning money.

Sunny: It's not a question of money, I have to justify my job.

Reena: Ok ok, now don't forget to have lunch. Just call the peon now and tell him to serve you lunch.

Sunny: Ok mom, see you tomorrow.

Reena: Why tomorrow? 

Sunny: I told you that I would be late.

Sunny orders his favourite non veg food on swiggy and calls peon. He directs him to have his lunch and give him his lunch box after washing. He also orders him to do tell name of food items of lunchbox. So that he doesn't have to break mom's heart, if she ask about food tomorrow.

Reena gives a call to Sunil: Hi how is the day going on?

Sunil: Hectic as usual. What about your kitty?

Reena: I am on my way to attend.

Sunil: To my beautiful सालियों (Reena's friends), do say my hello .

Reena: Sure Casanova, tell me first how was the breakfast.

Sunil: Sorry Jaan, I couldn't have it as I was busy on concall.

Reena: Ok, I have reached, please do have your lunch.

Sunil is already on his way for lunch business meeting.

Around 7.45 pm Sunil gives a call to Reena: Hi darling, how was your kitty?

Reena: I am in kitchen with cook. We will talk in detail, once you are at home.

Sunil: Actually I am going for party with friends and will be late.

Reena: Just two days back, you had party. Please come home. I am getting mutton curry cooked for you. Sunny is also coming late. You please come home.

Sunil: Don't be so rude. Had I ever interfered in your meetings with your friends? We can have mutton tomorrow. I can't cancel my party, friends would get upset.

Next day noon, Reena is busy watching Pakistani drama in her room. Sunil is busy watching his sports channel in living room with a glass of beer. Sunny wakes up and comes in drawing room.

Sunny: Hi dad.

Reena joins them in living room.

Sunil: Hi dear. Get ready fast. We will both enjoy game together with beer.

Sunny: I know your game plan, dad. With a glass of beer, you will start again convincing me to marry. Sorry I will not fell into your trap. 

Reena: I have got mutton curry ready for you. After that let us all go for a movie together. It's long we all have spent time together. 

Sunny: You know our tastes don't match. Movie together is out of question. Sorry mom, I have my poker game with friends at 2.30.

Sunil: Ok Let us all three play poker with beer here at home. I promise I will not talk about your marriage proposals. 

Sunny: I hardly get one holiday to enjoy with friends. Please don't spoil my day. Papa you promised me Carnival Kia car, when would I get it?

Sunil: Beta, last year only you had new Creta. Next year I will get you. This year I am really financially tight.

Sunny goes to his room yelling, I knew it, you never loved me.

Sunil: Reena, See how he is behaving?

Reena: He is matured guy, please have some patience. 

Sunil intentioally shouts: Mature my foot. If he is mature then why he is dependant for his luxuries on his father. Let him go and buy whatever he likes from his salary.

Reena goes to her room thinking where were they wrong in upbringing of children. She is now watching Pakistani drama agin on TV. Sunil is sitting alone in living room with beer thinking times has changed, where children don't respect parents. Sunny is in room thinking why he has been born to such a miser parents. 

Current Day April 12, 2020.

At 8.15 am all three are enjoying tea in balcony at home. 

Reena: Do you guys know? yesterday night some thief came to our home.

Sunil: Thief at our house. Reena, we all saw 'Jewel Thief' movie of Devanand yesterday night, it must be that hangover.

Sunny: Mom, did thief steal chocolate from fridge?

Reena: Yeah but he is a nice thief. You know he stole mutton curry too.

Sunny: Then how could he be nice?

Reena: To my surprise, he even washed all dishes after eating and kept it in its place.

Sunil: So this America return guy is real thief. But this Prince washed his dishes himself, is really surprising. 

Sunny: I am seeing Mom doing all household works, cooking and washing dishes herself in this lockdown period. I am trying my best to loosen her burden in whatever ways possible.

Reena: Burden my foot, are you mad. Rather, I am enjoying this golden period. You both are with me, what else, I need. 

Sunil: Putr (Son) its blessing in disguise. Your mom has got her long term wish fulfilled and gone slim with these jobs.

Reena: If your wish come true, you would be bringing dadi real hand mill (चक्की) for grinding wheat to serve you rotis from home made flour. 

Sunny: Fact is mom, I have eaten best of tasty dishes of my life, in this lockdown. 

Sunil: Reena, I will help you in watering plants.

Reena: I know you are a gem.

Sunil: But this gem has a problem with you. Why have you put so many plants in every balcony and terrace.

Sunny: Dad, you are really unique. Just three months back at time of peak pollution, you were praising Mom for keeping so many plants, which are helping in killing pollution. Ok, I will help you. All three balconies, I will give water to plants.

Sunil: Now, I understand, your Mom told you are a gem, not me.

Reena: Guys be ready  the yoga will start at 9.30am sharp. 

Reena the yoga instructor does her job well. 

After 1.30 hours yoga session, Sunil & Sunny completes the job of gardening by watering all plants. Reena makes breakfast. Sunny cuts fruits and washes the vegetables and chicken first in water with baking powder and again washes them in hot water. 

After taking bath all three sits for prayers in home temple. They pray to GOD to help all in the universe with health and spirits. 

At one pm,  google family hangout session starts with extended families consisting of brothers and cousins living in India, Sydney, US & London.

After lunch together all go for an afternoon nap.

At four pm 'Lodu' session starts with all healthy jokes on board. Sunil is given middle box with red colour. By default, reena comes first, Sunny second and Sunil is the looser.

Sunil: This is a cheating. You intentionally gave me middle box surrounded by you both conspirators. You both cut my dices taking that advantage. If Sunny would have listened to me, we had our daughter in law today playing on fourth box. Making game equal for all.

Sunny: Mom, see dad has again started, today without even drinks.

Reena: But Beta you should think over it. We had got a very nice proposal from a very close family friend. 

Again all sit together for evening green tea in balcony at six pm. Chatting and gossiping last for around one hour.

At 7.22 pm drink session starts. Sunny makes a new cocktail for himself and Reena. Sunil takes his regular scotch. Drinks are being enjoyed with family poker session. Mother and son duo loot 760/- from helpless father in poker.

Sunny: Dad, I think, you were right. I should get married.

Sunil: How such a change came in this small brain.

Sunny: Dad this lockdown has shown me what is family bonding and love.

Reena: Scoundrel, you mean, before lockdown, there was no love given by us to you.

Sunny: Mom, you are taking other way. I mean we all were more like a mechanical robots running in mad race. These small family chats, spending time together, playing games together, having food together is real enjoyable life.

Reena: I know beta, I was just kidding. Anyways, what movie are we going to watch today.

Sunny: Mom, we have seen lot of Bollywood and Hollywood flicks in this lockdown period. Let us try a Disney Hotstar show 'Special Ops'

Sunil: Yeah, I saw trailer, it should be a good thriller.

Reena: Beta, what about your junk foods, aren't you missing it.

Sunny: Frankly now I have learned how much love is involved in mom's cooked food.

Dinner is being enjoyed with serial 'Special Ops' at Disney Hotstar.

During after dinner stroll at home, Sunny says to his dad that he doesn't need Carnival Kia, his Creta is doing well. He doesn't wish to waste money on buying synthetic goods. He understands value of money now.

Sunil: Aare yaar, now you had agreed for marriage, You will get better car in dowry.

Sunny: Dad, I am totally against dowry.

Reena: You are still a child Sunny. Now your dad is kidding. When he didn't take single penny from my parents, how can he agree for you.

All greet sweet dreams to each other with smilingly faces and go to bed.

© Pavan Datta

Disclaimer: This is a work of Fiction.

Grateful: My Parents (My GOD)


A man should never neglect his family for business.    ....................Walt Disney

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.                                             ................................................Lee Iacocca

A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss... That's the trade-off. But I'll take it all.                          ...................Brad Pitt

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launchora_imgLaunchora User
3 years ago
nice work check out my works too if possible
launchora_imgAnkita Paul
3 years ago
Well written... It's really true, this lockdown is a cure to broken and lost relations. Keep writing.
launchora_imgPavan Datta
3 years ago
Thanks Ankita! I have added some paras in story in the after lockdown period. Please read that too.
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Social Distance: Family Bonding

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